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Crown Chakra

Published March 17, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Crown Chakra

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra: “Pay attention to your ideas, as they are messages of true Divine guidance sent in answer to your prayers.”

“You drew this card because the angels are asking you to trust and follow the ideas you have recently received, as they are the answers you have been seeking for your current situation. You already know the truth and the best course of action to take. Trust this knowingness, and take appropriate action. When you honor your ideas, the Universe reciprocates by sending you additional support while you make healthy life changes.

This card is also a message to clear the crown energy center (or chakra). which governs your ability to tap into the Universe’s collective wisdom. your crown chakra can become blocked if you dismiss your inner thoughts as wishful thinking or common knowledge. Remember that all ingenious ideas begin as daydreams that turn into wonderful inventions.

Action Steps

Archangel Uriel (whose name means “He who is Divine Light”) is the angel of Divine wisdom and knowledge. Sit quietly and say:

“Archangel Uriel, I call upon you now to clear and balance my crown chakra.

I ask for your assistance in boosting my belief

and faith in the ideas that come to me.

Please help me in responsibly following through with

my Divinely guided ideas.”*

Well we are certainly on a theme here with my last couple of posts! Messages, messages and more messages to be receptive to what the Divine is telling us. It’s so easy to get preoccupied with the past; basing all of our decisions on what has happened before. Doing so stops us from branching out and trying those new things that keep popping up; taking a new class, learning a new skill, starting a new creative outlet, looking for a new career, or other life changes. We stick to the known, happy or not, because we are more scared of the unknown. We ignore the little nudges we are getting; the synchronicity of life is lost on us when we allow our rational brains to lead the way! Sometimes you just have to go for it!

Your Angels and guides are trying desperately to get your attention! Your prayers have been heard and the answers are there. Imagine staring at your phone, willing it to ring and not realizing that your mail box is full of messages but you haven’t thought to pick up the phone to check or listen! You need some quiet time, do a chakra clearing meditation (one of my personal favorites is Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue) and then just take some time to be in silence, receptive to the messages from your Angels and Guides, the Divine and your higher self. There is no wrong way to do this, you can listen to a guided meditation, meditation music, be in silence, chant, or use a tool such as your favourite crystal to enhance your experience. You will get what you need if you give yourself the time to receive it.

You are going through a fairly major and much needed transition in your life and you have reached a crossroads: stay the same or grow? You get to decide how to move forward from here, fully supported and unconditionally loved by the Divine of course, so move forward fearlessly! This is only the beginning!


* Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Archangel Raguel ~ Divine Order

Published March 13, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Archangel Raguel ~ Divine Order

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Archangel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Archangel Raguel ~ Divine Order

Archangel Raguel ~ Divine Order: “Everything is how it needs to be right now. Look past the illusion, and see underlying order.”

Additional Message From this Card: “A win-win situation is brewing, one with solutions that are fair to everyone involved. This requires you to have blind faith that Heaven is working behind the scenes to extract the highest good for all. Ask Archangel Raguel to buoy your faith if it wavers. Use positive affirmations and prayers to keep your spirits high. Above all, make sure that your conversations about this situation involved positive and optimistic words and phrases. You are so powerful that your positive thoughts can speed the resolution along even quicker.”

Working with Archangel Raguel: Raguel has beautiful pale blue energy, like the sky on a perfect spring morning. He is the archangel who guides people to act in fair and just ways, and Raguel also gives us faith in humanity’s essential goodness. Wearing or holding an aquamarine crystal will align you with Raguel’s kind and wise persona.”*

I have been really drawn to aquamarine lately and am wearing it as I type this. I love the serene, harmonious and calming energy it offers me and I love the connection to Archangel Raguel. If you are experiencing any wavering of faith, in yourself or in the Divine, ask Archangel Raguel to help you to strengthen this faith and trust. Opportunities are opening up to you and sometimes we shy away from situations that would actually be very beneficial to us, simply due to our fear of the unknown. Now is time to look deeply inside yourself and see what it is that you really want. If you have an aquamarine, now is a great time to wear it, put it in your pocket or under your pillow, or meditate with it.

Designing our realities with the Law Of Attraction requires us to know what it is that we are actually striving to create. Journaling can help us to bring what we want into focus, and create it in full colour and detail in our minds. No one else has to see your dreams, this just a tool for you to use to get the clarity you need to proceed. Ask Archangel Raguel to help you keep your thoughts positive as you delve into your desires, bringing them to vivid life in your imagination. If it seems that people or circumstances are in your way at this time, dream anyway, asking the Angels to smooth your way and guide you on your life’s path with grace and ease.

Affirmation and Prayers:

Thank you Angels, for helping me to find a solution to this problem which will benefit all those involved in the outcome.

Thank you Angels, for helping me feel confidence in my skills and creative gifts.

I am fully loved and supported by my angels and guides, and receive clear Divine Guidance.

I am happy, healthy and in control of my own reality; I am a magnet to the life that I desire.

I am a high vibrational being; I am higher consciousness; I am love.


*Archangel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


St. Therese of Lisieux ~ Steady Progress

Published February 28, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

St. Therese of Lisieux ~ Steady Progress

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Saints and Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: St. Therese of Lisieux ~ Steady Progress

St. Therese of Lisieux ~ Steady Progress (Little Flower): You have been making steady progress, and it is important for you to recognize that his progress (not perfection) is what is important. This is a message for you to appreciate how much you have already achieved and how many people you have helped along the way. Keep your focus away from any lapses that you think you have made. Guilt and regrets never helped anyone, so let them go today.

You are also asked to forgive yourself for what you think you have done or not done. St. Therese did not live a life of spiritual perfection (she often fell asleep or was distracted during her prayers, for example.) Yet she insisted that it is the “little ways” of steady progression that connects us with God and Heaven. She wrote: “Learn and grow from your challenges, but do not let them stop you from your devotion or spiritual path.”

St.Therese was born in Lisieux, France, in 1873 and became a Carmelite Nun along with two of her sisters. Therese began having mystical experiences, which she wrote about (only because her mother superior ordered her to do so) in an autobiography called “the Story of a Soul.” Many miraculous cures of ailments such as ulcers, tuberculosis, and arthritis are attributed to St. Therese’s intercession. Upon her deathbed, she promised to send roses as a sign of her presence and devotion, so she is often referred to as “Little Flower.”*

We can be so hard on ourselves, forgetting to use the same compassion that we would to a loved one or family member in need of support and acceptance. We can focus on our thoughts on past injustices and have an inner dialogue of negativity; berating ourselves for mistakes or poor decisions we have made in the past. Imagine if we turned all that around? Imagine if we had a continual positive dialogue playing in our heads, of all the wonderful stuff we had achieved, how many people we had helped and how incredible and promising our future is looking? What a huge difference in perspective!

We are here, in our material existence, to experience this life with all of our physical senses. We work on raising our vibration, seeing the positive, looking for miracles and remaining optimistic, yet there are times when we “fall off the wagon” and just feel the lower energy emotions; frustration, irritation, envy, anger, or resentment. So then what? Are we not spiritual anymore? Are we not worthy? Quiet the opposite, we are only human and if we can feel compassion for ourselves, recognizing instantly that our emotions are telling us that we are going in the wrong direction from where we would like to be vibrationally, we have the opportunity to fix it, right then and there! Every feeling is a sign to us, from our soul or higher self, to our conscious waking mind. Feeling light, carefree, joyful and passionate signals that you are on the right path vibrationally; anything is possible. Feeling heave, upset, frustrated, anxious or angry is a sign that you have taken a fork in the road, you are now heading in the opposite direction from your dreams and desires. So what do you do in this case? Grab the steering wheel and get back on course!! Breathe, take a few moments to ground yourself, speak your truth, follow your heart, ask for Divine Guidance or intervention. Know that you are worthy, know that you are love and know that this too shall pass, and something much better is on it’s way to you. Then work on being the vibrational magnet to your heart’s desire, one thought, one feeling at a time!


* Saints and Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Archangel Zadkiel ~ Teaching And Learning

Published February 23, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Archangel Zadkiel ~ Teaching And Learning

Daily Angel Oracle, from the Archangel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Archangel Zadkiel ~ Teaching And Learning

Archangel Zadkiel ~ Teaching And Learning: “Keep an open mind, and learn new ideas. Then teach these ideas to others.”

Additional Message: “You are a spiritual teacher and an avid learner. Learning and teaching are linked in a perfect cycle, in which information comes to you when you need it. Teach others about the topics that awaken your passions. The more you teach, the more your lessons are reinforced within yourself.

Be open to sharing new ideas, and learning about topics that are not in your immediate sphere of interest. Your students will teach you in many ways, too. Trust in your teaching and learning abilities, as your mind is one with the Divine Mind Of God. You are an intelligent and wise being. Know that it is safe in this lifetime for you to be outspoken in your teachings.

Working with Archangel Zadkiel: Zadkiel is the ultimate spiritual professor. he is patient, kind, and has access to all knowledge. He is widely known for his ability to help human memory function. If you need to remember or memorize any information, ask Zadkiel to assist.

Anything that you need to know Zadkiel is glad to teach to you. Just ask him questions in order to elicit his help. Sometimes Zadkiel uses the Socratic method of teaching which means that he will lead you so you can learn for yourself. Being observant of patterns in everything you see, hear, and think is the best way to benefit from Zadkiel’s teachings.”*

The best teachers I have ever had taught with an open mind, using grace and flexibility to allow each student to offer their own unique perspective to the lessons. These teachers listen when you speak, weighing your point of view and allowing it to differ from their own. They see each person as an individual, with gifts that can enhance the experience of the other students, and they are not threatened by thinking outside the box. This is the way I try to view parenting, and although it can be challenging, it does help me appreciate my kids strong personalities and interesting ideas. Listening to their theories lifts my spirits knowing that they are using their limited life experience combined with their own personal philosophies.

As a teacher, learning as you go, you must master the art of listening; if you just stop to listen, you just never know what you could learn! We are often so busy texting, checking our emails or otherwise glued to technology, that it’s hard to get someone to give you their undivided attention. A great teacher understands the power of giving your undivided attention to their student. This attention helps them grow as a person, whether they are right or wrong. This is especially true in children, as they are building up their confidence and self-esteem, they are learning to express themselves without fear, and they are learning to present their unique point of view clearly and concisely.

You always learn something when you teach, if you give yourself the chance to be fully immersed in your subject and open-minded about how the information is to be shared. Be creative, allow interaction and open your heart to your student. Ask Archangel Zadkiel for Divine Guidance if you are not sure what you can teach; you, like everyone have a special gift that will benefit those who hear it.


* Archangel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Speak Your Truth ~ St. Bernadette

Published February 22, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Speak Your Truth ~ St. Bernadette

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Saints and Angels Oracle Card Deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Speak Your Truth ~ St. Bernadette

Speak Your Truth ~ St. Bernadette: “This is a strong message for you to speak up and tell the truth. Give any fears or worries about others’ possible reactions to God, St. Bernadette, and your angels. You can speak honestly in a loving way and still stay in integrity. No matter how other react, you must give voice to the truth as you see it. Heaven will protect you and will guide your words as you say them.

As you do so, some people will agree with you wholeheartedly – they have been waiting for someone to voice this information. Yet, others may disagree with you. Stick with what you believe, regardless of how people react. You are a truth teller, and as long as you speak with love and conviction, you have got nothing to fear.

St. Bernadette is a wonderful example of someone who followed this guidance, even when she was threatened with imprisonment for doing so. At the age of 14, she had her fist of 18 visions of the Blessed Mother Mary near her home in Lourdes, France. Mother Mary instructed Bernadette to dig in the dirt, and the hole eventually became the healing springs of Lourdes.

While receiving these visions, the saint and her family were threatened and harassed by government officials, who accused her of lying and insanity. Yet Bernadette consistently and politely spoke her truth. Today, more than five million people annually visit the healing waters of Lourdes and benefit from St. Bernadette’s courage.”*

When you speak your truth with courage and conviction, people take notice. You can release any fears and doubts that your words will be met with disbelief if you first ask assistance from your angels and guides. Ask them to send like minded people to you, who will aid you in your journey. Often we know what is right, but we are held back by fear of judgement from others around us.  It may be that they really need to hear what we have to say, and their fear and judgement comes from the simple fact that they just don’t understand us, yet, and that is what causes them to fear what we have to say.

I found myself using a filter when I spoke to people about Angels, readings, crystals or really anything metaphysical or “new age” or what I would consider to be higher consciousness. Starting this blog wasn’t easy as far as me wondering what people would think when they read it, or how people I know would receive the information. I had such a nagging feeling that I just had to get on with it and write, that I decided that I would just try it and see what happened. I started out on an affiliate blogging site that was recommended to me by a friend, and since I knew nothing about blogging. I thought I would give it a go, but it just didn’t feel right to me; it was too linked with the company itself wanting to benefit from the people who were reading my information. So I gave it up and started this blog; my very first WordPress blog and I had no idea really whether or not it would work out in the end, but I knew I had to have faith and make the leap. I have never missed a day, and I have never been happier!

My filter is going, almost gone! All my friends know, and those who don’t want to know or don’t get it have fallen by the wayside. Family members have adjusted and me taking time to write my blog is an expected every day task, with no one complaining or commenting, in fact they are usually interested, even my 6 year old, to see which card is “for today”. Mom’s at school know, my extended family of “in laws” know and everyone seems quite OK with it. I was thrilled to have positive input from a sister in law on my husband’s side. It makes it all worthwhile to know that you are accepted. But the acceptance came from me first; if I had not made the decision to live what I dreamed of doing, and gotten through the rough bits at the start, I would not be where I am today! I write these every day because I want to help the people that are drawn to reading the messages. I make jewelry because I dream of crystals helping people heal themselves and raise their vibrations. I make angel boxes (soon to be announced!) because they help people manifest their dreams. These things raise my vibration and help you to raise yours. That is what gifts are about.

So then, my question to you is: What is your gift? What is your truth? And when are you going to share it with the world? How about now?


* Saints and Angels Oracle Card Deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Fairies ~ Moving Forward Fearlessly

Published February 17, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Fairies ~ Moving Forward Fearlessly

Daily Angel Oracle card, from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Moving Forward Fearlessly

Fairies ~ Moving Forward Fearlessly: “You are making big breakthroughs in your life by putting your Divinely inspired ideas into action. Trust that you are guided each step of the way.”

“Those gut feelings, dreams, and strong impulses you have been getting are not just examples of wishful thinking. They represent the germination of new projects and situations that are vehicles for your Divine life mission. Do not ignore these gifts from heaven, which come on the wings of repetitive, strong thoughts and feelings.

The fairies ask you to honor your inner feelings by taking at least one step today in the direction of making your dreams and desires a reality. Fearlessly take one step to dismantle any part of your life that is our of integrity. Take another step toward realizing your heart’s desire. Even a tiny step that is remotely related to improving your life will make you feel that you are soaring with the fairy realm. Keep taking one step a day, and soon your dreams will be a reality.


I move forward fearlessly,

trusting that each step I take

is perfectly guided.”*

Again, here is a clear and positive message that you are on the right path. The key point to this particular card is the message: not just to move forward in action steps to create your dreams, but to move forward fearlessly. Moving forward fearlessly means that there is no doubt in your mind, no second guessing yourself, and no being dissuaded, (or shot out of the sky, as I like to say it), by others around you. It means surrounding yourself with like-minded people; sharing your creativity boldly, while knowing with all of your heart that you have a valuable gift to share with the world; one that will benefit all that come into contact with it.

Giving of yourself in a creative way that brings joy to your life as you share your passion is a gift of service, both to you and to others. When you are joyful, you raise your vibration, inspiring those around you to raise theirs. When you are living your dreams and fulfilling your life’s purpose, and your vibration rises, you reach a higher consciousness; and there is no going back. You can’t go back to a lower consciousness once you have reached a new level, you can only go up from there.

If you falter, if doubt sneaks in, or if you get off course by letting someone else dictate what they think would be suitable for you, rather than following your heart, ask for Divine assistance immediately. Ask for help from your angels and guides, the ascended masters and fairies to guide you back to your inner strength, self confidence and power. Ask for clear and simple messages, signs and syncrhonicities to guide you back to your path of success and abundance which awaits you. Most importantly, never take your focus off your desires, knowing that when you focus only on what you want, and leave behind all that you don’t want, the Law Of Attraction will bring it to you. Every time.


* Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Angel Therapy ~ Integrity

Published February 16, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

angel therapy integrity

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Integrity

Integrity: “Align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what is right for you.”

“”This card is a response to your questions or prayers bout increasing your happiness and confidence. The angels answer is: Only conduct activities that you believe are right. This is based on no one else’s code of conduct but your own.

The angels say that engaging in behaviors that you feel guilty or ashamed about erode your self-esteem and self-confidence. Conversely, you can feel great about yourself by only doing that which you feel is right. Again, this is based on your own moral compass and no one else’s.

The angels can help you change or heal any situation or relationship so that you are able to bring your entire life fully into alignment with your inner truth.

Action Steps

Lie down and meditate in the process normally thought of as ‘Daydreaming” – that is, allow your imagination to roam free. Instruct your mind, heart, and soul to show you a mental movie of you living your life as its healthiest and highest levels. Watch this movie, and notice how it makes you feel.

Then say:
“Archangel Michael,

I ask that you help me

arrange my life and daily

activities so that I am fully

immersed and engaged in

actions that reflect my  higher self.

Please help me let go of any behaviors,

habits or actions that have engendered

guilt or shame in the past;

and replace them with

actions I feel good about.”*

You can also use affirmations to work your way from guilt or shame to where you want to be, by planting in your subconscious mind that you are “in the process” of getting to where you want to be. Try thanking the angels for helping you reach these goals, and being gentle with yourself throughout the process. For example, if your weight isn’t where you would like it to be, rather than negative self talk or asking for help, try affirmative thoughts;

“Thank you angels, for helping me in my process of reaching a healthy body weight.

Thank you angels for helping me see the beauty in my physical form, both inside and out.

Thank you angels, for helping me make a smooth and easy transition from my current body state to a healthier one.

Thank you angels for supporting me while I reach my perfect body weight.”

This stimulates your mind to catch up to where you are, not the lack of what you want. And, under no circumstances should you be berating yourself with negative thought patterns~ if you are in the habit of thinking things are beyond your control, keep a running commentary in your head of positivity:

I AM in the process of reaching a healthy body weight.

I AM in the process of losing unnecessary body fat.

I Am in the process of fully accepting and unconditionally loving myself, inside and out.

Even if the words don’t feel right at first, keep repeating them until your body catches up to your intention, because, through the Law Of Attraction, that will happen, and the more you believe it, the faster it will come!


*Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Power Animal

Published February 14, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Power Animal

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Power Animal

Power Animal: “Your animal spirit guide is a guardian to you and is helping you with this situation.”

“This card is a message for you to work with animals – both physically and spiritually – for they are reaching out and attempting to communicate with you. In order to hear these benevolent beings, you will need to listen with your heart and inner ear without judgement. Once you open your mind, you will clearly hear their loving voices and messages.

you also have specific animals with you as guides, which may include a special pet. These ‘power animals” are like angels who are very connected with the earth.

Action Steps:

Go to a locations where there are trees or plants so that nature can help you with your journey to meet your power animal. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply as you hold the intention of connecting with the animal who serves as your spirit guide. Imagine yourself in a magical forest calling to your power animal, without specifying what type of animal you are expecting. Let yourself see and know the animal who is your guide, and then ask this spiritual being any question you would like – especially about your connection to nature and the environment.”*

Connecting to nature, through your animal spirit guides or through spending time in the forest, at the beach or even in your garden, is an important step in balancing your energy and grounding yourself to Gaia and her Earth energy. With all the electro magnetic frequencies, noise and pollution and technology in general that we are bombarded with every day, from computers and WIFI to artificial lighting and recycled air, it’s easy to lose your vital Earth energy connection. Getting outside it absolutely crucial, weather permitting of course! Although even a few deep breaths of fresh air will help, spending some time outside in the trees, feet planted firmly in the present, will do wonders for your mood and your vibrational energy.

Your animal spirit guides can call you in your dreams, letting you know that your connection to nature needs some attention, they can also point out areas you may need help in, such as following your intuition, or looking at life issues from a different perspective. Depending on the situation, and the animal itself, you can glean information from the dream to use in your current life situations. Dreaming of dolphins, or swimming with dolphins in the wild, for me signifies that I need to lighten up, that I am taking things too seriously and I need to play, have fun and enjoy those close to me. Basically, I need to get out there and have some FUN! Dreaming of a raven or an owl tells me that I need to look to my higher self for wisdom, that I need to get in touch with my intuition and trust my gut feelings. If I am flying, I feel that I need a broader perspective on things in my life, and that I may be feeling unnecessarily constricted by my responsibilities.

There is a great book, by Stephen D Farmer, called Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers , and I also use his cards, Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides, which I am sure you have seen here in previous posts. I would definitely recommend the book, especially if you are wanting more clarification on the animals that visit you, in your daily life or in your dreams. These animals are here to help you raise your consciousness and teach you to live your life in the present, appreciating your surroundings and the abundance of our beautiful planet Earth.


* Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Fairies ~ Dreams Coming True

Published February 13, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Fairies Dreams Coming True

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Fairies ~ Dreams Coming True

Fairies ~ Dreams Coming True: “Your heart’s desires are manifesting into reality. The fairies ask you to hold fast to your faith and expect positive outcomes.”

“Good news! The life you have been dreaming of is becoming a reality for you. Your affirmations, prayers, visualizations, and other positive practices have brought your dreams to fruition. Now, the fairies ask you to keep the faith. At this moment, you may be seeing glimmers of your dreams coming true. These dreams are transitioning from thought form to etheric form, and then they are solidifying into material form.

To make this transition successful and complete, your continues faith and prayers are needed. Ask God and the fairies to help release you of any fears that could cause you to sabotage your success. Know that you deserve this new abundance, and that it will bring much joy to you and those in your life.


My heart is filled with gratitude and excitement,

knowing that wonderful people and situations

surround me now.”*

Well, we had a lesson on relationships yesterday, giving us a glimpse into harnessing our own personal power and focusing on our own desires rather than letting people close to us dictate our life path. Although these topics may seem unrelated, they are all important aspects of learning to work positively with the Law Of Attraction. What you are currently vibrating will attract more of the same. 

Each time you read about the Law Of Attraction, each time you open yourself to being receptive, and every time you are conscious of your thoughts and vibration, you are in turn, helping to raise your vibration. Each time we “Cancel, Clear and Delete” thoughts that are holding us back from our desires, and replace those lower energy thoughts will high vibrational positive thoughts, we raise our consciousness. When we raise our consciousness, we strengthen our alignment to our higher selves and the Divine, and on the cycle goes until we are manifesting our dreams with ease and grace.

Where you are on your own spiritual journey is where you are meant to be right now, but that does not mean that you can’t have a quantum leap to the next level at any moment that you are ready. A quantum leap is really just a perfect alignment with your higher self and the Divine. It is a point of perspective, of knowing, trusting and believing in yourself and the Divine guidance you are receiving. Putting this guidance to work in your life in manifesting the abundance of joy and freedom that you crave.

To me, the most important part of this card’s message, that could be over looked due to it’s wonderful title, is in the affirmation: excitement. The fairies want you to know that it’s the excitement that is your vehicle to the next chapter of your life. Your dreams are coming true as you experience the excitement, anticipation, expectation and willingness to receive them. Getting excited is the key, hidden in this joyous message of abundance. Get excited now, knowing that your dreams are unfolding around you. How does it get any better than this?


* Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Archangel Michael ~ Cancel, Clear, Delete

Published February 10, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Archangel Michael ~ Cancel, Clear, Delete

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Archangel Michael ~ Cancel, Clear, Delete

Archangel Michael ~ Cancel, Clear, Delete: “Use only positive words and thoughts, as they are rapidly manifesting into form. Ask the angels to cancel the effects of past negative thinking.”

“Have you been complaining or worrying lately? Do you consider yourself a victim of outside circumstances or people? This card indicates that you have been using negative affirmations to describe yourself and your situations. The angels are asking you to be more aware of what you say, think and write about yourself. Your past choice of words has blocked you, but fortunately, that barrier is removed the moment you choose positive words.

Perhaps caffeine, nicotine, sugar or other stimulants have caused your mind to race with worry. The angels can help you reduce or eliminate cravings for stimulants. This will clam and clear your mind so that you can deliberately choose words that describe your desires instead of old fears.

Action Steps:

If you catch yourself saying something negative 9even in jest0, stop and sweep your hand at the wrist in order to push the energy of your words away from you. Then say, “Cancel, clear, delete!” to undo the effects of negative affirmations. This is similar to rebooting your computer by simultaneously pushing the control, alt, and delete keys. By saying “Cancel, clear, delete!” you let the Universe know of your positive and clear outlook for yourself. You ensure that any previous negative affirmations will not manifest into form; instead, they will be replaced by your new, radiant intentions.”*

Here we are again, going around in perfect circles! Manifesting our desires, abundance on it’s way, the healing of the past and the opening up of wonderful opportunities…. yet, here we are back to worry again, so what is up with that? Well, as usual, we put our best foot forward, holding our intentions high, focusing like crazy on all the positive and amazing things we wish to manifest into our lives…. and then we hold our breaths, waiting for it to all show up. So where the heck is it anyhow? Oh, I knew it wasn’t really going to happen, every time I get my hopes up this happens, it sounds too good to be true, so it probably is. I give up, it’s the same old thing, I always end up with the same thing. Shall I go on?

So, how long exactly do you have to feel optimistic? How long are you supposed to keep up these crazy positive thoughts, and really, how can I expect miracles around every corner when clearly there aren’t any happening, well, not to me anyhow… sigh… as usual? Are you getting me now?

It’s a permanent change in perspective. Not 5 minutes, not an hour, not a day, not a week or even a month. It is. That’s it. Trust in the Divine? Permanent. Trust and belief in yourself? Permanent. Trust in miracles around every corner… do I even need to say? Yes, it’s a permanent shift in the way that you see yourself, your life and your environment. What is the definition of insanity again? Oh ya, I remember, it’s repeating the same pattern over and over again expecting different results! So, what’s going through your head on a daily, moment by moment basis that needs to be canceled, cleared or deleted? Better get busy, you have a tidal wave of abundance and miracles coming your way; that is, if you allow it!


*Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D



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