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Page Of Water ~ Relationships

Published August 14, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Angel Card



Daily Angel Card ~ Page of Water:  Relationships: Intuitive, Sensitive, Artistic, Friendly

Page of Water: “A new person enters your life. A relationship begins a new phase. Heightened psychic abilities.”

“If this card is representing a situation: A new person or emotion-rousing situation enters your life. It could be the start of a new friendship or romance, or the renewal of one from your past. Current relationships may enter a new phase. It is important to discuss your feelings with those around you. Your intuition and psychic abilities may also be heightened during this time. 

When this card is representing a particular person: A youth who is emotional, intuitive, and sensitive. A person who is gentle, kind, artistic, and sometimes quiet. Understanding. Friendly. Introverted. Sympathetic. Romantic.

Additional meanings of this card: A love letter. Imagination. Artistic endeavours. Important dreams.”*

Water cards represent emotion, so whenever you get a water card you know that you are dealing with heart felt feelings. Even thought it suggests someone new coming into your life, it could be that a long standing relationship enters a new phase. This new phase could be a rekindling of passion, a deeper trust or a deeper connection than felt previously. It can also be a chance to revisit feelings that may have diminished over time and are coming back stronger and deeper than ever.

It’s easy to get off track in a relationship, especially with all the pressures of family, bills, work, and other financial responsibilities. We focus on what we don’t have, or wish we had, and we get further and further from each other. When you can take the time to reconnect, and find what you appreciate and love about the other person, it can propel you back into that passion you felt in the beginning of the relationship. Before all the responsibility took over.

I have blogged previously about date nights and what a world of difference they have made to us. It’s really been our saviour. That one night every few weeks (or few months depending on babysitting etc) to look forward to, get yourself all dolled up for and spend some quality adult time, doing whatever it is you two like to do. It’s huge, like a mini vacation.

Good news if you are single, as this card is a great one to get if you are looking for your soul mate or life partner! Really tap into your intuition if you are meeting new people. Stop the frantic search and look at who is around you, who are you drawn to in a healthy and supportive way? There is someone sensitive, artistic and friendly in the wings, make sure you can see past your “type” and see what they have to offer. Often our “type” gets us no where but heart break. Ask Archangel Michael to cut any cords you may have to previous partners that may draw you in the wrong direction and ask Archangel Raphael to help you be able to clearly recognize your soul mate when you see them.

Married or single, this is an auspicious card in the relationship sector, leading to deeper commitments, love and happiness. Your job now is to make sure you are open to receiving the love that is coming your way.



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