Goddess Isis ~ Past Life

Goddess Isis past life

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Goddess Isis ~ Past Life

Goddess Isis: “This situate involves your past-life memories.”

Message from Isis: “Your roots upon this planet are strong and deep, and some of the roots have anchored you in past memories from faraway times. These roots have anchored you so deeply, in fact, that you are paralyzed when it comes to moving forward. I have called your attention to this condition so that you may unearth and uproot past memories. Sometimes you bury those memories to shield yourself from psychic pain or embarrassment, so you will not remember those awkward moments when life tested you to the maximum. Reveal those lessons to yourself now, strong sorceress, and move forward with the confidence that you have sage wisdom behind you.”

Various meanings of this card: Get a past life regression to gain insights and answers. Ancient fears from a past life are surfacing right now. You have known the person you are inquiring about in a past life. Your current situation relates to a childhood issue.

About Isis (pronounced EYE-sis): This Egyptian high priestess moon goddess is regarded as one of the most important ancient deities because of her many functions and her vivid history. She is simultaneously motherly and business like, feminine and ultra strong. Isis brought her murdered husband, Osiris, back to life., and they conceived their beloved son, Horus (the falcon headed pharaoh). unfortunately, Osiris was murdered beyond repair after the conception and Isis devoted her attention to raising Horus. Isis also convinced the sun god, Ra, to tell her his secret name s that contained vibrational tones that created instant manifestations. Thus, Isis is also known as a goddess of Divine magic and alchemy. You can call upon her for assistance in many areas, including help with past life memories.”*

If you are feeling blocked, having trouble moving forward or seem to be stuck in the same endless pattern, you may have some karmic lessons at work in your life that need to be released. It is often beneficial to have assistance with this, and even a guided meditation can help. One of my personal favourites is Diana Cooper’s Karma Release Meditation, which takes you though past lives and allows you to release those patterns, fears or decisions which may have been holding you back. Also look at repetitive patterns in your life, and how you they are serving you. Have you gotten stuck in a circle of karma which no longer serves you or those around you? Maybe it is time to bless and release. Ask Isis to help you with this.

There is a measure of security in clinging on to old patterns of behaviours, which is what often holds us captive; the fear of the new and unknown. Yet gently letting this all go and trusting in your Divine plan will serve not only you, but everyone around you as you find peace and balance in your life. This ultimately will inspire others to do the same, finding harmony in their own lives. Isn’t that what the concept of World peace is all about… us, as in ALL OF US…. finding peace, one person at a time?


* Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D














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  1. valcolumbia says:

    Hi Dee, I looked for more assistance from Isis and found this past entry. It’s helpful to read along side today’s oracle. Blessings, Val

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