Music Of The Spheres ~ I AM

Published September 18, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Music of the Spheres

Daily Angel oracle card, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Music Of The Spheres

Music Of The Spheres: “Music heals the soul, transcending culture and ideology and bridging the gap so often created by conflicting beliefs. In drawing this card, your sould is asking to be filled with music that inspires you.

Immerse yourself within the sound, for it will reconnect you to a part of yourself, which has been long forgotten. An ancient knowledge exists within you that is beyond verbal description and can only be accessed through the power of sournd. It will help you to raise your vibration and enable you to discover your hidden talents.

You may be feeling that life has become stagnant and on a subconscious level you have requested help. Your prayers have been heard and answered. You are about to enter a period of intense spiritual change through which you will rediscover and embrace the many aspects of your nature that have lain dormant for some time.

This card is also acknowledgment of the spiritual progress you have made to date. Your angels and guides want you to know that while they understand that your journey has often been difficult and perhaps even painful, the new phase of your life that is about to unfold will be one of wonderment and joy. You have reached a level of consciousness that will easily support you through the coming time, the culmination of which will see you resonating to a higher and finer frequency. You will become a source of wisdom and inspiration for many who will cross your path simply because of the energy and vibration you hold. The new energy you are about to access will come simply as a deep inner knowing bringing new perspective to your life. In the future, you may wish to use this energy to help others access the same vibration and knowledge within them. Reiki and other similar healing modalities are an ideal way to work with this energy.”*

The moment I think about inspiring music, the very first to pop into my head is the I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation, by Wayne Dyer and James Twyman. It’s music is surreal, opening doors in your consciousness that you won’t believe possible. I have experimented quite a bit with guided meditations and there are others that I like, but I haven’t yet found a musical meditation that rivals the I AM. In Wayne Dyer’s own words: “The two words I am are the name of God. As Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explains, “I discovered while reading James Twyman’s book The Moses Code that the sounds you will be hearing in this CD were the result of some intense research to reproduce the exact sounds associated with the name of God found in the Old Testament, translated from the original Hebrew as I am that I am.
    “It turns out that specific numbers can be assigned to letters. And the tuning-fork sounds you’ll be meditating to are the exact sounds ascribed to the letters that comprise the Divine name of God. This has been called the most powerful meditation tool in the history of the world. I encourage you to become open to the idea that these sounds, when accompanied by your own I am mantra, can and will provide you with the ability to live a wishes fulfilled life.

My suggestion is to get the I AM meditation and do it morning and night for a week. Make sure to listen to Wayne Dyer’s introduction first, as it will set you up for success, after that you don’t need to listen to the spoken part, just the music. You have the choice to do one morning and one evening, which are approx 20-25 minutes each. If you really want to manifest change, and have the time to do so, try doing them back to back twice a day and watch your world transform with the magic of sound.


*the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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