What an amazing group of friends I have! I am so grateful to be a part of it. We are so powerful when we put our minds together and get behind each other, supporting each others dreams and helping to keep each of us accountable to their commitment.

Do you have a dream, a goal, something that you work towards every day? Maybe it’s time you thought about putting together a group of people who will help hold that intention for you, who will gently remind you to stay the course, so you don’t get distracted or discouraged along the way.

I have read so much lately about abundance, it seems to be the catch phrase for 2013! What does the word abundance mean to you? Please comment below, I would love your input. I use to think that abundance meant lots and lots of STUFF!! The more the better really, and make that supersized too while you are at it! More clothes? More jewelry? A nicer car, maybe two? A humongous house? But the more I read, think and meditate on abundance, the clearer it becomes to me that abundance, like love, is really all around us… (OK I’ll admit I just stole that line from my all time favourite movie, Love Actually).

Abundance is your children’s health, their sunny, grubby smiles and their sticky fingers. Abundance is your own health, your ability to fight stress (we all know that all stress is perceived, what you find stressful may not ruffle someone elses feathers!). Abundance is when the rain stops and the sun shines, even for just a few moments. It’s when you get a cheque in the mail you weren’t expecting, a discount on the dress you really shouldn’t buy but somehow can’t live without, the rockstar parking spot when it’s hailing and your kids are screaming in the back. It’s the connection between us, the one that allows the person ahead of you in line to let you through ahead of them, “just because”, it’s the phone call or email that lifts you up and motivates or inspires you to take action. It’s all those little things in life that are gifts or blessings, all wrapped into one. Synchronicity at it’s best!

Do you know how to bring more abundance into your life, (and yes, you can have the car and the house too)… Gratitude. Meditate for at least 3min a day, in quiet gratitude. Concentrate on all the good things. Don’t give your energy to the negative. I read recently that worrying is like praying for what you don’t want. That is my mantra right now, a constant reminder that we are being taken care of, that we must have faith in Divine timing and not focus on what we don’t want. Take a moment to really let that sink in. We attract what we think about. Try thinking about what you want as if you already have it. Then find yourself a group of supportive and like minded people and help each other to live your vision. Be the magic you already are!

I am so happy to share this with you and I am here to help you, post your vision and I will hold that intention for you. Positive intentions only please. There will be more coming on Abundance, so stay tuned! It’s one of my favorite topics… and manifesting of course!


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