Angel of Healing

Angel of Healing

Daily Angel Card, from the Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Angel of Healing

Angel of Healing: “The Angels have felt your sadness and have shown up today to send you healing.”

“Your Angel of healing has felt your sadness and has shown up in your reading today to reflect healing light into your heart. Your Angel wishes you to know that you are loved more than you can possibly imagine. Even though you feel alone and unloved at times, know that you are eternally loved. Whether you feel it or not, you are dearly loved and appreciated by many on the Earth plane, as well as in the Angelic realm.

Close you eyes right now, place your hand upon your heart and feel the healing light pour through as you feel the presence of your Angel. Feel yourself being breathed and supported by the universal life force of love, and imagine yourself glowing with light. Talk to your Angel; ask anything you wish – share anything you wish. You may communicate through writing, or simply through thoughts and feelings. Doubt not that your Angel exists, you will receive a positive sign or confirmation of some kind in the next few days which will help you to both trust and believe.”*

September 11th has such mixed energy, it’s a time of sadness and fear due to what happened in 2001, and for our family, it’s my husband’s birthday. For us it’s a time of memories, as I went into labour on his birthday 8 years ago with my daughter, although it took another couple of days to actually give birth so they don’t share a birthday! As adults we end up working through our birthdays, lives filled with bills and responsibilities. I’ve always thought that everyone should have their birthdays off, but that never seems to happen! My birthday is so close to Christmas that I always work, it’s the busiest time of year in the salon.

There is always an undercurrent of sadness on September 11th that I can feel throughout the day. I don’t believe the sadness comes only from the families involved in 911,it’s more than that. It’s partially the catastrophic loss to the United States, but really I believe that it has more to do with the overall sadness that such unrest exists in the world. That we have people out there who want to annihilate innocent civilians, that we want to feel safe and secure, and when these things happen, it shakes up that trust.  When we figure out that we are all connected, we start to realize that we are all affected by everything that happens in the world. Everyone who gets hurt, every violent crime committed, every act of war affects the energy of the planet, and the creatures inhabiting it. Why don’t we embrace this concept? I wish I knew. But I do know that I feel it, my kids feel it; at least for now, I am hoping that they can stay connected in a media driven world.

So, Happy Birthday to my hard working husband. Love and light from the Angels to everyone on the planet, and healing energy to those affected by 911, although really I think that was everyone.


* Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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