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Angel of The Universe

Published August 23, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Angel of the Universe





Daily Angel Card, taken from Angels, Gods and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno: Angel Of The Universe

Angel of the Universe: “You are being encouraged to expend your thinking.”

“By choosing this card, you are being guided by your angels to look at your life and work from a broader, more universal perspective.

The angels congratulate you for all you have done to date to serve and help humanity and those around you. Yet it is time to move on to the the next level. Trust your angels and the universe for they will guide you. There is no need for anxiety or fear. You are simply being encouraged to think a little bigger. Start to imagine yourself and your work reaching and touching larger numbers of people without losing any of the integrity of what you do. Imagine all this happening with ease and only in ways that will make you feel comfortable. It takes mo more effort to think big than to think small. There is no need to do anything radical at this time. Remember, to a large degree, we create our reality by what we think about, dream about and imagine. Simply think a little bigger and ask the Angel of the Universe to guide you.”*


I feel a bit like the wind has been knocked out of my sails today by the sudden and unexpected loss of a friend. One of those friends who, even though you haven’t known them for long, and haven’t spent enough time with them to call them a close friend, upon meeting them felt like a kindred spirit. My friend was a stay at home Mom of three beautiful small children, starting a home based business so that she could stay close to her family. She was a breath of fresh air, positive and warm to everyone she met. She was beautiful inside and out, and an old soul full of wisdom and light. My heart is heavy for her three children, two girls and a boy who will have to navigate their lives with out their wonderful Mama at their sides and my prayers go out to them in this heart wrenching time.

So what do we need to learn from this? As there is always a lesson. Recognize, every minute of every day how lucky we are to be close to our loved ones, to be able to hug or kiss them, to gaze into their eyes. After hearing the news and crying… a lot, still am… I crawled into bed beside my little son, just to feel his steady breath, smell his damp hair and little clammy hands. Just to be close to him. A kiss for my sleepy daughter and a snuggle with my husband helped to ground me and I went to sleep sending prayers to my friend’s family and prayers of gratitude for all that I have, promising never to take it for granted again, for even a moment.

The Angel of the Universe asks us to see the bigger picture in life. How can we be of service to those around us? What is our life purpose and how can we maximize that? How can we focus all our energies to create the best possible reality for ourselves and those around us? Life is precious, let go of those little things that drive you nuts and stress you out. Breathe, love, enjoy and give back. The world is your oyster, but not forever, making the pearls that much more valuable.




*Angels, Gods and Goddesses by Toni Carmine Salerno

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