Date Night!

Date Night!




Date Night:


Part of keeping a marriage or relationship healthy is date night. Time spent alone together doing whatever it is that you like to do and catching a glimpse of what your lives used to be like before kids and major responsibilities kicked in. Or at least that’s the way I see it. It keeps the romance alive for sure. Hair done, makeup and nails done, pretty dress and high heels makes a huge difference to how you feel about yourself and your relationship. How your mate feels about the effort you put in will also benefit the relationship in profound ways.

It’s not a beauty contest, it’s way deeper than that. Think about a peacock fluffing up his feathers to attract a mate. It’s all about presentation, and you don’t want to lose the importance of that over the years. Glamming up for your date tells your partner that you care about how you present yourself to them, that you care enough to take that little extra step. Maybe you don’t like makeup and have low maintenance hair. Try some lipgloss and maybe a squirt of a light perfume. Put on an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself, or a special piece of jewelry. It’s what works for you, and if your mate knows you well, they will know that you are making the effort. So jump on out of that LuLuLemon induced coma and put on something pretty, get out of your comfort zone!!! Feeling like the clothes aren’t fitting quite so well? Either go shopping or check out my second to last post, I can help you get your sexy back!

Hair is super important too, and as a stylist for over 20 years (gulp that I can say that!!) I can’t stress enough, you can look feminine and low maintenance AND pretty, all at the same time with the right cut and colour. Really. You don’t have to look dowdy or feel  masculine with a short haircut, unless that’s your thing, and I’m totally ok with that too! Get a decent stylist, even if you only go 3-4x a year, you wear your hair 24/7, so skip the lattes if money is an issue and save up for some good hair. If money is not an object, get in there right before your date, it will make you feel that much better to have fresh new hair!

Anyhow, tonight is all about me and my husband and our precious hours away from our lovely, adorable and high maintenance children! I painted my nails, shaved my legs and anything else that looked like it might need a trim and the curling iron is heating up as I type this. Figuring out what to wear is usually the hardest part for me, but I do believe in the golden clothing rule, whatever you try on first is usually what you end up wearing, even though you have to try on absolutely everything else in your closet to prove it! And then there are the shoes, but that is a whole other blog right there!

We are headed to our favourite restaurant, to have our “sure thing” meals… we have experimented enough to know that we would rather have a fabulous meal that we love in a familiar setting than try something different and be disappointed! Boring? Probably, but we are the only ones affected by this decision, so who cares? And we don’t get out much so we have to make the most of the time we have.

I’m excited to spend some quality time flirting with my handsome husband, I even still get butterflies when I find out the babysitter’s (my parents) booked and we are good to go. The atmosphere immediately lightens up, we are escaping, just for a little while, and we will be all the better parents for it!

Hope you have a fantastic evening too.


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