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In Two Minds

Published April 19, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
In Two Minds, from the Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

In Two Minds, from the Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: In Two Minds, from the Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud

In Two Minds: “Internal Dialogue ~ Decision ~ Action.”

“Should I? Shouldn’t I? I could do it this way, but then again I could to it that way. I could change things, but then again, I could just let things be the way they are. I could get up and do something, or I could sit here and think about it. Do I want Chinese food or Italian food? A walk in the park? Or another hour in front of the TV?

Decisions plague our lives. In Two Minds has never made a decision in his whole life, at least onto one that he has stuck with for more than a minute or tow. He can’t. He literally has two voice going on in his head at all times, and they never, ever agree. Do you recognize him? He may be living in your head even as you read this. If he is a familiar figure to you, then it is time to acknowledge him and remember that once you acknowledge him, his presence can be useful. By picking this card, you recognize the fact that although any argument has at least two sides, in the end you have to choose and make a decision. It may not end up being  the right one, but until you decide on some sort of action, you are as stuck as he is, forever arguing with yourself, forever in a static state.

Be brave. Do something. When you take that first step, you will find that the next one may be much clearer and more obvious than you could have imagined.”*

– Brian and Wendy Froud

We’ve all been there. Weighing our options. Carefully measuring out the pro’s and cons of a decision. Should I stay with my job that gives me security, benefits and regular hours? Or should I quit and become an entrepreneur? Should I stay in a relationship that doesn’t fit my needs because I’m scared that might not make enough money to support my kids, or because my family thinks I should or because my partner thinks I should? Or should I honour my heart, strike out on my own, and trust that, somehow, the Universe will provide.

It’s living the “What if’s?” over and over and over again in your head. What if I leave and it’s a mistake? What if I fail? What if everyone is angry at me for my decision? What if I regret making the change? Aren’t these all just distractions from the truth? Aren’t they your ego’s way of throwing up obstacles in the form of big blocks of fear? Are any of them actually true? And if they are true, could they not lead to the Universe redirecting you to where you are really meant to be?

How could your heart be wrong… especially if it has been speaking to you for some length of time now. This isn’t exactly new is it?

Take a deep breath and decide to decide… once and for all. Give yourself a timeline, a week, a month, six months, a year, whatever you need to get yourself prepared for this change in the best possible way. Knowing, of course, that if your faith is fully in the Universe and yourself, that you could make this decision right here and now as you are reading this! Create a plan of action. Ask Archangel Michael to banish In Two Minds from your head and give you the strength and courage to carry through with your dreams. Consistent action steps. Staying true to yourself.

Even if you are scared to death.

Trust in the Universe.

Trust in yourself.


* Heart Of Faery Oracle Card deck, by Brian and Wendy Froud




Published April 18, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Feline, from the Return To Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Feline, from the Return To Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Feline, from the Return To Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Feline: “Perhaps it feels as though nothing is happening for you at the moment. Life does have its lulls and downtime. The Feline card has come to let you know that in just a short time, the action is going to kick in. Get ready for it.

The energy of the cat is strong within the fractal image. And the cat has a strong message for you as well. While it may feel as if you are not making any progress in your life at this moment, everything is in its perfect order. Cats love their sleep, and this is a cue for you to take this time to really rest.

The Feline card might also indicate a need to have a massage or body work. Being rubbed and touched by a set of caring hands can do wonders for your body, and spirit as well.

Another aspect of cat energy is play time. The Feline card is asking that you get plenty of it. When you do go out, make sure that you do the things which really bring you joy. Have fun and enjoy this quiet period in your life.

Things are not going to remain still for much longer. You are about to take a giant leap forward in your life. Just as a cat sits perfectly still in the grass as it watches its prey, you are also being asked to allow the stillness. When everything aligns and the timing is right, your instincts are going to tell you it is time to leap. And when you do, you will bound higher and farther than you ever thought you could. Your aim will be precise, landing you directly on that which you have had in your sights.

So take the time now to play around. Enjoy the quiet as you mentally focus on where you want to go in your life. The next big burst of energy is going to take you there in a single powerful leap!”*

– Cheryl Lee Harnish

It’s the calm before the storm, and you are being given a reprieve. Take this time to process and assimilate all the intense cosmic energies that have come our way since the very beginning of 2015. Things are about to really take off. This is a time to align your desires and your vibration. It is a time to release any residual low vibrational density in your thoughts, your body, your belief systems. There is simply no room for fear and doubt, and these emotions will only hold you back!

Have you ever stood on the edge of a rock, getting up the courage to jump into a lake or river? Stood on the edge of a high diving board and wondered if you had the guts to jump? Imagine in these circumstances if you had a chance to do a meditation first. Taking a few moments uninterrupted to remove the fear of the jump. You could visualize yourself walking calmly to the edge, taking a deep breath, and jumping. Surrendering to the freedom and exhilaration of the moment. Knowing you were fully supported and safe. Having FUN!

Right now is your moments to release the fear of jumping off the cliff into the water. It is the time to steady yourself, believe in yourself and set all those old doubts and self limiting thought patterns free. Forever.

Don’t over analyze, don’t fret. You will know when you are ready to jump. The energy is about to shift and you will know without a doubt.

For now? Breathe. Center. Receive.




* Return To Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

God Of Spiritual Healing

Published April 17, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
God Of Spiritual Healing

God Of Spiritual Healing, from the Angels, Gods and Goddesses, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card: God Of Spiritual Healing, from the Angels, Gods and Goddesses, by Toni Carmine Salerno

God Of Spiritual Healing: “An aspect of you or a situation in your life is in need of healing.”

“The essence of all healing is ultimately love. A situation in your life or an aspect of you is asking to be healed right now. Regardless of what method, technique or therapy you choose, true healing which stems from the spiritual heart of creation, only occurs through love. The God Of Spiritual Healing has appeared in your reading today to send you light and love. Feel the presence of love all around you. Close your eyes and feel the love which automatically radiates from your heart like crystal pink light. Trust in the power of love to heal you and to heal any situation in your life that is in need of healing. Imagine yourself filled with and bathed in crystal pink light. Visualize yourself, your relationships, and all in your life as being healed right now. Remember, the power that made you, can also heal you.

That power is love.”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

You can ask the angels to heal you while you sleep. While you are most open and vulnerable, while you are most peaceful and receptive; you can be healed. The angels wish you to know this, and they wish you to call upon them to heal you with their love and light. There is so much healing available to us, yet we must take the first step towards it by asking to be healed. We must trust that we can be healed, even if the healing looks different than we may imagine. Leaving it up to the Divine to assist us in the best way possible for us at this particular time.

Healing may feel like releasing. It may feel like empty space is created within, yet this is to make room for the new. Healing may feel obvious; a pain or an ache removed…. or it may amplify something that you must concede to look at in your life. The angels can come to help you heal, but they cannot take your life and fix it for you; free will would not allow. Instead, they can guide you, using your body and mind as the tools to connect you in deeper ways to your spirit. They will guide you to let go, they will guide you to trust your instincts and intuition, they will provide all the clues. It is up to you to follow.

It is part of your healing process. A very important part. When we complete something difficult all on our own, we claim victory. We are not “charity” cases, we are lightworkers… spiritual warriors. Seeking truth; seeking awareness.

Seeking a stronger connection with Source; the Divine; the Universe. All That Is. With Grace and ease.

Ask for healing before you go to sleep tonight. Before you go to sleep every night.

And the healing will come.


* Angels, Gods and Goddesses, by Toni Carmine Salerno



Six Of Orbs

Published April 16, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Six Of Orbs, from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Oracle Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Six Of Orbs, from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Oracle Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Six Of Orbs, from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Oracle Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Six Of Orbs: “The dolphin, symbol of the higher self, seeks to distance itself from the ego-driven turmoil and move to higher ground. From the turbulence of the deep, unpredictable waters of the seas of emotion within, the focused mind seeks clarity and calm. Right mind begets right action. Escaping the isolation and separating confinement of the ego-self, higher consciousness guides us to seek peace and to utilize our mental processes to contemplate the elegance of the exquisite design of the conscious universe. This key speaks of how the finely tuned mind can overcome the emotional upheaval of the ego and move forward, while reminding us that we do not escape our thoughts – we bring them with us, to hopefully find resolution in calmer waters. Up ahead, the depiction of Metatron’s Cube, derived from the sacred geometry of the Flower Of Life, symbolizes the higher vibration of the creative mind which, freed from the storm of emotional upset, is clear to focus on the architectural wisdom and beauty of all creation.

Are you attempting to escape your problems, or are you trying to get distance from them? What can you do to resolve these issues, rather than temporarily evade them? How does distancing yourself from the matters at hand help you deal with them?”*

– Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

There is an interdimensional polarity between our ego and our higher selves and it is exaggerated right now. A tug-o-war, between fear and love. Right action… for the highest good of all involved, or for the highest good to keep everyone else happy? Where do your motives come from? Are you truly happy in the decisions you are living; or determined to remain happy if the people around you are happy? Is that true fulfillment or sacrifice?

What is your heart telling you? What does your Soul whisper in your dreams? Are you listening?

It is no coincidence that the dolphin in this card is mostly submerged in the waters of emotion. It comes up to breathe, yet it remains immersed. The waters it is leaving are turbulent, it is heading for peace. The Merkaba, Metatron’s Cube, represents ascension, protection and connection to the higher realms. It is surrounded by the protective and encouraging orbs… it cannot see them yet it senses their benevolent presence. They are a team of guardian angels, facilitating the transformation between releasing of the past, the old and outmoded, and the new higher consciousness. Safety is near.

This is a time of perseverance. Of not taking the present reality too seriously. Of consistent action….swimming, even if it’s upstream to get to where your heart tells you that need to go.

You are almost there, Dear One. Don’t give up now. We are here, all around you. Supporting you. Loving you.

Cheering you on.



* Sirian Starseed Oracle Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha



Lotus Flower ~ Unfoldment

Published April 15, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Lotus Flower ~ Unfoldment, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Lotus Flower ~ Unfoldment, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Lotus Flower ~ Unfoldment, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Lotus Flower ~ Unfoldment: “The lotus flower sits upon one of its leaves, having risen to the surface as the sun – held in the hand of God – invites it upward to the light. This unique plant is rooted in the mud and muck at the bottom of a body of water, its stem reaching up to the surface, where the leaves rest quietly. At night the flower closes and sinks below the surface, only to rise with the daylight and once again gradually unfold its petals, its stem extending above the waterline three feet or more.

What we learn from this amazing plant is how our own spiritual path unfolds and opens to the light, then at times gently folds in on itself for a proper rest when the daylight fades. This period is just as necessary as the growth, for it allows the plant to integrate what it has gained in nourishment during the day. It is also just as important that it is rooted, and it is yet another miracle of Nature that something so exquisitely beautiful is formed from the mud and silt at the water’s bottom.

Your spiritual unfoldment is occurring at all times whether or not you are aware of it. It is inevitable as long as you put your trust in the hands of the Creator, the One who holds the Light. Like the lotus, your soul is always reaching for the light to fulfill it’s karmic destiny, but even in that process there are periods of darkness and times to rest. It is a natural cycle, one that cannot truly be coerced or halted. It has an innate rhythm of its own, one that is unique to the Being that is you.

You do not need to strive or be driven by spiritual ambition. It does no good to try to force growth upon yourself – or others, for that matter. Allowing is the key here. Allow the place in you that naturally wants to follow the light to do so while recognizing that even when you have complete faith, you will face challenges and, occasionally, suffering. Your steady faith and love will guide you on  your journey of returning to the light.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

I really love this card and it’s exquisite message. It is perfect. We are exactly where we are meant to be, no matter what that looks like right now. It might look like several steps forward. It may look like one giant step back. There is no use in judgement, only the acknowledgment of what is and the allowing of the new and better. It is knowing that you are still fully supported, and that what you desire, or something even better is, right this very moment, is on it’s way to you. It is shining your light no matter what; loving no matter what; and believing in yourself no matter what. It is the necessity for silence and stillness each and every day to reconnect to the All.

It’s it the perfection of your beautiful Soul, on it’s amazing journey.

The perfect lotus flower unfolding.


* Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer



Published April 14, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Synchronicity, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Synchronicity, from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan

Synchronicity: “This card indicated a need to have faith in the Universal order of events, even in the midst of hopelessness and uncertainty. There is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence in the Universe, and the perfect people and opportunities will appear miraculously when least expected.

Even when you can’t logically comprehend how your dreams could possibly come true, you must trust in the magical power of synchronicity to deliver what you need. Remember, it is not your job to know how things will unfold; it is simply your job to believe and know that all is well. The “how’s, when’s and who’s” lie in the hands of the Divine; but once you surrender the outcome, you are shown the next logical step.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to trust in the power of synchronicity. By living in consistent alignment with Source through positive thoughts, emotions, and prayer, you will automatically attract miraculous synchronicities into your life.

I have faith that synchronicity will lead me

where I need to be.”*

– Michelle Buchanan

The Universe is communicating with you every moment of every day.. are you paying attention? There really are no coincidences, there are messages everywhere if we tune in to see, feel, hear, and witness them. It’s all about slowing down a little, (or a lot!) removing distractions whenever possible (yes, your phone!) daily if possible. And making time to tune in to that larger part of your Divine self. It’s about hearing the song on the radio, seeing the repetitive numbers (444 and 11:11 are a couple of my current favourites!) and noticing the little white feathers floating down in the middle of your yoga class. It’s about seeing the angel shaped clouds; the Devic faces in the trees; the affirmative or contradictory advice of the birds; the sudden appearance of the perfect person to help you at the most opportune time.

Really, it’s all about perspective. It’s about asking for what you want and then letting it go off into the Universe like a child sending a letter to Santa. Full of wishes, hopes, dreams and desires that they just KNOW are going to come true. But instead of a letter from one of Santa’s little helper elves, we receive all sorts of other fun signs and messages pointing us in the right direction. Think of it like the best scavenger hunt or Amazing Race ever! Knowing that as you check off each item on your list, you get closer to the prize! And the best part? You get to have an awesome and super fun experience while you are doing it! Because the journey really is where the wisdom comes from.

Turn your senses on high alert, for over the next couple of weeks, you are in for a few surprises! People, opportunities, prosperity and abundance are all coming to call.

Surrender and allow.



* Numerology Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Michelle Buchanan


Dolphin ~ Playfulness

Published April 13, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Dolphin ~ Playfulness, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer.

Dolphin ~ Playfulness, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer.

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Dolphin ~ Playfulness, from the Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer.

Dolphin ~ Playfulness: “Time to play.”

“You are thinking too much and doing too much, such that you are disconnected from your feelings. The best way to integrate your intellect, emotions, and actions, believe it or not, is through play. You have been analyzing this and that and strategizing for the future at the cost of ignoring the present and a more basic need to let go and just have some fun. Get away from all that through play, and you will find that your thinking is much clearer and more insightful.

There are a couple of ways to play. One is a structured activity or game. This is a great avenue for socializing and playing with other people. Another is – hold on, now – spontaneous play. You cannot plan to be spontaneous, but you can simply be spontaneous. All it takes is the right attitude. You can do this anywhere, even at work. Dance, sing, or make a joke. It will help you lose your mind for a while, or at least bring it into balance with your body and your feelings. And stop taking all of this so seriously! It is only life!

Additional Associations Of This Card:

Communication; Breath; Community; Guidance:*

– Stephen D Farmer

The message that is coming in right now is that we are somewhat missing the  point of this Earthly adventure. The whole reason we came to experience this physical realm. That we are blessed with all of our senses. That our skin is full of nerve endings. That our emotions are so big and powerful. That we have the ability to feel love in a myriad of ways.

We are here to experience joy, love, fulfillment, ecstasy… even pain. We are here… to experience. To live life physically. We are here to revel in the joy of tangibility. Feel the wind on our faces. Feel the pull of our heart-strings when a loved one smiles at us, takes our hand, holds our gaze. Feel the energy from each other, the plants, animals, flowers, trees, moon, sun, stars. Touch and taste and smell and see and FEEL… everything. And the best time to do that? In the present of course.

Are you struggling with the Law Of Attraction? Find your joy, strive for alignment with Source, and find this joy with the intention for highest good for all involved. That’s it. That’s the key to it all. Drop the worrying, the serious stuff, the doubt, the regret, the fear, the second guessing and over-analyzing, and get out there and live. Get out of your comfort zone and chase your dreams. Find your passion and live it. Step away from your past, stand in your truth, shed the projections that others have placed upon you and be authentically YOU.

And have FUN doing it!

Play. Breathe. Enjoy. Receive.

Commit to happiness.

And everything else will follow.


* Power Animal Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer.



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