Angel Therapy

angel therapy

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Archangel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue: Archangel Raphael ~  Angel Therapy

Archangel Raphael: “Give your cares and worries to us angels and allow us to take your burdens.”

Additional Message from the card: “Have you asked us angels for help with your situation? We can only help if you give us permission. Right now, close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath. Then mentally call upon your guardian angels and the archangels to help you. Do no outline how you want to be helped; just tell us what situation you would like help with. Most importantly, be open to receiving help as it comes to you. The help might be in the form of a hunch, an intuitive idea, or a direct intervention. If you receive any repetitive guidance, it is important that you follow it.

Working with Archangel Raphael: Ask Archangel Raphael to surround anything needing healing with his emerald green aura. The crystals that are aligned with Raphael’s healing energy are emeralds and malachite. “*

The angels are here for you. Right now. Every dream, wish, desire; every worry, doubt and fear, they are here for you. All you have to do is ask. Ask the Angels to take your worries from you, to transmute them to positive thoughts and hope. Ask for guidance, for direction, for the help that you need.

Now the tricky part here is letting go. You must be able to receive the help as it comes, without getting caught up in trying to control the outcome of the situation. The Angels will always work towards your highest good. You must have faith. We try to control all our outcomes, thinking that we know what would be best in our particular situation. When we open ourselves to true Divine Guidance, we must ask for help and step out of the way, staying receptive to the answers we are given.

Being receptive means letting go of worry, fear and doubt, which will only block us and cause obstacles in receiving our guidance. Even thinking about the angels will raise your vibration, so when in doubt, picture the angel, guide or Ascended Master you are working with, in as much detail as possible. If you have trouble visualizing, try Googling! You will find many beautiful photos online, just go with whatever resonates with you at that particular moment. I keep photos of the angels as my screen savers on my computer, iPad and phone… constant reminders to connect to the Divine, especially when things aren’t going the way I would like them too!

After asking for assistance, try taking some time to meditate, either a guided meditation, music, or alone in a silent space where you won’t be disturbed. If this isn’t possible, step outside and take a few deep cleansing breaths of fresh air, palms open to receive, eyes closed, face tilted to the sky, feet planted firmly on the Earth. Listen, feel for your intuition, notice any strong reoccurring thoughts and feelings that you may be experiencing. Next step? Follow through! Take action on the direction that you are being guided in, you will be fully supported and guided along the way. Fear not, you have an army of angels on your side.


* Archangel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue

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