Goddess of Knowledge

Goddess of Knowledge




Daily Angel Card, taken from Toni Carmine Salerno’s Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Deck: Goddess Of Knowledge

Goddess of Knowledge: “Start to apply what you already know; Trust your intuition

Some two thousand five hundred years ago, Plato, the great ancient Greek philosopher wrote, “all learning is simply recollection.”

While study is important remember also that all you truly need to know is inside you.

The Goddess of Knowledge has appeared in your reading today to encourage you to start to put all the wonderful knowledge that you already possess to ood use. You do not need to do further courses and obtain further certificates or accreditation in order to be effective in the work you would like to do. Simply start doing it now. Start to apply what you already know and trust your intuition. Focus on love and light and ask the universe to guide you. When your intentions and motivations are driven by love, the universe and the Goddess of Knowledge will help you act in the best interests of all concerned.”*

Hello everyone! Thanks for bearing with me and my absence over the last few days, we were “off the grid” camping with the kids. I have to say I am quite thrilled to be back in my own home, back in my own bed etc after a week away, although the memories of our first tent camping trip with great friends was worth every minute! We truly had a ball.

I have to say that I really do love this card, as it speaks to our higher selves, telling us to trust in the knowledge that is innately in us, ready to be accessed. Often we feel like we need to study, read, or get a “certification” in an area that we have an interest in, to validate ourselves. But if we could just tap into our awareness of these topics, we could dive in with clarity, trusting in our higher knowing and share it with others. For example, I have been using tarot and oracle cards since I was a teenager, but I didn’t feel “worthy” of doing a daily reading blog until I completed not only the basic, but also the Advanced Certified Angel Card reader courses, certificates in hand! Did I know how to give a reading prior to taking the certification? Of course I did! Do I feel more secure in providing the reading to people now that I have the course, well, ya if I am being totally honest with myself and others, I guess I kinda do!

Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that you should try open heart surgery if you aren’t qualified!! But I do think that sometimes we can trust ourselves to contribute information to people in a helpful, and non harmful way, especially in fields that we have always been drawn to and love. Another example of this for me would be crystals, their energy and healing powers have always drawn me and I love working with them and creating jewelry. I have collected crystals most of my life and have always been interested in learning more about them. Travel, photography and health are other areas that I feel competent in although I have no “proof” in a certificate, I feel comfortable sharing the knowledge that I have.

What do you have to share with the world… and what is holding you back from sharing it?



*Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Cards, By Toni Carmine Salerno

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