Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom of the Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Resolution

Resolution: “A battle soon rages. There is conflict and much heated debate but there is also resolution. A situation that is causing stress and worry may soon erupt and come to a head. You are advised to remain calm during this emotionally charged time. Say what you feel but do not be drawn into battle or say things that you might regret later. Keep your calm, let everyone have their say, and try not to blame anyone. Instead, listen to each point of view. This event will clear the air and you and everyone involved will each know where you stand and how everyone truly feels. You will emerge from this situation feeling lighter and brighter and eventually realize that the whole event was a blessing. You will learn to trust yourself and others more and the loving connections you have will strengthen and give you a feeling of emotional safety. This will make you feel more comfortable in all of your relationships and give you the courage to get closer to others without fear of being hurt.


I express my feelings honestly and lovingly.

I respect the feelings and opinions of others

My loving connection with others grows stronger each day.”*

It would be nice to get through life without conflict, and sometimes the conflict that arises between loved ones or close friends can be damaging to the relationship; especially if the parties involved aren’t willing to see the others point of view. Each conflict is a lesson, and when we can look at it from an unbiased stand point, we can see the lesson and resolve the conflict, thus growing through it. When we are unwilling or unable to see the lesson offered in the conflict, we may find ourselves in a pattern of reliving the same conflicts over and over again with the same or different people, not seeing the bigger picture. When feelings are involved, sometimes it’s hard to be able to see clearly through them and we need to clear our perception.

Spending some quiet time outside is perfect for clearing your head. I will often go for a walk in the woods or beach when I am feeling frustrated by something that has come up between myself and my family members or a friend; even if I am not directly involved I tend to be affected due to my overly empathetic personality. For example, when one of my kids gets into trouble at school, it’s very easy for me to feel badly about it, taking the problem on myself. If I can get some time by myself, preferably outside, or in my room with my crystals, I can take time to process the feelings and see the bigger picture. I can step out of my emotional ego and ask for Divine Guidance. “What am I not seeing here?” or “Please guide me to see the lesson here” help a lot to gain some clarity, rather than just reacting; or worse, over reacting to the issue.

Once you can step outside those raging emotions and remain calm, you can see the lesson. Then you can approach the conflict with compassion and understanding instead of hot headedness, anger, frustration and general over reaction. Breathe, relax, stay connected and find a solution.


*Wisdom of the Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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