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Daily Angel Card ~ Nettle, Boundaries, Caution

“This card is warning you to maintain your boundaries. There is a situation that needs to be approached with caution and respect Heed the red flags. Be gentle with yourself, and take care to protect yourself.

Nettle is a plant of maternal and metaphysical protection that encourages adaptability and flexibility. This herb helps shield you from harmful energies. It provides deep nourishment, teaches healthy boundaries, and keeps away negativity and danger.

Additional meanings of this card:

Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Haniel are associated with this symbol. Consider drinking nettle tea for blood nourishment. You need to be more adaptable and flexible in this current situation.”*

I am really interested to learn of the healing properties of Nettle, I haven’t worked with it before. There is so much to be said for the healing properties of herbs, and herbal remedies, and I try to use a natural remedy whenever possible instead of the typical pharmaceutical drugs with their long lists of side effects.

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If the world knew all the true healing benefits of stinging nettle, they would be rushing to store it by the tons in their basements and they would be growing it instead of grass in their back yards. Stinging nettles is a greatly misunderstood herb that has been put aside for way too long. The entire plant is of value including the leaves, roots, stems and flowers. Stinging nettles would have been eliminated years ago from the many insects and animals eating this marvelous plant, had it not been for the stings.

In ancient Greek times, the stinging nettle was used mainly as a diuretic and laxative. Now the plant is used for many cures; illnesses include cancer and diabetes.

By simply drinking one cup of stinging nettles tea a day, a mother of seven was relieved of her headaches and eczema. The stinging nettles are a blood purifier and thus clean eczema internally. It is the best blood purifier available and has an influence over the pancreas. Stinging nettles also assist in lowering blood sugar.

Stinging Nettles has anti-inflammatory properties and treats illness of the urinary track. The best way to take nettles is early in the morning before breakfast. Make a habit of purifying your blood at lease twice a year by drinking this tea every day for one month. You will feel revived with tons of energy and able to work like never before.

Benefits of the stinging nettle plant:

The benefits of stinging nettle are so many that you too will lose count. It is a diuretic; it is used to treat anemia, and it is used for arthritis and rheumatism. Stinging nettles is used for respiratory and urinary problems. It aids in the recovery of eczema, asthma, sinusitis and rhinitis. It protects against skin disorders and aides in the treatment of benign prostate. It diminishes susceptibility to colds. It is also a good deterrent for pests in the gardens.

Stinging nettles protects against hair loss, kidney stones, allergies, hay fever, osteoarthritis, internal bleeding, uterine bleeding, nosebleeds and bowel bleeding. Stinging nettles protects against enlarged spleen, diabetes, endocrine disorders, stomach acid, diarrhea, dysentery, lung congestion, cancer and anti-aging, and it is used as a general tonic. It is a blood purifier and it is useful with wound healing. Stinging nettles is used for muscle aches and pains also.

Benefits of the stinging nettle root:

1. Urination problems related to prostate problems include nighttime urination, going to the bathroom too often, pain when urinating, not being able to urinate and bladder infection.
2. Joint problems
3. Diuretic and astringent

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Wow, I am definitely going to look into getting some nettle tea! It seems to be Mother Nature’s cure all, I hope it tastes good, but really, if you look and feel so much better after it, I think I can choke it back!


* Angel Dream Cards, Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue Doreen Virtue

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