Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Psychic Tarot Oracle Card deck, by John Holland: Transformation

Transformation:”A time of endings is close at hand. Don’t resist the abrupt changes that are suddenly happening in your life. These could be taking place in your personal life, relationships, business, or career. You have the strength , as the Transformation card asks you to have courage and to know that renewal follows every conclusion. This card comes forth to remind you that the death of an old way of thinking and believing must occur before you can move forward on your new path.

Transformation is all about the ebb and flow of life cycles. Nothing in this life remains motionless; everything is on its way to somewhere. Accept the changes, and opportunity will come to expand you in more ways than you would have ever imagined!

You can’t live in the past – it is time to move on. In order to take the next positive step, you should look closely at your own life and ask yourself: are there loose ends that need to be tied up? Are there people in my life whom I need to express myself to? What needs to be completed so I can have a fresh start? When you do so, you will have a stronger, more reinforced foundation to carry you through the new beginnings that await you.

Traditional tarot archetype: Death”*

Transformation and new beginnings. Are there things in your life that you know are outmoded to the direction that you are going? Has your path changed direction, your thoughts become more conscious and yet there are areas of your life that are stagnant, possibly clung on to from the past? It’s time to change. Let fear and doubt go and step in to your power. There is an old addage that is one of my favourites, goes something like: “I was walking down the street and I fell into a big hole. I was walking down the street and I fell into the same hole, didn’t even see it there! I was walking down the street looking everywhere for the hole and backed into it without even realizing what I was doing. I was walking down the street, saw the hole, tried to jump over it and fell in… again. I was walking down the street knowing there was no way to avoid the hole; I jumped in. I was walking down the street and I saw the hole; I walked around it.”

How many times have we repeated the same old pattern, hoping and praying for different results while refusing to find a way around the problems we most often encounter? What is one major life obstacle that you really wish you could get around? What are the resources and though processes you would need to achieve this? What baby steps could you do differently to make a change? If a large vessel on the water steers of course by just one degree, they will end up in a completely different location than planned.

Start with 1% …. and change something right now, today. Let your transformation begin!



* Psychic Tarot Oracle Card deck, by John Holland





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  1. I SO love this deck, and have had great success. I was nervous at first, as there wasn’t much guidance, but once I opened my heart ot the possibilities, the colors, characters, and numbers began to speak individually about each client. I enjoy your blog. Blessings…

    1. deeguns says:

      Thank you! I totally agree, it’s a great deck, very “to the point” I find, no fluffy stuff… although I do kinda like fluffy stuff too! Thanks for your input, love and light! Dee

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