Goddess of Psychic Protection

Goddess of Psychic Protection

Daily Angel Card, from Toni Carmine Salerno’s Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Deck: Goddess of Psychic Protection

Goddess of Psychic Protection: “What you believe, you create”

“You subconsciously believe that someone is energetically trying to cause negativity in your life.

You have drawn this card today to remind you that the life force, or energy, at the heart of every living thing is, in essence, love. Each individual soul forms part of a universal soul. All is energetically connected through the light of love. No one can psychically harm you, possess you or influence you, unless you believve they can. What you believe, you create! you do not need to protect yourself from others as much as you need to protect yourself from your own negative beliefs and fears.

To dissolve these beliefs and fears all you need to do, is focus on the light and love within and around you, and within and around every living thing. Imagine pure white light surrounding you each and every moment of your life. Know you are always protected and forever within God’s light. Focus on th e image of the Goddess, whose face appears on this card, feel the love, light and wisdom emanating from her. Know that she merely reflects the infinite love, light and wisdom within you.”*

There is much controversy as to whether or not you can be “psychically attacked” by another person, or whether you are only capable of harming yourself by believing that someone else can harm you. Personally, I believe that asking for help for protection is necessary, maybe only because I tend to be very empathetic, so it is hard for me to separate my feelings from someone else’s, especially if that person happens to be angry, or sad. In order to protect myself from taking on their negative energies, I wear protective crystals, such as tourmaline, quartz, and amethyst (always setting the intention when I put them on that they will protect me with love and light) and also by asking assistance from the Archangels. Archangel Michael is considered the most powerful of all the Archangels, able to come to your aid whenever you need it. Asking him to help you break ties with former hurts in your life, and create a protective barrier around you will help you to stay unaffected by the negative energies of other people, whether directed at you or not.

Here is a meditation by Doreen Virtue which can be used to help us Clear and Shield With the Protection of Archangel Michael:

Doreen Virtue

Want more information on Archangel Michael? Well, you could Google it, after all he is pretty well known! Or you could set aside a few minutes to meditate, holding an amethyst or other purple stone…. in fact, any stone will do. Don’t worry if you don’t have any crystals, your meditation will be more than enough. I am partial to crystals as they have a higher vibration than we do, it’s like high speed internet instead of the old dial up! Ask Archangel Michael for guidance and help and see what comes to you. Concentrate on surrounding yourself with bright white and purple light. Light a purple candle, wear your favorite purple shirt! I even have a friend who wears purple pj’s to bed to help her feel protected by Archangel Michael as she used to be prone to nightmares. Relax, enjoy and receive all the love and light offered to you, and you will blossom.


* Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Cards, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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