Higher Self

higher self


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Sirian Starseed Tarot, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha: Higher Self

Higher Self: “What is the higher self and how do we access it? Freud would have spoken of the subconscious, but Starseed delves deeper into that higher mind that each of us has the potential to source throughout our life experience.

The Priestess represented in the card is that aspect of ourselves that is the bearer of the hidden scrolls-the esoteric wisdom-that lies in the still waters of our reflecting pools, our higher consciousness. Some might describe the scroll as the Akashic Record – where all is written and recorded in universal memory. We have the ability to access that information when we silence the distracted, chattering mind and go deep into the silence of our souls. Here is located the entire wealth of experience of All that is, that ever was, and that always will be.

Higher Self if the well of esoteric knowledge – the knowing of the workings of the greater Universe. It is the psychic vision, the intuitive sense, the mystery school of the soul, and the presence of the unseen forces of nature. It is the part of the querent that knows the truth.

Ruled by the moon, the waters of Higher Self are illuminated in it’s glow, depicting the occult or hidden wisdom coming to light. We bear in mind that it is the moon that moves the tides of the great seas: gentle at times… crashing into the shores at others. Hence the card can portend misuse of the psychic realm that lies lurking in these waters. Balance is the key – represented in the number two, to which this major arcana card corresponds.

When working with Higher Self, consider the following: What psychic vision is showing me the truth about the situation? How am I connecting to my higher self to find my answers? What hidden knowledge can I access when I still the mind? What occult forces are at play that I have yet to understand?”*

I always take the world “occult” with a grain of salt. It tends to be an old fashioned term these days, meaning “knowledge of the hidden” rather than anything scary relating to ghosts, goblins or witches like it may have in the past. It is a look beyond the ordinary, material world into something less tangible to those who are keen on connecting through the subconscious mind. Our Higher Selves are our souls, the light behind our eyes, our own infinite beings… the part that leaves this material plane behind when we “die” and move on to the next realm of our existence. It keeps track of our Universal knowledge and wisdom, which we can access by connection through silence and meditation; and of course, our intuition.

Connecting with your Higher Self on a soul level forms a bond of unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves, which is our key to Higher Consciousness. When we learn to love and appreciate ourselves and see ourselves as whole, we are able to become a vessel for love. This love will heal us and the planet we live on, our beautiful Earth.




* The Sirian Starseed Tarot, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! It was something I needed to hear today. Thank you

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