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Published June 5, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and Melissa Virtue: Blue

Blue: “Communication. Inner Truth.”

“This card asks you to empower yourself by seeking your inner truth, emotional calmness, or creative expression. You need to communicate who you are. It is time to accept your (and others’) originality and uniqueness. Do not worry how people might view you. Jump into your creative expression. You do not need anyone’s approval. If you seek it, your inner truth is being stifled. A clue that this imbalance exists is feeling compelled to prove your views are right. Another clue is the inability to share your thoughts and opinions, and harboring feelings of inadequacy. Blue is the colour of the Throat Chakra, representing communication.

Blue merges your individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness. It ups the ante on creativity. Discover your authentic voice and speak your truth. Challenge your views. look at the beauty in the world’s religions and philosophies. Go beyond your cultural allegiances. This exposure will provide you with keen insights and help you stay open to the many pathways of life. Your creativity will expand a hundredfold.

Additional Meanings Of This Card: “Archangels Michael, Metatron, Raguel, Sandalphon, and Gabriel are associated with this symbol. It is time to vocalize your thoughts, concerns, or intentions. Release stress and strengthen your voice by surrounding yourself with the colour blue. Recall which images were blue in your dreams, as this will be a clue to areas of your life that need emotional expression or calming influences. Blue represents a connection with other planets or star systems.”*

One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and others is to speak your truth; standing your ground and not compromising yourself out of fear. You will be a much happier person if you are heard and you have the confidence not to fear judgement, and you will empower those around you to do the same. This opens the flow of communication and helps you with every aspect, including communing with the Divine, your angels and the ascended masters, and expressing yourself creatively. When you release fear of judgement, you are free to express yourself as feels right to you; it need not fit what someone else has in mind for you. You can express yourself creatively through dress and appearance, through art, music, taste in cars and houses, as well as the choices you make in food and profession. It affects every aspect of your life. If you are not feeling free and open to creative expression, you are blocking your Throat and Solar Plexus Chakras, which makes it difficult to communicate and also to clearly understand those who are trying to communicate with you.

Wearing a blue stone such as Turquoise, Larimar, Aqua Aura, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Aquamarine or Azurite, just to name a few, at the throat will help to balance and open the heart chakra and enhance your communication skills. Working continually to clear and balance the Chakras is also very important, and a blue stone can be placed on the Throat Chakra while doing so. Opening your lines of communication and balancing your Chakras creates harmony and joy in your life.

You deserve creative expression, everyone does. Practice the Law Of Allowing and send love to everyone around you as you see them expressing themselves creatively, even if you previously didn’t agree with their methods. The Law Of Allowing states basically that you be you and let them be them; with love. It would be a pretty awesome world if everyone thought that way wouldn’t it?



* Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and Melissa Virtue



Published June 4, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card , from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue: Unicorn

Unicorn: “Innocence, Trust, honesty.”

This card is reminding you to be honest with yourself and others. Check in to see if your intentions are pure and your decisions are for the highest good of all concerned. The unicorn is a magical creature who emanates innocence, trust, and integrity; the combined energy of both the elemental and the spiritual worlds. The unicorn’s horn is known to be a pure essence, with the ability to help you heal.

This card reminds you to trust the flow of your journey right now. Keep a balance between bucking convention and yielding to it freely.

Additional meanings for this card: Honour and respect others, yourself, and the earth.

You can neutralize the poison of gossip through honesty. You have the ability to help others heal themselves. Try to see the innocence in the people around you.”*

The message of the Unicorn is unconditional love. It is not for us to judge whether one is worthy of our love or not, it is up to us to love regardless. When you make a conscious decision to love unconditionally, you become a vessel for Universal love; healing yourself, others and the Earth. When you become a vessel for Divine love, it flows to you and through you, expanding your capacity for light and love, raising your vibration and purifying your spirit. This in turn strengthens  your awareness of the connection between all things, and in that, your connection to all things; plants, animals, minerals, Gaia and the Divine. When this connection is fully comprehended, you can release past karma and raise to a higher level of consciousness.

To release yourself from karma, and stop the cycle repeating itself, you must detach from the drama of every day life. Let go of criticizing, judging and blaming, let go of feeling like a victim and of feelings of lack, fear and doubt. All of these dense, low vibrational emotions keep you on the hamster wheel of low vibrational energies. There is no competition if there is total trust in Universal abundance; lack wouldn’t exist in this dimension. There is nothing holding you to the past if the lessons are learned, and the memories have been blessed and released; the silver lining acknowledged. There is no reason to withhold in a state of abundance; there is always more than enough for everyone and you can cheer each other on to victory and success! It’s the difference between the freeway at rush hour and exploring the countryside with the top down; can you feel the difference in the energy?

I realize that many people thrive in the competitive world, under pressure and having to produce… but that is learned and perceived behaviour. It’s survival mode and it isn’t healthy, no matter how you justify it. That does not mean that they aren’t great at what they do, or that they shouldn’t do it if it is their passion. It means that they could shift their perception of what is important, and live from the heart.

No more stress? No more overwhelm? No more judgement, fear or doubt? Trade it all in for harmony, grace and unconditional love? Sounds blissful doesn’t it? It is possible if you believe it is.


* Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue





Published May 30, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and Melissa Virtue: Fire

Fire: “Transmutation. Purification.”

“Fire is the bringer of transmutation. It’s time to come out of your cocoon, and allow yourself to become that beautiful butterfly. Have courage. Burn off the old, allowing the new to enter. You know what needs to be done. It is time to light that inner fire (or the one under your seat!). Get busy and take steps to allow this wonderful change to occur. Have courage during this time of transition. Know that all is well.

Fire also represents purification. In every transformation, a cleansing process takes place. Perhaps it is time to purify your thoughts, actions, relationships, or something else that has become unhealthy. Transmute your old habits.

Additional Meanings For This Card: “Archangels Michael and Jophiel are associated with this symbol. Performing a ceremony of rite would be perfect right now. Stand in protection of something or someone. take care of your home and hearth. Take a break from routine. You need some independence right now.*

Interesting that we are getting this message again after only a couple of days! Interesting also that I can choose a card every day for a year, get different cards from different decks that I use, and then get two of the same cards in succession from two different decks. This is a strong message that transformation is under way in your life! This card also ties in to yesterday’s message of cleansing and purifying, body, mind and spirit.

You have been holding on for too long to habits and perceptions that no longer serve you, this is the time to bless and release them. If you have been stuck in a rut, fearful of the change that your soul desires; make some changes now. You are fully supported by the Divine and cannot fail. Fear must no longer hold you back. Trust in yourself, know that your intuition is your Divine Guidance, and know that when you let go and let the Divine assist you in releasing the things that you have outgrown, better things will replace them. You need only have faith.

Once you have succumbed to this purification through transmutation, your life will change in miraculous ways. Doors will open to you, people will walk into your life to assist you. Your well-being and peace of mind will improve, and you will start to see the limitless possibilities as being open to you, rather than just dreams. This is the time to show your love and trust in your angels, guides and the Divine. This is the time to know with conviction that we are all connected, to the Earth, to the Universe, to the Divine and to All That Is.

This is you, not just turning a page in your life, but closing this book to start the next. Yes, Dear One, the change is that big. Welcome it with open arms.


* Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and Melissa Virtue



Published November 8, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Card ~ Sun

Sun: Illumination, Growth, God Energy

“The sun is the masculine energy of the Source, the counterpoint of the feminine goddess energy. This card is calling you to discern the masculine aspects within you: the young warrior, the mature king, and the wise sage. Express these sides of yourself in the various areas of your life.

You are being called to connect with the heavens and bring your mind, body, and spirit into balance and alignment. The sun symbolizes God energy, renewal, illumination, knowledge, understanding and growth.

Additional meanings of this card: 

Archangels Sandalphon, Uriel, and Michael are associated with this symbol. An infusion of masculine energy is needed now. Allow understanding to illuminate this situation. Spend time in the sun (but don’t forget your sunscreen!). This will raise your energy levels and give you a welcome dose of vitamin D.”*

Because we were experiencing solar flares in the last couple of days I want to include some info on them, they certainly do make me feel wiggy and I notice a big difference in my kids too! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling upside down this week, especially yesterday and today. I thought it may be hormone related, but now I’m definitely thinking Solar Flares! I’ve had headaches on and off, upset tummy on and off, and some nausea. Yuck!! I found another great blog article by one of my personal favorites, Hibiscus Moon, called “Need to Ground” check it out! I’m going to grab my black tourmaline and hematite and see if I can get this under control! Have you been feeling it too? Please share!

Here is a great article:

How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans ©Heather Carlini 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Over the past year, we have been experiencing an intensive amount of solar activity on the Sun which is affecting both the Earth and Humans.

Scroll down the page for the latest posting on solar activity.

Exactly what is a solar flare and how does it affect us?

A solar flare is a magnetic storm on the Sun which appears to be a particularly bright spot and a gaseous surface eruption such as in the above photograph.  Solar flares release vast amounts of high-energy particles and gases that are tremendously hot.  They are ejected thousands of miles from the surface of the Sun.

There appears to be a direct connection between the Sun’s solar storms and human biological effect especially after an ‘M’ class solar flare.  The conduit, which facilitates the charged particles from the Sun to human disturbance is the same conduit which steers Earth’s weather through the Magnetic Field on Earth, and also through the magnetic fields around humans.

  Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wind storms appear to occur after intense solar activity on the sun.

Geomagnetic Activity on the Sun Influences our Thoughts

I have noticed in my own research that solar activity is known to affect human consciousness.  Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System (stomach lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), along with human behaviour and all psycho-physiological (mental-emotional-physical) response. Click here to read more, including what is happening this week!!

 It’s interesting how much we are affected by the Sun and Moon and yet we refuse to factor this in. We know that a “full moon” can cause all sorts of nutty behaviour, being the busiest nights in Emergency rooms around the world, as the tides rise and fall at record levels. So why not the sun? Here is one more interesting tidbit of information, by Tony Pann:

Connection: Solar Flares and Emotion
    •    BY: Tony Pann
Astrology & Paranormal newsletter

Many people believe that events in our personal lives, and globally, are connected to the movement of the planets and stars. That is the base assumption in Astrology. There is also a school of thought out there that our emotions and feelings are somehow tied to energy movements through the Sun. I recently read an article on that subject that I would like to pass along. It’s by Steve Rother. Here is a portion of what he had to say…it might explain a lot of the mood swings that many of us have been experiencing lately:
“Exposure to magnetic radiation is taking place with what are called solar flares, CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections). The sun is beginning to erupt again; there is a new cycle it is starting to move through. Scientists have known about this because it happens frequently—roughly every 12 years the sun goes through another cycle. What is taking place is that you are receiving magnetic radiation from the sun all the time, yet when you receive these big influxes from the solar flares there are many ways you can be affected.
So, what is taking place exactly? This magnetic radiation will hit people emotionally—very strongly. It already has occurred and now you are starting to feel it. You may feel as if you are being pushed to the edge, emotionally raw and spiritually exhausted. Watch what happens to your emotions when a solar flare erupts and 76 hours later. We will simply give you the number: 76 hours after a solar flare. This time lapse has probably made you feel disconnected, but every human on planet Earth is likely to experience a roller coaster of emotions while this magnetic radiation is harmonizing. There is nothing wrong, nothing you need to worry about or fix. Simply be aware. Pay attention to what is taking place in your environment, for you are much more in control of it than you ever thought. It is when you are unaware of things that they catch you by surprise and quite often you cannot deal with them.”I have to say that I find this totally fascinating as I noticed that my son especially had some real ups and downs last week as did his teacher and he seems to have settled right down now. I know that I tended to feel distracted, overwhelmed and a little over emotional, it was like a solar pms! Yikes!Anyhow, now that we know how these may affect us, it will be interesting to keep track and notice any changes you see in yourself and your family. And maybe just take it a little easy on yourself, after all, there is so much going on in this plane of existence that we are still trying to figure out!

So next time you are feeling all out of sorts, check what phase the moon is in, and what’s happening with the Sun!


~ Angel Dreams Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue Doreen Virtue

The Spirit Whisperer ~ Ally

Published October 6, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

The Spirit Whipserer

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid: The Spirit Whisperer

The Spirit Whisperer: “Divine guidance, higher knowing”

As Ally: “As an Ally, the Spirit Whisperer comes to you heralding the miraculous and the inspired. She whispers guidance from the Divine through your higher senses so that you can hear her wisdom and know her love for you. She is committed to helping you intuit the next right action and steers you away from trouble. The Spirit Whisperer keeps you inspired to move forward, always knowing – just in time – the correct next step. She guides you to fulfill your highest purpose. When she appears, it is a sign of inspired ideas that, with continual action, lead to success! That is a very good omen.

If your question is about a relationship, the Spirit Whisperer speaks of soul connections, past lives, and great learning through mutual mirroring. She will whisper how long, how short, how deep and how sweet the relationship can be. There were soul bargains made even before you both were born here, and an exploration is in order. You may move forward, but keep listening to the Spirit Whisperer for the lessons that the vulnerability of love brings.”*

One of the ways that you can feel the Spirit Whisperer is through your dreams. In our dreams, our souls get the chance to fly free, weaving in and out of distant realms; times and dimensions. When we feel we aren’t dreaming, we are actually just not connected to remember our dreams, for we do dream every night. In order to pull the dreams from our subconscious mind to our conscious, we can practice journaling. Keeping a daily dream diary helps us keep a record. We can recognize patterns and start to learn from the messages that may otherwise have been left undetected. Look for repetitive patterns of shapes, colours, animals, people and places.

Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue do a fantastic dream interpretation course which I have taken and loved. It has a ton of great ideas and ways to help you decipher the messages in your dreams, which crystals and stones help with dreams and sleep and also an oracle deck called Angel Dreams Oracle Cards which I sometimes use in my blog. Melissa Virtue suggests that we cover up mirrors in our bedrooms, especially when prone to having nightmares or bad dreams. I don’t keep a mirror in my kids bedrooms for this reason. I love to experiment with my crystal collection, placing different stones under my pillow to see how it affects my dream and dream recall. So far, my favourites are clear or rose quartz, fluorite, or tourmaline. I have found that I can’t have amethyst under my pillow, as it’s like having a couple of cups of coffee before bed, just way too awake and zingy!!

Lastly, don’t forget to tune in to your intuition. Be aware of synchronicity in everyday life! The Universe tests us every single day to see if we are paying attention, you must look, listen, feel and be open to the little signs and signals all around you. And don’t hesitate to ask the Angels to guide you every step of the way.


* Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Dragonfly ~ Transformation

Published September 22, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Card ~ Dragonfly

Dragonfly: Transformation, Magic, Illusion

“This card is reminding you to use creative imagination as a force within your life. It can transform your world! When you utilize your mind in this manner, you are actively expanding yourself psychically. Do not allow illusion to hold you back. Know that nothing is permanent or set in stone. You can change your life. Dragonfly, weaver of dreams, is the symbol of transformation and new visions.

This bringer of light also reminds you to keep yourself light (carefree), harness your light (magic), and allow light (Divine inspiration) to illuminate your path. Nothing can stop you unless you allow it. Peek behind the veil and discover the magic awaiting you.

Additional meanings of this card:  Work with this card to see through the veil of illusions so that you may be clear on those things that matter most to you. There is an underlying purpose for the situation about which you are inquiring. Trust that all will be revealed in Divine timing for the greater good.”*

More about the meaning and symbolism of Dragonflies here by All

Emotion/Whimsy: Have you found yourself being carried by the currents of your emotions? Are you changing your mind frequently and having difficulty being consistent? The dragonfly spirit is symbolism of both water and air. This symbolizes a great influence of emotion and capriciousness. If you’ve encountered a dragonfly the meaning is that you may need to reign in your emotions, get some fresh air, spend some time in the sun near a body of water, and look for a new perspective.

 Conversely: If you’re being too rational and detached, the dragonfly’s appearance may be symbolism of the need for you to reconnect with the emotional aspect of yourself, to not be bogged down, to take flight and be free, to shed burdens and dance in the winds of life.

Symbolism of Dragonfly People:

• Carefree
• Imaginative
• Ambitious
• Wise
• Emotional
• Whimsical
• Perceptive
• Finesse

I have often taken comfort in Dragon flies flying around our yard in the summer time. They are a marvel to watch, zooming and landing so gracefully. My kids and I will sit and watch them for hours, imagining tiny fairies riding on their backs, taking care of the plants and flowers in our garden. They have a mystical and beautiful energy and I can’t imagine a summer without them. They are also messengers of the Angels, coming to us when we need them as signs of freedom, perception and imagination, reminding us to connect with our inner child. It’s September now and I am still lucky enough to see them here and there on a sunny day but I know it won’t be long before they leave for the winter, only to return on the first sunny late spring day as a herald of sunny, beautiful and carefree summer days to come.




~ Angel Dreams Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue Doreen Virtue

Angel Card ~ Travel

Published September 13, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle



Daily Angel Card ~ Travel

Travel ~ Journey, Path, Location

“This card signals a journey, a new path, or a change in location. Do you know where you are going or where you want to go? It is time to make that decision. A shift in geography is coming. Perhaps it is a job relocation or a new home.

This card also indicates the time to evaluate “modes of transportation”. Pay attention to how you are piloting your life right now. This card is asking you to reassess the manner in which you are getting yourself from point A to point B. Your vehicle can represent your physical body, manners, habits, and actions. Take note of who is with you on this journey. Are you in cahrge of the direction in which you are traveling, or is someone else driving? This dream card is asking you to reevaluate your choices on your journey at this moment.

Additional meanings of this card:

Perhaps you need to “park” yourself for some resting and assessing. Be patient with the pace at which your life is flowing. There is an upcoming opportunity for you to move or travel.”*

I have to say, even the mere thought of travel, to anywhere, anytime. It truly gives me a little thrill like no other. I LOVE to travel. I really try to be in the moment, to appreciate all there is to appreciate in my every day life, and to notice the abundance all around me. I try not to hold my thoughts in the future, especially in a way that would keep me running after the carrot, never quite catching up to happiness. I have done this before and it is a frustrating way to live. You know what I mean when I say this right? It’s when you think that you will be happy or your life will be complete when ______ I will let you fill in the blank. It could be when you have money, lose weight, find the perfect spouse or job, have your first baby, etc. But basically, no matter how you cut it, it is sending your happiness out into the future of never never land.

Travel is something that is usually in the future for me, something that I plan in advance and journey towards. So I try and immerse myself in the planning, and not so much in the when will I get there. It all goes so fast! Even if you book a trip two years in advance it goes fast, then the trip is there in front of you and you are home before you know it. So you have to find ways to enjoy every minute, pull ourselves into the present and enjoy the process.

I have to say though… now I’m wondering if I get to go somewhere! I certainly hope so, even a trip up Island to the beach would be great. Although the far flung places in the world do beckon me, turquoise water and white sand, mountains full of exotic birds and misty green trees and waterfalls. Beautiful cultures full of people that are connected to the Earth in a way that we can all learn from.

Travel is the best way to see the connection we all have, to each other, to the Earth and to every living creature on it. I wonder when and where my next trip will be?


~ Angel Dreams Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue Doreen Virtue

Chakra ~ Orange

Published August 10, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Card ~ Orange

Orange: Creativity, Change

“This card is encouraging you to express your creativity. Discover hidden talents. Make some positive changes in your life. Orange resonates with the sacral chakra, which is related to the energy of optimism and confidence; change; the social sphere, including family and society; and creative expression such as singing and dancing.

This card asks you to explore pleasurable activities. What attracts or repels you? Orange is calling for you to free your sensuality. Allow yourself to feel desirable. Fully awaken to the moment of sensations and emotions. Enjoy your journey. Transform the mundane into something special. By doing so, you open up a whole new perspective on your daily life. Let go for your judgements.

perhaps your experience of pleasure is imbalanced. This is usually manifested through jealousy or losing yourself in drugs, alcohol, food or sex. Balance yourself with creative outlets. Allow yourself to appreciate beauty. Delight in it. Know that you will attract that which you need for your highest good.

Additional meanings of the card: Archangels Metatron, Uriel, Gabriel, Raguel, Jophiel and Sandalphon are associated with this symbol. Do affirmation work. It is time to make social changes. Boost your confidence by wearing orange.”*

Of course I love to tie in the use of crystal energy whenever I get the chance so here is a little info about orange from Crystal Cures ~ Orange:

Color Orange

Orange is a power color. It is one of the healing colors. It is said to increase the craving for food. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. Orange means vitality with endurance. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Lady luck’s color is orange. I have been told that if a change of any kind is need in life, just burn an orange candle for 7 nights.

Orange Energy

While red is associated with fiery heat, orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun. A dynamic color to be sure, orange offers a more thoughtful control than explosive red. Curiosity is a driving characteristic of orange, and with it comes exploration of new things.

Put some orange in your life when you want:

  • to spice things up when you feel time is dragging
  • to become more involved in something
  • to increase creativity
  • relief from things becoming too serious

 Orange gem stone properties

Orange gemstones contain some of the fiery energies of red, but are gentler with a more creative spirit. They are used to promote personal power and are useful for people who could use more self esteem. Carry or place orange gemstones around your home or office to stimulate creativity, mental quickness, ability to adjust to changes.

One of my personal favourites for orange gemstones is Carnelian, known for it’s healing properties as well as:

*gives you energy when worn or kept in a pocket, make sure you take it out and hold it in your palm…enjoy the warmth it radiates, colour is an important visual stimulation and orange will help to balance the sacral chakra.

*protects from low vibrations and negative energy… is there someone who has a negative outlook in life but you can’t avoid spending some time with them? Protect yourself by asking Archangel Michael to surround and protect you will bright white love and light and carry a carnelian or black tourmaline to protect you from “bad vibes”.

*helps attract prosperity, who couldn’t use a little more prosperity in their lives? Sign me up!

*helps you see the humorous, lighter side of life, a necessary talisman when bombarded by negativity by the media daily.

*calms the temper, great for kids who have trouble with anger (yes, I have incorporated it into a necklace for my firey red headed son!)


~* Angel Dream Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue Doreen Virtue


Published August 4, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Card ~ Moonstone

Moonstone ~ Mystery, Intuition

“This card is asking you to take time to observe the mysteries around and within you , such as your dreams, intentions, and relationship to the world. Work on honing your psychic skills. Deepen your intuitive understanding of the sacred through travel, study, connecting with mystical sites, spiritual workshops, observing nature, and discovering the God/Goddess within. Moonstone is an enhancer of clairvoyance. This gem represents the high priestess, keeper of feminine mysteries and intuition. 

As you might expect, moonstone resonates with the moon. It is asking you to connect with your emotions. Open up to the deeper meanings and inner workings of life. Take time to delve into your intuitive state. This card also asks you to become attuned to the cycles of the moon. Notice it’s phases. Chart how they affect your body. Moonstone stimulates the functioning of the pineal gland, balancing the hormonal cycles with nature’s rhythms.

Additional meanings of this card:

Archangels Haniel, Jeremiel, Raguel, and Raziel are associated with this symbol. Work with moonstone for  revelation of your past lives during dream time. Remember to extend compassion to yourself and others, especially at this time. Unblock and enhance communication with your beloved. You are receiving help with the changes in your life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Connect with your clairvoyant (“clear seeing”) and clairsentient (“clear feeling”) abilities.”*

I have always loved moonstones, they have such a pure, open and soothing vibration. Holding one in your hand during a meditation, especially during a full moon will help you  reconnect with your true essence.

Here is some great information on moonstones by Crystal Cures

Moonstone Gemstone meaning:
passionate love that will fly you to the moon

It is said if you give your lover a moonstone necklace when the moon is full you will always have passion with each other. Moonstone is a highly valued gemstone for these reasons:

  • Brings good fortune
  • Assists in foretelling the future
  • Enhances intuition
  • Promotes inspiration
  • Brings success in love as well as business matters
  • Offers protection on land and at sea

The moonstone is associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana. The most powerful time to use the moonstone is in a full moon.

It has been worn as an amulet to bring good emotions to the wearer, while protecting those of a sensitive nature. It can reunite lovers who have quarreled. Moonstone is also considered a good luck stone.

Moonstone is a very personal stone. It is a reflection of the person who owns it. It does not add or detract, only shows how it is. This is why the moonstone is said to perceive that which “is”. Moonstone is an excellent stone to use in meditation to understand oneself. Placing it in the moonlight of a moon reaching its fullness, not a full or waning moon, can revitalize it. This is a particularly good gemstone for women. It is a good stone for young women or teenagers.

Healing properties of Moonstone

Moonstone is used by healers to stimulate the functioning of the pineal gland and balance internal hormone cycles with nature’s rhythms. Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. Though often considered to be a woman’s stone, it can be beneficial to men in opening the emotional self.

Sources of moonstone

There are two moonstones. Adularia moonstone is an almost transparent pale gray or silvery white or blue shimmer. It is mainly found in Sri Lanka, Burma, India and Madagascar. Albite moonstone is in the feldspar group. It is semitransparent with a pale, shimmering reflection. It may be a little dull. It comes mainly from Canada.

I have to go make a necklace!! ;0)

* Angel Dream Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue Doreen Virtue

Green ~ Compassion, Love

Published August 4, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Card ~ Angel Dreams ~ Green

Green: Compassion, Love, Cultivation

“When this card appears to you, it is time to ask yourself what needs healing in your life. Keep your heart open, and be compassionate toward yourself and others. Allow love to weave a beautiful tapestry within your heart, expanding your senses. Then you will start to see it all around you in every person and life form. You will begin to respond and communicate lovingly. You will feel lighter, happier, and free of burdens. Green asks you to open to self love now and cultivate a relationship with yourself. This colour is associated with the heart chakra, which in turn represents healing, growth, love and nurturing. 

Green also represents communicating from the heart. Trust yourself and others. Keep faith that your heart will not lead you astray. Love is a compass. If you are unbalanced in your heart chakra, compassion is what you need to be employing, not empathy or sympathy, as these drain energy. If you offer others help out of obligation, shame, guilt, or fear, you will burn out. You need to allow yourself to receive. Foster a safe and supportive environment by releasing judgement. See the world with the eyes of your heart. When you do, you will feel vitality returning to you. 

Additional meanings of this card:

Archangels Raphael, Chamuel, Metatron, Zadkiel and Jophiel are associated with this symbol. You need to nurture and cultivate a relationship or spiritual practice. A condition or situation is being healed. Open your heart as much as you can. Make love with life. Abandon personal control and defensiveness by assuming the role of a beloved partner who takes action and responds to life with compassion.”*

Wow, what an amazing and inspiring message for us today to start off our week. Turing inside to appreciate all that you have to offer the world, appreciating your talents and creativity, releasing judgement and being gentle with yourself. We are often our own worst critics.

Use encouragement, affirmations and journalling to help you along in this journey. Documenting our thoughts and feelings can help us to see our progress as we move through opening our hearts to new clarity and self awareness. I really love to use crystals to enhance theis process, some of my current favourites being amethyst, clear and smoky quartz, nuumite and pedalite.

Crystals can help you achieve new levels of consciousness while meditating, if you have never tried a crystal meditation, here is one to help you get started. It can help you to receive messages from your higher self, using the crystal as your messenger:

If you haven’t experimented with crystals yet, start with a clear quartz point, they are easy to find, affordable and have a beautiful high vibration. You can choose the stone that feels right to you, cleanse it using a pinch of sea salt in water (be aware however that not all crystals like salt, or water for that matter, so if you choose a different type of crystal, please google how to cleanse it so you are not disappointed), moonlight, sunlight (no sunlight for amethyst, rose quartz, citrine or smoky quartz). Once your crystal is cleansed of all other energy, hold it in your hand and concentrate your own energy on the stone and you are ready for your meditation.



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