Sacred Journey

sacred journey

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Gaia Oracle Card Deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Sacred Journey

Sacred Journey: “Life Cycles, Family, Transformation”

“Life is a physical journey through time and space, yet it is also a spiritual journey that transcends both time and space. Physically, we are born of the earth and to the earth we shall return. Yet spiritually, we are never born and we never die, we never come and we never leave. This card reminds you that we are each so much more than our physical  realities. If face, from our soul’s perspective, this current life is just one page in a never-ending book which is the eternal story of life. We are all characters in a play and we have each chosen different roles. Your family is a central part of this journey; each member plays their respective roles, each member your co-star and partner. Each play is designed for maximum dramatic effect, otherwise it would all get very boring. In effect we are all actors and we are each required to play our roles well. It is through our human drama we expand our understanding of love. The different roles we play and the people we encounter help us to grow. Through drama we come to understand just how sacred life is. Thank your soul for the journey.

Perhaps a hope or dream you had now seems destined to fail, or perhaps someone you love moves away, or a partnership seems likely to end. Yet this card also signifies resurrection which means that the perceived loss will either not eventuate or what you lose will be returned to you in a new way or form. Gaia, the Earth Mother, oversees this whole event; feel her loving guidance this very moment. She is here for you and will never leave you, for Gaia and you are one eternally. The wheels of life keep turning – life is never still; yet every transformation turns the wheel a little closer to the starting point and once this point is reached, a new cycle begins and the journey continues. There is no end without a new beginning.


The role I play in this life is transient

I am in essence a being of light

My family members are some of my greatest teachers

All human drama helps me to expand my awareness of love

My soul is not confined by time and space”*

Unfortunately, embracing the wheel of life and death is not part of the western world. We are thrown out there, in a culture that prizes youth, vitality and wealth above all else and as we grow into adults, we strive materially more than spiritually, always fearing the hand of death. What if we were to look at it completely differently, like many other cultures do? What if we were to see “old people” as our Elders, our teachers, instead of those who should be locked away in a facility so as not to hinder our skewed perception that if we just find the right skin treatment, plastic surgeon or palace to live in, we will also claim the fountain of youth?

When the elderly neighbour across the street died a couple of years ago, my daughter was devastated. Shortly after that, my own grandmother died 5 weeks before she would have celebrated her 101st birthday…. then a month later my Mom’s Doberman died of a heart attack. There was no ignoring death in our family during that time. My daughter was terrified that she wasn’t going to wake up, or that I wouldn’t. She was having nightmares and trouble sleeping at night. As she was only about 4 or 5 at the time, I had to keep it simple. And what I told her is this:

“When we die, it’s like we are all going on vacation, to the most perfect place you could ever imagine. Better than Hawaii, better than Disneyland. A place full of Angels, light and love. The only thing is; we all leave at different times. Some people get to go earlier, some people wait until later in life. We are all here on Earth to learn something, and also to help each other, the creatures and the planet. When we are done, we can go to Heaven. When we are in Heaven, we are in the most beautiful place in the world and we are happy. We wait patiently for the rest of our loved ones to meet us there. Sometimes we decide to take another crack at life here on Earth, to learn more or share more, but we all stay connected.”

Yes, she had some questions, but she never had any more nightmares, and the anxiety subsided. My description was non denominational, it’s not about religion, it’s about spirit and connection. It’s about the wheel of life. It’s about removing fear and explaining something profound in a simple way. It’s my vision, it may not be yours, but it makes perfect sense to me.


* Gaia Oracle Card Deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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