The Rainbow Prince

Published September 9, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Card, From the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck by Colette Baron-Reid: The Rainbow Prince

The Rainbow Prince: “Compensation, Perseverance.”

“When the Rainbow Prince appears as your Ally, he reminds you about the Law of Compensation and the Law of Receiving. After the rainstorm you have endured on your journey, the Rainbow Prince brings you a pot of gold which is the result of your using all the elements of your inner Light and reaching into the sky until you touch the material realm from one end to the other. This is not always an easy process, and hard work must be rewarded by compensation. When you align yourself with the energy of giving the highest value, your compensation is inherent in the act itself. But the message here is more than that: the Rainbow Prince says to keep your sights on the sky after the rainstorms that may have upset your life. Follow your bliss to the pot of gold waiting for you. Perseverance pays off, and your reward will be greater than you can imagine.”

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

After going through challenging times it’s easy to get stuck on the obstacles rather than seeing the silver lining in the lesson you were meant to learn. This card asks you to look at the bigger picture: see the lesson learned, the opportunities unveiled and the path to the bright future ahead of you. You are through the worst, and now have a chance to breathe. Take time to reflect on what possibilities are open to you that you may not have thought about. We have to work on our awareness, opening ourselves to Divine guidance, as sometimes our eyes aren’t open to the most obvious signs right in front of us, if we are not open to seeing them. Meditate on the overall experience, without getting too caught up in petty details to see what you are meant to learn so that you don’t have to repeat the lesson.

Spent time outside to clear your head of the clutter of everyday thoughts. If possible, spend some time outside, bare feet, face and palms up to the sky in the posture of receiving. Close your eyes and ask for signs, messages and guidance. Open your heart and your mind to receiving and tune in to your intuition. Don’t get caught up in worrying whether or not you can clearly hear or see your messages, receptivity is key. Doubt will block you and slow down your process. We are all in tune with the divine, every single person and creature on the planet, and you are no exception. Tune in to signs, look, listen and feel for them. Hear the lyrics in the song playing in the radio when your awareness suddenly pulls it into your consciousness. Observe words that jump out at you from signs on the road as you are driving or on other vehicles. See the animals or birds that are suddenly attracted to you. Words that jump off the page, a book title that keeps coming to you, or a book that literally jumps off the shelf. I always think of rainbows as signs of love from God.


* Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck by Colette Baron-Reid


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