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Shamael ~ Orientation

Published July 21, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Shamael Orientation

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Heart Sigils; Mystical Symbols From The Angels Of Atlantis Oracle Card deck, by Stewart Pearce: Shamael ~ Orientation

Shamael ~ Orientation: “Shamael indicates through this Icon that the Galaxy is alive with a new pulse for the stars are shimmering with an awakened intent and the Universe is gathering to provide inspiration for you as a Star Being and fragment of the Divine. The Angels of Atlantis are communing to remind us that we are from the stars and that, if we have lost the orientation of our life, the stars will lead us through the art and science of astrology or astronomy – just as they led our ancestors. So, if you have lost direction with an aspect of life, drawing this card means that Shamael will bring oracular messages to help you find your way. This will occur by a sudden change of direction, the breath of a new thought or feeling, a brush with one of life’s passers-by, or by an unusual stimulus giving you amazing information. Whatever the situation, choosing this Icon means that your life path is genetically or numerologically charted for a recalibration.

Breathe deeply, gaze at the firmament, feel the stillness of your soul, and Shamael’s Heart Sigil will whisper intimations to you.

Chant Hee through your Eight Chakra – the Universal Heart – and you will simply know your next turning.”*

Hmmm, your life path is charted for a recalibration… what exactly does that mean? Well, it means that you may not be quite on the right track, and there is some Divine Intervention coming your way… in the best possible way of course so do not fear. You will receive Divine Guidance in the form of clear spoken message, so listen closely as it is not necessarily coming from a source that you may expect. It could be advice from someone who seems so bang on about your life that it takes you off guard; especially if they are telling you something that you thought that nobody knew about; one of your deepest secrets. It may come by song, poem or media: a TV show or movie, a song on the radio or a documentary that rings true to you. Do not discount this message as “coincidence”, but instead see it as synchronicity and a push in the right direction from the Universe.

This is a great time to meet like-minded people! It is also a great time to let people into your life and share knowledge and time with each other; taking the time to really get to know someone’s depth of character and get a glimpse into their Soul. Remember to see the Divine Connection in All That Is; you are an integral part; as are they. When we can see each others value and connection, we can work together to heal the feeling of separation that causes so many problems today.

I AM willing to receive my Divine Guidance.

I AM attracting like minded, supportive people into my life.

I AM an integral part of the Universe.

I AM a fragment of the Divine.

I AM connected to All That Is.

Thank you Shamael, for clearly guiding me on my life’s path.



* Angel Sigils; Mystical Symbols From The Angels Of Atlantis Oracle Card deck, by Stewart Pearce



Published July 20, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: Shimmer

Shimmer: “Glamour, Confidence, Allure, Charisma.”

“Glamour is a faery magical ability to draw down around you, and draw forth from within you, the ability to gently shapeshift and cast a “glamour” about you. ‘Tis the ability to shake off the dust of the road after a long days travel and walk into the presence of the Faery King, standing tall and regal, with beauty as your mantle. It is not, as it is often painted, a false of untrue representation of self. It is a convergence of your higher self with your outward appearance, and is extremely powerful and positive in terms of negotiating your personal power. So when you come into the presence of this faery, in her court on her throne of stone, stand tall, and be who you are at your highest potential. Close your eyes for a moment, and see yourself being sprinkled with faery dust, from head to foot, and from within yourself, see golden light awaken and radiate out. Stand tall and strong, and walk with deliberation and care. Meet the glances of people fearlessly, and with belief in your own power and worth. Be warm, and be strong. When we do this, we come from a position of personal truth and strength, rather than from a belief in our fatigue, our “age, our infirmities, our injustices.” We come from a place that Viviane, the great Faery Queen of Avalon, would have worked with when walking into the court of Camelot to represent the Olde Ways. Know who you are, and then bring that forth: that is the true meaning of powerful glamour. When you invoke this power, all who see you will stop, share with you their attention, their respect, their time. And you, in turn will do it for those who have found that power within themselves too. The Glamour is also a wonderful art for those of us whose feelings and thoughts are there for all to see upon our faces. When we wish to remain mysterious, call upon the Glamour, draw her down and forth, and remain within your own self.

Divinatory Meanings: “You will soon be spending time with others who lead you to believe you are “less than.” Be aware that in order to counteract the egoic tendency to go into your own “faults” you may draw upon the faery power of glamour and draw around you the cloak of enchantment. This will help you protect yourself from your own tendencies to submit to fear and sometimes not handle yourself as beautifully as you are able. The faery power of glamour is yours to be called upon. It will change your appearance very so slightly – you will be more beautiful, your hair will be longer, more lustrous, your eyes will be larger and shine more and your skin will bee dewy. You will carry your body with grace and honour, and you will radiate warmth and respect for yourself and for others. When this power is upon you, all will be drawn to you, and the glamour will get you through many a tough meeting. It is very powerful for when you need to ask for something from those in perceived “authority.” Your fae appearance may also be emphasized when you call upon the Glamour.”*

 You are beautiful, and powerful and perfect just the way you are. Your beauty stems from the very core of your being; who you really are on a Soul level. It is the reflection of your higher self; your Divinity. There is no reason to be self conscious or shy about your appearance as it is not only skin deep as we are taught by society, but an embodiment of all the wonders of being YOU presented to the world in all of you glory; a perfect blend of inner and outer gifts. Embrace who you are! Shine your light on the world and in doing so, you inspire others to shine theirs too.

Take a moment to pull down the Glamour all around you; the Faeries rejoice in your self acceptance and unconditional love for yourself, for this is the first key to self realization. They joyfully gift you the Glamour, their mystical protective and enhancing shield, knowing that it only magnifies what is already present; the true, perfect, beautiful YOU!


* Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish



Far, Far Away

Published July 19, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

far, far away

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish: Far, Far Away

Far, Far Away: “Creative Daydreaming.”

“Those who do not understand, who do not dream awake, will say you are being disruptive. Unruly. That you do not care.

But you know the truth. That as a dreamer, you have no choice. The dreams come and find you. And that is a good thing – a blessing, not a curse.

Pay attention, they say. They look crass, and think you are lazy. Distracted. Not paying attention. But you ARE paying attention, aren’t you? You might be imagining the future. You might be spending time in a glade outside, or battling frost-giants, or creating the world’s most incredible movie. You might be inventing a machine that can fly between dimensions, and you might be wondering whether it is time to make up with a friend you have had a foolish argument with.

So, you see, you are paying attention. Just not to them!

And this work you do, when you are far, far away, as this lovely faery is, is important and good work. Lots of clever things have been done in this faery time of far, far away. Scientists have dreamed of formulae that explain how matter moves throughout the Universe. Philosophers have conjured up Socrates, who tells them of his daemon who sneezed once for yes and twice for no! And while everyone wants you to pay attention, especially the adults and the teachers and the bankers and the news people who all want you to put your lovely mind and attention on something other than what you are meant to be creating, we, the faery, think you should pay attention to your dreams!

And they would like you to feel insecure. So much so that you wold like to stand under a waterfall after being around them, just to clear the fog of fear that surrounds them. You need to be far, far away so your imagination can do its work. So you can make up that story. See that painting. Fall in love with the way that boy’s hair falls into his dark blue eyes. Don’t mistake the truth for the facts they want to tell you and fill you up with.

Stay far, far away some of the time. The world will be richer, stranger, happier and more magical for it. Remember, some of your far far away moments bring you messages from the future…

Divinatory Meanings: “A tendency to daydream will be with you at this time and this daydream will allow you to create, receive messages, send messages and understand far more than you believe at present. Far, far away; others may say you have a lack of focus; that you feel disconnected. Allowing yourself to be distracted by ego. Easily bored. Short attention span. Needing physical involvement to learn; too much sitting still. While daydreaming is beautiful and enriching, it is important to ground these imaginings with endeavor and with craft. Bring in the earth element and surprise everyone with the beauty of your creations!”*

I am definitely a dreamer, so this card really resonates with me! Although I work to be present; I am also very prone to being far, far away! Over the years I have learned to make these travels as positive and high vibrational as possible, as when you dreaming, you are working with the Law Of Attraction, whether you know it or not! When you are prone to dreaming about all the wonderful things that are coming your way, your hopes, dreams and desires in a positive and tangible way; you are drawing them every nearer to you. When you are focusing on what you don’t have, the worst possible scenario, or the things that drag you down, cause doubt or “prepare you for the worst” you are also manifesting this reality. Which sounds better to you??

Use your dream time, both waking and sleeping as a tool for positive manifestation. How do you do this? You take inventory of your thoughts; swiftly and gently removing all that do not serve your higher purpose. When you find yourself worrying or complaining or fussing over what could happen; turn it right around and focus on the best possible outcome for all involved. Dream it up in glorious HD/3D detail! See it, feel it, smell it, touch it and most importantly know with conviction that the Universe will provide.

You are a master manifestor; everything around you was brought to you through your thoughts and emotions. Now that you know this, what will you manifest next?



* Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish



Emotional Healing

Published July 18, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

emotional healing

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing: “As your heart heals of old emotional pain, you receive new blessings and love.”

This card signifies that you are healing some old emotional pain – the first thing that comes to mind is exactly the issue you are resolving. As you let go of anger, guilt, or other emotional wounds, you awaken a new level of power within yourself that attracts everything you desire…and more. Call upon the fairies, as well as supportive people or professionals, to help you through this time of healing. Know that you are lovable and that you deserve a happy heart.

Additional meanings for this card: The situation you are asking about has an emotional basis. Physical healing occurs as a result of emotional healing. You are preparing for a new love by healing old hurts from a previous partnership or relationship. Consult with a professional counselor or join a support group. Journal about your feelings. This situation is bringing about tremendous personal growth.”*

There is synchronicity in this card; linking the throat and heart chakra as Amazonite did yesterday. When you speak your truth and stand in your power, you allow yourself to release energy blocks which have been created by past hurts. Releasing this old negative, low vibrational energy will create space within you to receive the new blessings and abundance that you desire. Concentrate on opening and clearing your throat chakra by wearing, holding, meditating with or placing under your pillow an Amazonite, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Larimar, Aqua Aura Quartz, or Blue Topaz.

If you find it difficult to release old hurts or past painful experiences, start with forgiveness. Forgiveness for yourself, for the person or people who hurt you and acceptance of the situation as a learning tool; helping you to be who you are now. Some lessons are very painful, and some we go through to discover our own true worth. Patterns are simply the same lessons repeated over and over again as we may refuse to see the value the first (few!) times. Once the lesson is acknowledged, despite the pain, we can move on and release. Forgiveness is the key.

One of the greatest tools for forgiveness that I have found over the years is to write a letter… or as many letters as you need to. Write the letter as if you are going to give it to the person you are forgiving. Every detail, every feeling, get it all out of you and on to the paper. When you feel that you cannot write another word, fold the letter and put it aside. Get a white candle and a plate. Light the candle, hold the letter in both hands. Close your eyes and draw in the full aspect and emotion of forgiveness. Embody forgiveness; see it, feel it, be it. When you are fully surrounded by the vibration of forgiveness, open your eyes and touch the letter to the flame. As the letter burns, say out loud “I forgive you” to yourself, and to everyone involved. This can be repeated or said once, or said in your head if you are more comfortable. Place the letter on the plate and allow it to burn until it is reduced to ashes. Take the ashes and place them outside under a tree or fling them into the ocean to be transmuted into love and peace; with the intention of sending healing to all concerned for the highest good of all. Make no judgement at this time as to whether the forgiveness is deserved or not, just complete the simple ritual. Focus on opening your heart Chakra by visualizing it radiating bright emerald green light, or working with Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, or Rhodochrosite. You are now ready to send and receive love and light.

When you are done, stand outside, bare feet to the ground, palms up to the sky and tell your angels, guides, The Archangels, Ascended Masters, Faeries, and the Universe that you are READY. Ready for miracles, ready for abundance, ready for love. Send gratitude for your blessings as if they are already at your doorstep. Because they will be… they already are.


I release the past and embrace the joy and abundance of the present with an open heart. And so it is.



* Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Amazonite ~ Personal Truth

Published July 17, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Amazonite personal truth

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Cards, by Naisha Ahsain: Amazonite ~ Personal Truth

Amazonite ~ Personal Truth: “In this image, a mirror of Amazonite stands alone in a vast sky scape. In the mirror is also reflected the image of Amazonite. This is the image of personal truth. That which is on the inside is exhibited on the outside, and is reflected back at you from all that is in your environment.

Amazonite exhibits a perfect blue-green ray with striations of white. This stone’s colour and energy link it to the ocean, the place of primal creation. When the first life forms appeared in the ocean, a transformation occurred. Oxygen, the breath of life, was created by these life forms within the cradle of the ocean. It is with oxygen and breath that we express our deepest selves and emotions, while water makes up a large percentage of our bodies. The frequency of Amazonite is a blending of these two compounds. Air is water in its freest form. It is the spirit of water. Water is the body of air. Without one the other could not exist.

Amazonite activates our expressive capabilities and encourages us to speak our higher mind. It encourages balance in our expressions through its own balancing of the properties of Air and Water energies. Speaking one’s own inner truth is often difficult. We are taught from an early age to tailor our expressions and emotions to the needs of others. It is time now to take our own emotions and expressions into consideration. We are only upon this Earth for a short time. who will express your truth if you do not?

Speech is a powerful tool to use in the creation of your reality. When you express your personal truth, you are creating a reality that is in line with the deepest lessons you have come to experience in this lifetime. It is through the expression of personal truth that you gain the respect of yourself and others. The ability to speak a personal truth is the mark of a spiritual warrior. Call upon the energy of Amazonite to aid you in combining the wisdom of the Air element and the emotion of the Water element. With the aid of this Ally, you will open your heart to higher guidance, and express your personal truth in a way that will serve the highest good of all concerned.

The Message: “When Amazonite appears in your cards, it is reminding you of the importance of expressing your personal truth through your words and actions. If you live your life according to your truth, you will gain a sense of trust in yourself and your own motives. Your path of growth in this world will become clearer when you cease living your life to please others.

The current situation will not be resolved or freed to move until you have stated your own truth. Have you been hiding your feelings in order to keep from “rocking the boat”? Or perhaps you are being asked to take a stand before everyone, declaring your personal truth in order to make it a reality.

Allow the frequency of Amazonite to resonate deep within your heart and throat Chakras, stimulating the words and actions that are living within you. Call upon the spiritual warrior’s weapon of personal truth, and know that in declaring your mind and heart, your path will be made clear.

Chakra: Heart and Throat


I express my personal truth, and step into the path of the spiritual warrior.*

Do you find it difficult to put yourself first? Do people really listen to you when you talk; or do you feel that you are never truly heard? Do you compromise yourself when making decisions, keeping in mind the reactions of others; to the point, possibly, of denying your heart’s desire? Shall I go on, or are you starting to see a pattern here?

Now; harnessing the amazing and deep communicating powers of Amazonite; it is time to speak your truth. This truth is not edited; it is not compromised, and it is not to please or impress anyone. This truth is a statement of your inner wisdom; spoken by your Higher Self, your very Soul. No fear, no self-doubt, no compromise, no holding back. Are you ready? Take some time in meditation and contemplation; get your words organized, whether in your head or on paper so that you are completely clear with yourself before presenting your case to others. It is important that you are not wishy-washy, nervous or doubtful when you speak; your personal truth is coming straight from your heart and Soul. When you authentically speak your truth; there is no wrong…. and there is no turning back.



* Crystal Ally Oracle Cards, by Naisha Ahsain



Lakshmi ~ Flow Of Prosperity

Published July 16, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Lakshmi Flow of Prosperity

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Lakshmi ~ Flow Of Prosperity

Lakshmi ~ Flow Of Prosperity: “This card indicates that your prayers about finances have been heard and answered. Tap into your manifestation power by focusing on abundance instead of worrying about money. You have nothing to fear. A new flow of prosperity is supporting you and your loved ones.

Additional meanings of this card: Stop worrying about money; worries only attract more money problems. Everything is going to be OK, especially with respect to your finances. You have the support to make a desired life change right now. Visualize and affirm prosperity daily.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity who helps us overcome financial fears and tap into the river of abundance that is available to everyone. It is helpful to put a statue or painting of Lakshmi in the financial corner (according to Feng Shui principles, this is the left rear corner of your home or office as you stand looking inward from the front door). Call upon Lakshmi to help transmute money worries into financial flow.”*

Look carefully at this card and feel the energy of Abundance and security flowing from Lakshmi; who loves you and wants to help alleviate your fears about money and financial stress. As she pours an unlimited amount of golden coins she invites you to receive; in order to receive you must open your heart and your mind in faith and trust. Know that the Universe will provide. Know that you are fully supported and that by setting your sights high, you raise your vibration and attract what you desire. If you are struggling to have your basic needs met, work on affirming your security daily. Keep these affirmations to yourself if there is anyone in your life that would doubt you, work first on your own needs and then you can radiate out your conviction when you are more steadfast in your confidence. 

Do no let anyone shoot your dreams out of the sky by focusing on the current reality. Your current reality is a manifestation of previous thoughts and worries! Start NOW with your new thought patterns, it is never too late to tell the Universe that you have finally learned how powerful your thoughts are and you have now decided to manifest only your dreams and no longer wish to manifest your fears by dwelling on them! Are you getting the beautiful simplicity of this? Focus all of your attention, excitement, anticipation and joy on WHAT YOU WANT, need and DREAM of. Let everything else go. Sounds easy right? Yet how often do we stick with it? Are a few great thoughts often followed by a “reality check” only to take you lower than you started?

The Universe is a magical place and we must tap into it’s full potential by ordering up only what we want! Imagine again (this is one of my favourite analogies) going to a restaurant and telling the waitress all the things you don’t like and don’t want and had last time! How confused would she be on what to bring you? Would she bring you what you say that you “always get”??? Probably!!!!! OR you can go into the restaurant and order your absolute favourite thing on the menu, every time. Regardless of price.

What are your ordering from the Universe? Lakshmi is here to offer her abundance and prosperity…. would you like some? How much?


I AM prosperous. I AM abundant. I AM fully supported by the Universe; all of my financial needs are met and exceeded.




* Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


DNA ~ Karma

Published July 15, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

DNA karma

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D. Farmer: DNA ~ Karma

DNA ~ Karma: “Karma, a concept in many Eastern religions, is a Sanskrit word implying the greater universal laws of cause and effect, providing an implied code of ethics within the structure of the seemingly endless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth (samsara), which we experience throughout our lives in many different versions. The mistaken notion about karma is that it is some kind of punishment, but it is far from that. In face, in its purest form, it simply asserts that our conduct in this lifetime will determine our next incarnation. It has also come to mean how our behaviour and actions in this lifetime crate consequences in a slightly different version of the Golden Rule.

We not only carry our soul’s karma into this lifetime, but also embedded in the complex coding of our DNA is our genetic ancestral karma. The double-helix structure of DNA contains codes that have been passed down from our parents and grandparents as well as our ancestors; therefore, we have some of the same genetic information that comes from the DNA of very early humans.

In this card, we see two intertwined serpents with double helixes on either side. Variations of this archetypal image exist in many cultures, both traditional and contemporary. It is a graphic representation of the most ancient ancestry we can lay claim to: our DNA, the fundamental substance of life itself that provides substantial determination of our life path.

Aspects of your soul entered your primitive physical self long before you had begun to take form. While the DNA that you inherited from you biological parents has a soul pattern that came together in the creation of “you.” You are predisposed to follow the karmic dictates of this patterning to some extent, as you evolve in your consciousness and expand the light of awareness, you can make choices that shift and modify this ancestral design.

This is one of those times. You can feel the tug of your soul that is both ancient and karmic, yet you also recognize the persistent and loving communication from your Higher Self that contradicts the more familiar solutions before you. The choice is up to you, but know that every time you heed the guidance of your Higher Self, no matter what etheric or physical form it takes, human consciousness is elevated. In a sense, it becomes a choice between destiny and fate.”*

What you do comes back to you. Employing a clear understanding of the Law Of Attraction can help in grasping the concept of Karma. Not only can you draw to you what you wish for by raising your vibration to meet it; you can also whip yourself into a state of disaster through low vibrational, negative energy. This negative energy will then create blockages in your energy, which if left untended can create havok. Some of these blocks could manifest into physical obstacles holding you back from your desires; from illnesses to things in your life not going as planned. Yet everything is connected. If we look closely, these blocks and obstacles are often our karmic lessons. When we realize this,  we can make a conscious decision to rise above them; releasing attachments to negative outcomes and start to see a bigger picture. In this way,  we work through and then release this Karma and continue on to greater states of awareness and higher consciousness. If we refuse to see our own hand in our karma, and choose to live our lives as victims, we often repeat the same patterns over and over, until we take responsibility and work to find the lesson and release it.

Do you see a pattern in your life that you are unable or unwilling to change? This may not be something you can deal with over night, but it is certainly important to look very closely at your life right now and see exactly what it is that is holding you back from your dreams. What compromises have you made? Where have you stepped off your life’s path? Are you able to make some simple changes each and every day, leading you slowly but consistently back to your chosen path? Ask the Angels to help you with this; they are experts at paving the way to our dreams.

Knowing and seeing is the first step to change. Lead with love, trust and faith; focusing your energy on a positive outcome for all those concerned. By the grace of the Universe.



* Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D. Farmer


Joy And Stability

Published July 14, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Joy and stability

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland: Joy And Stability

Joy And Stability ~ Key Words: “Happiness, celebration, sharing, renewal.”

“Like a beautiful summer day, this card brings joyful energy. Take a break or step back just for now from any concerns you may have around matters of the heart, and spend some time in happy pursuits. Find reasons to celebrate with others. Welcome this warm, sunny energy into your life. Allow it to lift your spirits. Remember the Law Of Attraction, and a high rate of vibration will attract all that you desire. Rejuvenate your relationships by renewing yourself.

This card also speaks of a time of sharing conversation. Lovingly open your heart and mind to people. Share your thoughts and, above all, be a good listener. Feel the ebb and flow of energy as you communicate with others. You will find that this brings increased stability and warmth to your relationships, helping you attract like-minded people into your life.”*

Let go! Make time to dream, smile, dance, breathe and believe. You deserve a break from your everyday routine and stresses; even if only for a day; but more please if you can swing it! Plan something fun and out of the ordinary… for you. What do you love to do? Do you love to spend time on your own or with family, friends, pets? Plan the perfect day for you, whether it includes either people or not. Go to the beach, take a yoga class, go to the spa, go shopping or sign up for a dance class.

Doing things that you love puts you in a state of joy, and joy raises your vibration. When you raise your vibration; you attract more of the same things that bring you joy… win, win! Basically, simply put, people trudge through life, focusing on the things that drive them crazy and wish, hope and dream of those things finally “going away” so that they can finally enjoy their lives. I like to refer to this as the “as soon as” mind set. “As soon as I am debt free,” ” As soon as I lose weight,” “As soon as I find the love of my life…” There are so many things that you could wait for to begin your happiness, but what if you flipped it all around? Started from the other side of happy? Get happy now, with what you have, from where you are right now… attract what you want by experiencing joy on an every day basis. This raises your vibration and tells the Universe that you are ready for all the wonderful things it has in store for you! It also makes it easier for you to see the abundance already surrounding you in every day life.

By changing your focus, you will change your life. Leave negativity behind; replace it with gratitude. Feel with all your senses the life that you desire; starting with seeds from the life you have.


I AM joy. I AM love. I AM abundance. I AM worthy of all of my dreams and desires, all of which are manifesting now.


* Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland



Published July 13, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish: Yearning

Yearning: “Longing for someone, undesired separation, pining.”

The Mermaids sing: “So often we too have yearned for so many people, places, things, experiences that are not to be ours. To be Mermaid is to dive in, to immerse, to swim deeply, and to not understand what it must be to be so indifferent to Life. So yes, as with the Little Mermaid of your stories, there have been foolish things done, exchanges made, and pain endured when we have fallen in love with a life of a place that we cannot truly experience in our current form. To be mermaid is to FEEL without the judgement and logic you so often apply, we are of water born, and in water, in the psyche, in emotions and in love with feeling every aspect of our potential. And sometimes that has brought us pain. And sometimes we know this pining and longing can kill us, and you too. Which is why we come to you now. We know you too are feeling this pain, this yearning that is a kind of stretching of the soul til it feels it might break free from you and go in search of what you desire… but we are here to also tell you that the feeling you are experiencing will pass – that you can expect a breakthrough, where your capacity to feel and to love and to heal and to adore is growing stronger and stronger. And as you feel this, it is possible you may wonder about your connection to reality and to what you call sanity. Yearning is deep, is painful, is what takes place when two souls who have deeply merged their fates and their destinies are separated, and do not know when they will be together again. It is natural. Creatures of the sea and of the forest do this. And so do you. The pain will pass. And if it is destiny that your yearning will bring you close again, it will be so. Know this feeling. We comfort you. Know its beauty, or now it not at all.

Divinatory Meaning: “Yearning for someone you may not even have met, yearning and pining for someone who you love and for the moment are separated from. You may be feeling a great gulf or distance open up between you and someone you love – this may be a physical distance or a distance due to beliefs and lifestyles, yearning for a connection and a closeness that seems to be evading you at the moment, a longing for the one you love to be by your side, not being able to bear another day of separation. Making choices that will enable you to be together. Feeling that destiny and fate are entwining your emotions. and psyche with those of another soul… and that it is inevitable that you will be together. A feeling of “meant to be.” But until that can be so, a feeling of being star-crossed. Circumstances can be changed, if both beings are willing. Longing to be with someone, even beyond this lifetime, and feeling discontent until it is so.”*

You may be feeling right now that something is “missing” from your life. You may be feeling pulled in a direction that doesn’t seem harmonious to all involved, yet you don’t feel that you have control over your feelings at this time. This is not so; you always have control and must take responsibility for your emotions at this time, as hard as that might be. What is it that you are looking for, and is it really something that you can find in another? Or is it something that you need to search for deeply within your own psyche? Even if you have come across your twin flame, at the most inopportune time, you must still take responsibility for your reaction to this predicament.

Trust in Divine Timing, there is a lesson here. Patience and time go hand in hand while you rise above the turmoil of the physical experience. We are all one, in knowing that, you can free yourself from the attachments that will take away your peace and harmony. All in due time Dear One; that which is connected to your heart and soul will come to you; but you must always remember to let the winds of Heaven dance between you. Do not try to control the situation, keep your perspective cosmic and wide; have Faith that the Universe will provide in ways you cannot imagine. Breathe through your Heart Chakra knowing that this is part of the human condition, which you chose to experience in this lifetime. Release all suffering and instead send and receive love.





* Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


Wu-Wang ~ Wild, Pure Heart

Published July 12, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Wu-Wang wild pure heart

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: Wu-Wang ~ Wild, Pure Heart

Wu-Wang ~ Wild, Pure Heart: “In times of olde, they said that only those who were pure could connect with those like myself. That the virgin could connect with Unicorn. That the child could see the meaning of God. That the fae would truly see into your heart, and finding it corrupt, would never appear to you.

I am here to tell you that your heart is pure and wild and innocent. It is that you have forgotten how to see us, that you have been told that in order to see us, you must be perfect. That in order to see us, you must be mad, unclean, broken, and if you say you have seen us, you face being shunned.

I am here to say to you that we appear to those who have looked into their hearts and have seen beyond the wounding… because within you there is a wild and untamed heart space which is free of any taint. In that space we can enter and therefore, we can and we will be seen again. You were not born into this world wrong or sinful. There may be karmic markings, but you are no sinner, nor are you corrupt or unworthy. Foster that which is wild and pure and good within you, an we will begin to appear and come forth. You will feel us on the wind, in the water, see us in the fire and hear our voices emanating from the heart of our mother, the Earth. You are a child of the Mother, call her what you will, and at your core you are one of the wild ones.

About Wu-Wang: Wu-Wang is a Dragonfae Lord who has been both a dynastic ruler in human form and whose energy has entered the Chinese system of philosophy and divination known as the I-Ching. His mind is very natural and honest; he has an innately good nature and encourages us to be the same, and to know that we can be the same, no matter how we have behaved in the past. Truth and innocence of nature can be reclaimed and furthermore, these traits bring about good fortune personally and for Gaia, Dana and our Mother.

Divinatory Meaning: Know you are innocent and cultivate that aspect of yourself. Know that your innocence and goodness lies within you no matter what actions you have taken in the past: This present moment is a chance to reclaim that pure and wild heart. When you do that, you will be able to see, feel and sense clearly the presence of magical beings, including the Dragonfae and particularly the Unicorn. Wu-Wang will also hep you to eat organically, well and healthfully. Take nothing into your body without contemplating whether it will erode of grow that wild pure heart and act accordingly. Dance, sing, play music and make love… all of these acts, done with innocent, wild joy, are healing and part of the sacred act of Love.”*

As you raise your vibration, and open your mind, increasing your receptivity and capacity to give and receive love, you will be more sensitive to beings from other dimensions. These include the faeries, Angels and guides, the Ascended masters, and Unicorns. These beings are benevolent and wish to help you raise your consciousness; which in turn will help you to heal and also heal our Mother Earth. It will also increase your connection to nature in the process, which is crucial to fully understand your place in the Universe and the abundance that it offers us on a daily basis.

It’s time to step away from the material pursuits and see the beauty and perfection of the planet. When you can recognize all that Mother Nature has to offer us, you can treat her with compassion and respect; she needs our help to heal just as much as we need her to survive. This is a perfect relationship; yet we have been taking our wonderful provider for granted. This is the old attitude; one that believes that we will be happy with bigger or “more”… now we start to realize the simplicity of joy, peace and harmony. Gaia is our key.

Every day. EVERY DAY we must send gratitude, love and healing energy to our beautiful Earth. Plant your bare feet and bare hands on the ground; feel her heart beat. Lie on the ground and surrender to her. Do yoga outside with bare feet and feel your connection to her. Send love; send light; send healing; open your heart to your beautiful and ever amazing, very much living keeper. And when you do this? The Universe takes notice and sends you the help you need to help and heal her. The Unicorns, faeries, angels and Ascended Masters are on their way. An army of love on your side.


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish



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