Bast, The Cat Goddess







Daily Goddess Card ~ Bast, Independent “Your independence is a foundation for your strength and success.”

Message from Goddess Bast: “Like the cat, you are fiercely independent, yet you also need affection and playful companions. Now is the time to balance your social interactions with solitude. While you may ask others for their opinions, ultimately you must make your own decisions. Your freedom and independence are top priorities, so ensure that these characteristics are nurtured.

Various meanings of this card: Spend time alone. Give yourself permission to play. Ask for your needs to be met. Make your own decision. Work with cats. Pay attention to your pet feline and or get a new cat.

About Bast (rhymes with Mast): The Egyptian goddess Bast transforms into a cat each night and protects her family and those who call upon her with her all-seeing night vision. She exhibits the catlike traits of the feminine, which include gracefulness, independence, playfulness, and intuition. Bast also works with cat lovers to help their feline companions. The daughter of the sun god, Ra, Bast has the rare distinction of being both a moon and a sun goddess.”*

I have had some really interesting cat interaction lately that I would like to share with you! I work from home, I have a little hair salon. A couple of weeks ago, a gorgeous green-eyed black cat strolled in, flopped down and purred…. ALL DAY! I was thrilled to have the company but concerned someone was missing their pet. The cat left and came back that night, we were wary to have it spend the night inside as we have small kids and hamsters, so we put out a little snack and gave it a cuddle, worrying that it may be lost or hungry. The next day we sent out a neighbourhood bulletin asking if anyone owned the cat and canvassed around door to door asking if anyone knew where the cat lived. Everyone said the cat was a stray. I have to admit, I got excited and went out and bought cat food, only to learn that an elderly neighbour had chased the cat away from her house by spraying it with a garden hose :0( We haven’t been able to find it since. My Dad has a cat allergy so as much as we love cats, we haven’t been able to have one of our own. My kids are really attached to their grandparents, so I don’t want to jeopardize their visits in any way.

Now, I am dreaming about cats, particularly that cat, every night!!! . I did read on the internet that a black cat showing up on your porch is a good omen of prosperity and that sometimes fairies, angels or passed loved ones can show up as black cats, both of which would be awesome!! I feel like that cat came with a message of some kind, just not exactly sure what. Also it said a black cat on your porch is a sign of coming prosperity… which is always good! Lastly, it said that it can be a sign of a fairy, lost loved one or angel…. the cat was so affectionate with me in particular, it jumped up onto the counter, put it’s paws around my neck and rubbed it’s face back and forth over my face, chin and neck, purring loudly, then jumped right into my arms. I actually really miss the energy of the cat!!! Two nights ago, I had more of a disturbing dream about the cat, I dreamed that I rescued it from the neighbours yard, and it was injured, limping and had a damaged eye. I carried the cat into my house, and as I crossed our yard, I realized that the yard had 5 or 6 black cats watching me. I had the feeling that they were the ones who may have injured the cat, and that I had to protect it. I went in the house and shut and locked the door, and then woke up, not knowing what to think.

I was just about to publish this post when I thought I would google cat dreams one last time! Obviously guided by my angels, I found an amazing site on animal totems which includes information on dreams on many of the animals! It’s called The site looks like it is an ongoing project as not all of the animals are available as of yet, but here is what it had to say about cats:

Cat Symbol in Dreams:

cat dream meaning and symbolism

Seeing a cat symbol in dreams often represents femininity, in either yourself or someone close to you. If the cat is flirtatious and playful, this may provide insight to how you are currently behaving in the sexual realm. If the animal seems aggressive toward you, it may either symbolize that you are struggling with your feminine side, or that you are experiencing difficulties in a relationship with a female.

If you see a cat that is being secretive or that seems suspicious, there is probably someone in your life who is lying to you or tricking you.

Because of the negative connotations you may be familiar with regarding black cats and the symbol of bad luck, seeing a black cat in your dream may symbol bad luck in the near future. If the black cat does not seem to threatening or scary, it may be a symbol of increased psychic or unconscious activity in your mind.

I never see the cat as a bad luck symbol so I am going to go with the psychic activity in my mind, which is something I am always working on. Body, mind and spirit!


*Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D Doreen Virtue

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