Energy Artist Julia

Energy Artist Julia



I’m fascinated with the whole idea of Feng Shui, how you can manipulate your environment to help you have a more abundant life. You can unblock energy by moving your couch to the other side of the room, or attract wealth by adding a red pillow. I have incorporated quite a bit of this into our living space and it has definitely enhanced the vibes. I added a small fountain, 9 small plants, uncluttered like you wouldn’t believe and even got a small wind chime to hang right in the center of the house. The flow is definitely better, and de-cluttering is kind of a spiritual endevor unto itself. There is literally no better feeling than opening up a closet or drawer in your house and being able to find what you are looking for! Ok, there may be other better feelings out there but it’s pretty darn great!

So now that my house is all Feng Shui’d up, and I am in the process of creating my abundant fortune, what else is out there? Well, I have now discovered Energy Art. What an amazing concept.

One of my favourite energy artists right now is Energy Artist Julia Watkins. Here is her own description of her work “I paint the natural flow of spiritual energy that exists all around us, helping you to connect to its healing powers. In 2003 I had a “waking dream” where I saw a world interconnecting ours made of pure energy. I awoke and created the painting “First Dream”. From that point forward I could sense energy and paint it on canvas”. I sent her a Facebook message asking if she minded me writing about her in my blog and could I use a small photo to show you as a sample of her work. She replied to me that I could and gave me a link with a discount code, how awesome is that? Check out her link and generous offer here:

I am about to place my first order, using the coupon of course, I just can’t decide between my three favourites, Harvest Moon Abundance Blessing:, Dragon Fairy: or The Creation Tree:

Maybe I will have to get all three! I’m thinking the Dragon Fairy would be great for a child’s room, the Harvest Moon in the living room and the Creation Tree in our bedroom!

Anyhow, this endorsement is purely by choice on my part, I came across her work and was instantly mesmerized. I can’t wait to have it as part of my home.

Do you have a favourite energy artist? If so please share the link with me, I love the idea of having high vibrational artwork surrounding me and my family.


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