The Spirit Whisperer ~ Ally

The Spirit Whipserer

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid: The Spirit Whisperer

The Spirit Whisperer: “Divine guidance, higher knowing”

As Ally: “As an Ally, the Spirit Whisperer comes to you heralding the miraculous and the inspired. She whispers guidance from the Divine through your higher senses so that you can hear her wisdom and know her love for you. She is committed to helping you intuit the next right action and steers you away from trouble. The Spirit Whisperer keeps you inspired to move forward, always knowing – just in time – the correct next step. She guides you to fulfill your highest purpose. When she appears, it is a sign of inspired ideas that, with continual action, lead to success! That is a very good omen.

If your question is about a relationship, the Spirit Whisperer speaks of soul connections, past lives, and great learning through mutual mirroring. She will whisper how long, how short, how deep and how sweet the relationship can be. There were soul bargains made even before you both were born here, and an exploration is in order. You may move forward, but keep listening to the Spirit Whisperer for the lessons that the vulnerability of love brings.”*

One of the ways that you can feel the Spirit Whisperer is through your dreams. In our dreams, our souls get the chance to fly free, weaving in and out of distant realms; times and dimensions. When we feel we aren’t dreaming, we are actually just not connected to remember our dreams, for we do dream every night. In order to pull the dreams from our subconscious mind to our conscious, we can practice journaling. Keeping a daily dream diary helps us keep a record. We can recognize patterns and start to learn from the messages that may otherwise have been left undetected. Look for repetitive patterns of shapes, colours, animals, people and places.

Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue do a fantastic dream interpretation course which I have taken and loved. It has a ton of great ideas and ways to help you decipher the messages in your dreams, which crystals and stones help with dreams and sleep and also an oracle deck called Angel Dreams Oracle Cards which I sometimes use in my blog. Melissa Virtue suggests that we cover up mirrors in our bedrooms, especially when prone to having nightmares or bad dreams. I don’t keep a mirror in my kids bedrooms for this reason. I love to experiment with my crystal collection, placing different stones under my pillow to see how it affects my dream and dream recall. So far, my favourites are clear or rose quartz, fluorite, or tourmaline. I have found that I can’t have amethyst under my pillow, as it’s like having a couple of cups of coffee before bed, just way too awake and zingy!!

Lastly, don’t forget to tune in to your intuition. Be aware of synchronicity in everyday life! The Universe tests us every single day to see if we are paying attention, you must look, listen, feel and be open to the little signs and signals all around you. And don’t hesitate to ask the Angels to guide you every step of the way.


* Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

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