The Altar Priestess

The Altar Priestess

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid: The Altar Priestess as Ally

The Alter Priestess, as Ally: “The stage is set, and the world is waiting for you to take your place in sacred meditation and prayer. As you Ally, the Altar Priestess brings the ritual of reverent interaction with the mundane world. You are being required now to see everything as sacred, all of life as a meditation, and every action as a prayer of devotion. When you are able to perceive the world in this way, your question will lead you to the appropriate answer.

If all is sacred, how can anything be wrong? Ask how you can shift your consciousness to see your circumstances through the eyes of the Divine and you will realize how perfect and sacred everything is right now.”*

Seeing all as sacred and connected is a gateway to higher consciousness. It requires disconnecting from our egos and emotions, letting go of the desire to control people and situations in our lives and changing our perspective. If we can appreciate the Divine connection between us all, the planet, the stars, the moon, the Universe, and all it’s creatures, then we can live from a place of gratitude and compassion. When living in a state of gratitude and compassion, it’s impossible to see the world as flawed, scary or difficult as we can clearly see the lessons offered in ever situation. We can choose to resolve the lesson and move on to yet another step of higher consciousness.

This doesn’t mean that we are aiming for perfection. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to be human, or to experience our emotions. We all get sad, angry, hurt; suffer from fear, doubt and separation. You can embrace these emotions as they come and then: let them go. Don’t hold on to the past, letting old hurts fester; but like a river of love, let them flow through you, observing them, blessing them and most importantly by letting them go. By peacefully letting go of negativity and seeing it from a more detached perspective, you invite resolution. You can finally complete the lessons that repeatedly show up and move out of old patterns.

Try approaching some of your daily tasks with joy. Joyfully pay your bills, knowing that you will always be provided for. Joyfully walk to work in the rain and try to see the beauty. Try a gratitude project: write down at least one thing every day for a month that you are grateful for, aim to work up to a minimum of three per day! Take a photo every day of the most beautiful thing you see; then try and take a better pic of something even more beautiful the next day…. or every day! This will open your eyes to the beauty all around you, and help you to focus on life from a joyful perspective.



* The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

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