Merlin ~ Energy Healing

Merlin ~ Healing Energy

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue: Merlin 

Merlin ~ Energy Healing

Card Meaning: “The situation you have inquired about involves energy healing. You have healing abilities that you can direct through your hands, your thoughts, and your heart. Send loving energy to elevate  and heal this situation. You can clear the energy in a home, office, or vehicle as well. Your experiences with energy healing may be so powerful that you decide to conduct healings as a profession.

Additional meanings for this card:

Take an energy healing course such as Reiki, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, or Healing Touch. Your life purpose involves conducting energy healing. Clear the space in your home or office through feng shui, burning sage, or other energy healing methods. Send love to the situation or person. Avoid situations, places, or relationships with harsh energy. everything is healing and will be okay.

No one knows for certain whether Merlin actually lived as a mortal man or not. What is agreed upon is that Merlin is that quintessential magician and sage wizard archetype. He is associated with King Arthur’s Camelot, Avalon, and Glastonbury. He is also considered to be an aspect of Hermes, Trismegistus, the teacher of esoteric wisdom. Merlin is a powerful ascended master who helps spiritual teachers and healers focus their energies in beneficial ways.”*

What an incredible card this is! It points out something so important, so simple and yet so misunderstood in the Western Cultures in this day and age. We can heal ourselves. We can heal each other. We have the power, innately within us, to perform healing miracles. We just don’t BELIEVE it. We can’t see it, we have lost faith in our Divinity. We are inundated with pharmaceutical companies, who DO NOT always have our best interests at heart and we forget that we can heal. However, I must state here that if you are on medication, need medical help for any physical or mental illness, I am in NO WAY suggesting you not take whatever necessary advice or medication from your doctor. I will not be held responsible for you deciding not to.

Ok that said, self healing starts will intuition, prevention and honing the skills necessary to tune in to our bodies and minds to see what’s going on in there! This takes practice, and if you have years of emotional baggage to get through, it may prove to be a bit of work! It takes practice, silence and receptivity. It takes an understanding that true health starts from the emotional well being, and is later mirrored by the body. We are a combination of body, mind and spirit, they are all connected. If we look at our bodies as if they are a separate entity that is letting us down, we are missing that connection. We must see the connection and follow the threads back to the mind and emotions to see where the root of the health issue is.

I love to use crystals to facilitate healing due to their pure vibrational energy, which can help us channel Divine energy. If self healing or energy healing is new to you, you can try a simple laying on of hands or crystal healing, using crystals that resonate healing vibrations to you. If you are not sure which crystals to choose, one of my favourite books is The Book Of Stones by Robert Simmons, or just go pick out a few that really appeal to you, they are always the right ones!! Give yourself some quiet time to meditate with the stones, and try laying them on different parts of you body to feel their healing vibration.



*Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue

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