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Angel of Joyfulness

Published August 6, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Angel of Joyfulness



Daily Angel Card, taken from Angels, Gods and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno: Angel of Joyfulness

“Angel of Joyfulness: Something wondrous and magical is about to happen.”

“This is a time to be joyful; celebrate and appreciate all that you have achieved to date. Look back on your life and give thanks for all your experiences. Even the setbacks that you have experienced in recent times have served you in some way. Something wonderful and magical is about to emerge as a result of a recent contact or experience that seemed rather meaningless at the time.

The Angel of Joyfulness is here to tell you that you deserve to be and have all that your heart truly desires, and that your life is on the verge of a wondrous transformation.

You deserve joy and happiness for you are a blessed child of the universe. Joyfulness is a state of appreciation and love for the self and for all of life, yet so often we are conditioned not to accept joy in our lives. Close your eyes right now and tell yourself that you deserve to be joyful and that you accept joy into your life from this moment on, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.”*

Use gratitude to bring joy into your life! Recognize the power of gratitude and it’s connection to the manifestation of abundance in your life. Take a few minutes first thing in the morning, before your head leaves the pillow to think of all that you have to be grateful for in your life. Do the same before you go to sleep at night and whenever you get a chance during the day. Make a daily practice of writing a statement of gratitude in a journal or on a calendar every day, and encourage those close to you to do it as well.

Whether you are going through hard times, or everything is going smoothly, everyone has something to be grateful for. Do you have a family member who loves you unconditionally, or a pet? Do you have a place to live, clothes to wear, food to nourish your body? Feel blessed for these simple things and then branch out from there. Do you have supportive friends, a job you love or the financial freedom to enjoy some luxuries, (however large or small) in your life? This all counts, send love and blessings to the Divine for helping you manifest these things in your life. Look at your achievements that have brought you this far on your journey and send love and light and acceptance to yourself by imagining a bright green light surrounding your heart.

Step outside, observe Mother Nature hard at work, you can’t possibly spend more than a moment outside without witnessing the miracle of life that connects us all. Breathe in fresh air, watch a butterfly, contemplate the clouds, feel the rain on your skin, bury your toes in the sand. Hug a tree, send it love and light. Unabashedly love everything around you, and feel the connection between every molecule here on earth, separated only by frequency of vibration.

Be happy, it’s OK, really it is. We sometimes act as if there is some entity watching over us, ready to snatch happiness away without notice. If we are too happy, we could “jinx” it, and everything could be taken away. The Divine/Universe doesn’t work like this, it is love that heals, connects, brings joy and raises our vibration.

Connect to your joy with the super highway of gratitude, bless your journey, and get ready for magic!



*Angels, Gods and Goddesses, By Toni Carmine Salerno

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