Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Liberation

Liberation: “Breaking free from a negative attachment.”

“Whether you realize it or not,  you have become too emotionally attached or dependent on someone or something. Or, you have allowed or inadvertently caused someone to get too emotionally attached to you. What at first seemed like a healthy friendship or interest now seems to be taking over your life or is creating too much co-dependence. A situation that initially seemed like a positive has now revealed its negative side. This is, in effect, like a form of addiction. You are advised to examine this issue and then create some space between you. For your sake and the sake of others you must do whatever it takes to break free from this negative emotional attachment. Initially this may cause some resentment and even a sense of panic, but the end result will be worth it. When you manage to emotionally detach yourself from this issue you will have learnt a valuable lesson and this will serve you well in the future.


I release myself from all negative attachment

I trust that this is for my highest good

I trust that this is for the highest good of all

I help others most by not allowing myself of them to become co-dependent

I look at every situation in a balanced way”*

Breaking out of the rut of routine comfort, no matter how bored or stagnant we are feeling, takes strength and courage. It’s easy to stay “content”, all the while feeling that we are going nowhere. Changes made to begin with can be little, baby steps taken consistently towards your dreams will still get you there if you aren’t ready for a big leap of faith!

Do you have recurring thoughts or feelings when dealing with certain people or situations in your life? That sinking feeling when you find yourself compromised, even in a small way; when you feel that life could be so much…. more? Those little niggles you get, the feelings of heaviness in your throat chakra (what are you not saying?) your solar plexus (what are you trying not to feel?) and your stomach (what are you trying to bury?) are signs from the Angels. They will gently nudge you over and over in hopes of getting your attention. The nudges will get bigger and bigger until you can’t ignore them any more. Your body works as a tool for your higher self to guide you through changes in your life. If you take care of your body, it becomes finely tuned and you will be able to follow your signs with ease.

So what small changes could you make today to set your course for your dreams? Simple things like spending some time outdoors, in meditation or yoga. Ask the Angels for simple ways to facilitate positive change in your life; change that leads you to the life of your dreams. Then be mindfully receptive; open your palms, tilt your head back to the sky, breath deeply, enjoy some silence and wait for the messages to come in. As Panache Desai would say “A life beyond your wildest dreams is waiting for you just around the corner.”


* Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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