Daily Angel Card, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Acceptance

Acceptance: Everything happens for a reason; even though the reason may often be unclear to us. Trust in this and accept life as it unfolds, living fully within each moment. Allow love into your heart. The purpose of your life is to discover and accept your own truth. Be yourself – not the personality you project to others, but the ‘real you.’ Express and radiate the beauty that exist at the core of your being.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your insecurities, concerns and fears. Shear all that you hold in your heart and know that in doing so, you are a gift to others, for you show them that it is alright to express how they feel also. Self acceptance enable s you to express your truth and honour the spirit of your life. This card also relates to a gift of some kind that is coming your way in the near future. Accept it with open arms and an open heart. It is a gift from the Universe.

Through acceptance you can start to truly love yourself and embrace all of  who you are. Acceptance is the path to love; it connects mind and body with spirit. Stop struggling with life and accept all that you are. Through this you will come to see, feel and be all the beauty that you truly are.


I accept who I am with love.

I choose to see the beauty in my life.

My life is part of the Divine Plan.

My life is sacred.

I surrender all struggle to the infinite light of my spirit.

I am eternal

I am free.”*

The path to love is acceptance. That is a profound statement. Fully accepting ourselves in a world of judgement and self judgement is a feat in itself, believe me, I know! A statement, from Panache Desai that sticks in my head right now is: “Just BE love.” If you were just, “being love” then it would mean total acceptance of yourself and others. It would mean setting your ego aside and seeing people with your heart. In order to do this with no hangups, fear or bias, we have to be willing to see each person’s inner light; and of course, our own. We have to accept that the law of abundance is a true and strong force of the Universe, knowing that there is ALWAYS enough to go around, so we can let go of the fear. Fear of sharing, fear of losing what we have shared. That fear will put blinders on us, it will hold us back from truly connecting to those around us.

Balance is created by combining all aspects of ourselves and shining our own loving light out into the world. Love will move mountains. Fear will anchor you down, snatch away your freedom, keep your world small. So make the choice today, choose love!… and give fear a big kick in the A** on it’s way OUT the door!



Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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