Clouds ~ Shapeshifting


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer: Clouds

“When tiny droplets of water or frozen crystals are surrounded by billions of other droplets or crystals, a cloud is formed. Each of these tiny droplets diffuse and scatter light so that the tops of clouds are white, then fade to gray toward the base. The nature of cloud formations affects our mood as well as the temperature on the ground and in the air. Their shape, movement, and coloration tell us what weather to expect in the near future, and they nourish our visual hunger during breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Most of us have had an  opportunity at one time or another to notice the shapes and forms clouds take as they drift gently or boldly across the sky, constantly shifting and changing, adjusting themselves to the requirements of their nature. When we take time to simply observe, we can see the Cloud People – images that are an elegant collaboration between Nature and our imagination.

In both subtle and more dramatic ways, you can shapeshift by your choice of clothing, hairstyles, adornments, and even mannerisms (such as a facial expression, gesture, and the way that you walk). By adjusting these along with your internal attitude, you can actually display different personas. When you experiment with these variations of self-expression that are not how you ordinarily present yourself, others will react to you, depending on the degree by which your persona contrasts with the one they are the most familiar with. Be like the clouds are you try out different forms, stretching your limits at times, willing to move and adjust as necessary.

Lift your head up, square your shoulders, and stand tall such that your chest and heart open to the world, and note how this feels. You may feel vulnerable at first, but stay  with it. Then let your shoulders fall forward slightly, pull your chest inward an inch or two, and let your head drop a little; observe how this feels.

Experiment with contracting your aura (hour energy fields) , then expand it as far as your comfortably can. By this kind of shapeshifting you can consciously choose your expression into the world. Just remember who you are at the core.”*

Angels use the clouds to show us signs of love, and to let us know that we are never alone. When you are feeling like you need some guidance or a sign, look to the clouds. I have posted on my Archangel Oracle Facebook page a photo that I took of an angel shaped cloud on a walk with my dog. I see them constantly.

Experimenting with your own shapeshifting can help you to shed old ways of viewing yourself. You can drop old facades and adapt postures of strength, poise, and peace. When you emulate these qualities, even when they feel new and frightening to you, you will start to “live up to” what you are portraying. Connecting solidly to the Earth will help you ground and gain more strength and stability. Plant your bare feet firmly on the earth, sand or grass; take a few moments to feel the earths force of love rising up though you. Imagine a cord of bright white light pouring down from the clouds, through your crown chakra, third eye, throat chakra, and into your heart; pull the same loving energy up through your feet to your base chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexis to meet with the cloud energy in your heart chakra. Imagine this light binding and pouring out bright white love and light in a sphere around you; radiating out to the world around you. Breathe, receive love from the Divine; you are a vessel of love.


*Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

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