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Published August 31, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily angel card from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards, by Colette Baron-Reid: Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis: ” You are in the process of deep and beautiful change.”

“Butterflies earn their wings through great effort. The process of change is often painful, for it is never without losses and sacrifices. If you are to transform from one form to another, a part of you needs to die.

Letting go is not easy, especially when you are used to thinking a certain way about your life and how you live it. Just as a snake sheds its dead skin, or a caterpillar “dies” so that a butterfly can be born, you are required to release your old ideas and embrace a necessary change so you can live your best life. Perhaps you are being asked to let go of low self-worth, a dream that no longer serves you, a relationship that is draining, or unhealthy habits. Despite your fear, you must accept that this is a transformational time for you. there will be some loss involved, but you will love what you become.”*

Even though spring is usually thought of as the season for new beginnings, to me, fall is a time for abundance and fresh starts too. Back to school, new fall clothing, crunchy colourful leaves, and if we are lucky, beautiful sunny crisp fall days. It’s a time to reap what you have harvested, and shed what’s not working. It’s a time of things coming to fruition, of hard work paying off and transformations completing. Get ready for change!


Over eight years ago, I was in Bermuda, working as a tour guide and boat captain and dating the man of my dreams. In the fall of 2004 I made a trip home to see my family and work with my Dad on a project he was doing. In my spare time I went to see a tatoo artist and got one of my least favourite, teen tattoos covered up with a Blue Morpho Butterfly tatoo. I knew it was a time of transition in my life, I could feel it, although I had no idea where that transition would take me. I got the tatoo with a feeling that I was experiencing the calm before the storm…. then I went back to Bermuda. Within about eight weeks of getting that tatoo, I was pregnant with my daughter, making plans to quit my job and move back to Canada to immigrate my husband here. I’d say that was quite the change! If you had asked me what I thought was in my future right before that? I wouldn’t have had a clue. I know that probably sounds like bad planning, so I should clarify that having a baby was definitely a dream for me at that time, I just didn’t see that it would happen that fast, and yes! It was planned! Best plan I ever made! I was thinking according to the “rules” society sets for us, that you have to be courting for a certain amount of time, married for a certain amount of time, a house, money in the bank, the whole nine yards before you were “allowed” to plan to have a baby. We threw all that out the window and decided on a love child! And she’s one of the two best things that have ever happened to us!

What did I sacrifice? My freedom of course! My world traveling came to a screeching halt and I settled for the first time, well ever really. Travel is still on the agenda, but it’s on the back burner. What’s on the front burner? Family of course!


*The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards, by Colette Baron-Reid
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Debt Paid Off!

Published August 31, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Doreen Virtue

Daily angel card, from Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. ~ Debt Paid Off

Debt Paid Off: “The old weight and habit of debt is lifted from you and your life.”

“This card signals an impressive shift in your financial situation. You have made the clear decision to be free of old debts, and the Universe has responded in kind. YOu are presented with opportunites to reduce your debt, including new avenues of income and inner guidance about reducing nonessential spending. As you follow these leads, your financial situation rapidly improves.

Additional meanings for this card: Make a clear=cut decision to be debt free and the Unoverse will deliver. Cut up your credit cards. Question each expenditure to see if it is really necessary, or just an impulsive purchase. Know that you deserve to be, and can be, debt free. Resolve to initiate new spending habits-pay cash for everything, and if you do not have the cash, do not buy it. Tithe 10 percent of your income. You will receive a financial windfall. Affirm often that God is the true Source of your supply.”*

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see this card I do a little happy dance! Yey to being debt free, not an easy task in this day and age. Kudos to you if you are reading this wondering what all the fuss is about! We live in an instant gratification society, where you never have to wait for anything. Txt messages are almost instant, the only thing mailed to us these days is the odd bill here and there from companies who haven’t jumped on board with online banking. It’s so easy to live beyond your means, and sometimes necessary just to “keep up”. So a couple of hundred here, a few thousand there, even smaller bills all add up and suddenly, you are in over your head. Add a credit line, mortgage, a couple of car payments and wow, this is getting kinda stressful. Self employed? Even better, hold your breath and hope for the best when things start to slow down a little. And cross your fingers when your clients are slow to pay, like we have done a few times with my husband’s business!

So now here we are with a clear sign that there is a big happy light at the end of the tunnel…. being DEBT FREE!!! So, do we just sit back and do everything exactly the same way as we always do and expect the Divine to start raining money down on us? Well that sounds pretty awesome but it’s a little more give and take than that. Being receptive is key. We must use all of our senses to observe and receive the messages being sent to us. The feeling you get when you are just about to make a totally unnecessary purchase, knowing full well you will experience “buyers remorse” the moment you get home. Reuse! We are reusing the kids back packs and lunch kids for the third year in a row! We pass on clothes to smaller children of friends, and wear the hand me downs passed to us by the cool older kids, buying a few key pieces to tie it all together (well my son only cares about shoes being 6, but my 8yr old daughter is definitely aware of the fashion end of things.) We aren’t paying the $400 for the school bus this year, and I’m passing on after school care, another $285/month for two after schools a week. Of course, the money will be redirected into extra curricular activities and sports, mostly figure skating for my daughter, as well as swimming for both kids and basket ball for my son!

The Universe WILL help you to become debt free (yey) but we must put in a little effort and common sense, so that when the windfall comes we know what to do with all that cash, and we don’t waste it! Think of the people who win the lottery and are bankrupt only months after! So let’s get ready to be debt free! Bring it on!! I’m here to receive it!


*Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D
Doreen Virtue

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