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Rock Bottom… or is it?

Published August 22, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Colette Baron-Reid



Daily Angel Card, from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid: Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom: “Surrender and acceptance are the keys to freedom.”

“As a difficult as it may be to accept, it seems that you have reached a point where you can go no further in the same manner in which you have been doing things. Perhaps you have hit a proverbial brick wall, or experienced a deep sense of loss and don’t know where to turn. The old way of doing things must be discarded fully in order to move onward and upward. A new direction and a new strategy are called for.

The only way out is through surrender. Accept things as they are, and admit that you have no idea what to do next. If you wait in that heartfelt moment of release, then a stairway will appear, like magic, and all manner of synchronicities will show you the way to higher ground. The Rock Bottom card is a sign that a miracle is about to occur, but only if you let go completely.”*

This card used to cause me some anxiety, before I really understood that it is actually a very auspicious card with a very positive message. I think with all the celebrities hitting “rock bottom” and heading off to rehab, there is a bad connotation with the term. This card’s message is different, as it doesn’t mean that you are in the worst possible stage of your life, and that it can’t get any worse than this. It’s so much more than that. It is telling us that like a snake shedding an old skin, or a caterpillar going in to it’s cocoon. You need to shed the old and welcome the new. Receiving is key, as is releasing fears. Fears of the new or unknown can often lead us to sticking in our “safe” rut, when we can’t see the abundance of opportunity all around us we fear that we are better off where we are at. Imagine being on a bus headed into the shady inner city when you could get off that bus and jump on one heading to the beach!!!

To prepare for the miracles that are coming your way, start by de-cluttering your space. There is nothing more empowering than clearing out all the unnecessary material “stuff” that blocks energy in your every day life. Recycle or donate what you don’t need. Throw open your doors and windows and let the fresh air clear the space while it clear your head. Practice the art of Fung Shui and move the furniture around to create the best flow of energy. Add a splash of colour to brighten up a favourite room.

The next step? Be on high alert, focus your awareness all around you, in the present moment. Don’t miss a thing. Ask for help to see, hear, feel and receive the signs of the opportunities available to you. When meditating, do so with a palms up posture, either sitting or lying down with your palms open to the sky. Go outside and stand, palms open and facing the sky and take a few quiet breaths. Connect with your higher self, with the Angels and the Divine and expect miracles. Your positive expectation is the key to the door of opportunity.




*The Enchanted Map Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid


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