Daily oracle card, from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Card deck by John Holland: Truth
Truth: “The qualities of this card illustrate spiritual awakening, clarity, the revelation of truth, and cosmic consciousness. At times, it takes a wake up call to get your attention and show how far you need to go. This card comes forth to do just that . Evaluation of the past, along with the lessons that you have learned or still need to understand, must now be a top priority. Doing so will enable you to forgive, accept and heal so that you can move forward in a balanced, spiritual mind-set.

The Truth Card reminds you that a significant change must be made in a certain area of our life. But do not make any hasty decisions; take your time, for any choices or alterations must be weighed and evaluated with the most careful and wisest of judgements. Whatever steps you take now will have far-reaching consequences – more than you will ever know.

Using the powers of the Universe and blending them with a little help from the physical world will assist you in bringing about clarity and a shift of awareness. What was once not obvious will now be realized and understood. Be honest with yourself and trust what you know to be true.

Traditional tarot archetype: Judgment”*

I’ve decided to include the angel numbers for any card that I read daily that has been assigned a number, such as the judgement card, which is a 20. According to Doreen Virtue’s book  “Angel Numbers 101” 20 signifies that “Your connection with the Creator is strong and clear. God asks you to fill your heart and mind with faith (ask Heaven for help in doing so if you desire). Your faith is being rewarded right now.”**

I absolutely love the Angel Numbers 101 book, I now look up just about every number that I come across!! There is an app for that too, check it out for iPad and iPhone!

I feel that with this card, asking for guidance is really key. Making significant changes doesn’t necessarily mean material changes, it doesn’t always mean moving, quitting your job, or changing a serious relationship like many people would assume. Sometimes it’s a much more spiritual and profound a change, one that you make in the perception of your self, your life path, your creation of your reality. When we think of change we often get stuck on the material plane, but we don’t realize that the changes need to manifest in the spiritual plane first. Carefully evaluate your past decisions and how you got to where you are now, and know that doing so will give you all the information you need to make wise decisions that will affect your future in the most positive way. You hold the steering wheel, and create the map, you can go wherever you set your mind to go. Maybe the significant change you need to make is clearing away old beliefs that are blocking your way to a new and amazing road, maybe you have been going around in circles for long enough!



*The Psychic Tarot Oracle Card deck by John Holland
Hay House, Inc. 125x125

** Angel Numbers 101 By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

. Doreen Virtue

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