Published September 2, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Card, from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Card Deck, by John Holland: Fertility

Fertility: “Through this card, the manifestation of growth is on the horizon. You are the creator, and the seeds that have been planted in the past – whether they were happiness, comfort, abundance, prosperity, family, children, ideas, or even thoughts – are now ready to give birth into your world. Be patient as you watch your seeds take root and grow. Nurture them as they become strong and healthy.

Open yourself to the life force of the Universe. This card also represents femininity and Mother Earth, who is calling to you. The arms of her beauty are reaching out; she wants to embrace you on her seashores, mountains, forests, and gardens – go to her and meet her halfway. Acknowledge that the same energy that makes up the heavens, earth, plants, animals and mineral kingdom is also part of you. Start nurturing yourself, and infuse your soul with love and compassion. Soon others will see and feel your devotion.

As you interact with others around you now, or even if you are in the midst of solving a problem, use gentle care and kindness as you handle such situations. This is not a time for you to be inconsiderate, possessive, domineering, forceful or pushy. Act from the loving space of your heart center. The benevolent energy that resides there will assist you in making sacrifices in order to care for and help others, as well as yourself.”

Traditional tarot archetype: The Empress”*

Wow! This is the second time I have pulled this card in less than a week! The last one was four days ago, The Empress, Archangel Gabriel. Pulling the same card in such a short time, from two separate oracle card decks is a powerful statement! The Angels are really enforcing that change and manifestation are imminent, how exciting! If you had any doubt what so ever, this card is telling you that you are definitely, without a doubt, ON THE RIGHT PATH!! There is so much power in your creative endeavors right now, and the world is your oyster. Go forward with your plans, fearlessly share your ideas and enthusiasm; watch how you inspire others. Hurdle over your fears, leaving them in the dust as you embrace your future and watch your dreams come true.

Use visualization to FEEL your project or dream coming to fruition, this will help speed up the manifestation process. Put all your energy into positive thoughts and outcomes, leaving negativity in the dirt. Send any niggling thoughts of doubt to the Archangels to be transmuted into faith and positivity. Use laser focus when planning out your action steps, making sure not to be lead astray or distracted from your desires. You’ve got this!!

Here is one of my favourite inspirational videos, by Daniel LaPorte, who I have seen live twice now and even got to meet and chat with! She has some excellent books, including The Firestarter Series which I highly recommend if you aren’t quite sure where to start.

Feel like you can take on the world now? Go for it!!!! And expect miracles!


*The Psychic Tarot Oracle Card Deck, by John Holland
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