Blue Earth Angel ~ Higher Vibration

Blue Earth Angel - higher vibration

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Blue Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Blue Earth Angel ~ Higher Vibration

“You are expanding your awareness and evolving to a higher vibration. This great vibratory shift is part of humanity’s natural evolution. It is occurring alongside rapid technological change. Time seems to be going faster and faster, the days and years fly by. This is why you feel overly sensitive and emotional at times and why there is so much fear and confusion in our world. Looking back at our history we see that these conditions are necessary in order for major change to occur. The beautiful angel on this card is here to assure you that all is well and unfolding as it should. You are safe and humanity is on the right track, even though at times it may not seem so. Some out dates structures in our global fabric may need to fall along with some out dated views and mind sets, but this is a necessary part of our evolution. A new era will soon be born, one of higher awareness and great love. You are a part of this new world.
I am a luminous eternal essence.

I am a sky full of endless love.

I am forever with you, for we are one.”*

Science has proven that every single molecule in the universe has it’s own unique vibration. We all vibrate. The only difference is at what frequency that vibration is held; is it a high frequency or low frequency? Working with your own vibrational energy is the tip of the iceberg in the new consciousness. By raising our vibration, we can heal ourselves and those around us. We can help other people to raise their vibration, just by raising our own! How awesome is that??

So how on earth do you raise your own vibration?? Well, to start off you have to clear out all the cobwebs of past hurts, trauma and dysfunction that have caused negativity and lower density vibration to get “stuck” in your energy field throughout your life. One of the fast track ways to do this, as I have mentioned in previous posts it to join one of Panache Desai’s 21 Days of Presence and Vibrational Increase, next one starts on November 4th, and no I don’t get paid to advertise for him, I am just a happy, higher vibrating participant that wants to share the experience! I figure we all need as much help as we can get, and Panache has the tools to help us!

As for working on your own, raising your vibration, the main steps that have worked for me are: Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, asking the Angels for help (more on this in a sec!), getting fresh air and outside time to connect to our beautiful planet, and working with crystals of course! Now in order for the Angels to help you, you know the rules! You must first: ASK! Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords of past hurts and help remove low energy with his brilliant violet healing light; then fill you will high vibrational white light. Ask Archangel Raphael to help you heal with his gorgeous emerald green healing light. Ask Archangel Jophiel to help you see the beauty in yourself and others. Ask Archangel Haniel to help you connect to the Earth and all its amazing gifts. Ask Archangel Gabriel to help you have the strength to follow your heart and pursue your dreams. Ask Archangel Raziel to help you gain wisdom and insight. Any of the Angels can help you raise your vibration; thus helping you and everyone you come into contact with. They are always right here for you, and will help with any other issues you may have, but you must remember to ask.


* Blue Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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  1. Carol Lewis says:

    These oracle cards wach dat have been so apt for where i am in my life at this point and have been helping and guidingmore than i can even believe tk u

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