I Am in the process of learning as much as I can about the power of the words I AM. I AM is the name God gave to Moses as his own, I AM WHO I AM. So that Moses could say “I Am has sent me to you”, to give humans a way of referring to him. It is the only reference to God naming himself in the Bible, in all other instances he is referred to as the Lord or God. Notice interestingly that he didn’t just say “I’m God”. Most likely as there were many people believing in many God’s in those days, and it would have been interpreted as Moses talking about his own God. Wayne Dyer in many of his presentations will point out that he did not call himself “My name is Hope it all Works Out in the End”.

We all hold a portion of the light in our own souls. Call it God, call it the source, the Light, the Universe, or whatever you feel comfortable with. To live fully into this power within each of us, we must express ourselves always using an “I AM” positive statement, which will connect us to this inner source. This is thought of as the road to higher consciousness.

By using a negative of this statement, you are denying your true potential in the world, and shutting out help from the Divine. I’m not, I don’t, I can’t, or I will or won’t all boil down to meaning, I am not. Thinking “I will” will only put things perpetually into the future. As we are always living in the present time, this can make things seem to stay just out of reach.

One of my favourite meditations on this subject is this one by Wayne Dyer and James Twyman: I Am. Every day you can set yourself on the path to your life’s purpose by using reinforcing  positive statements that connect with what you wish to achieve, as if you already have it. Try using the statements below or make some of your own and repeat them every day. I even practice with my kids. You are reprogramming your subconscious mind as you connect with your inner light and propel yourself into an abundant future.


I AM living my life’s purpose.

I AM healthy in body, mind and spirit.

I AM living in abundance.

I AM happy.

I AM healthy.

I AM strong.

I AM forgiveness.

I AM gratitude.


I AM _________________.


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