Ancient Of Days

ancient of days

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Blue Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Ancient Of Days

“You are the creative expression of the life force that flows through you, and so you are full of endless possibility. Listen to the infinite wisdom of your soul, for it will guide you to creations of love and light. Feel the flame aglow in your heart, this flame is your intuitive wisdom. Let it burn through all illusions and obstacles so that your path may be clear and bright. Observe your breath. It will lead you to the golden temple deep within you. Enter the majestic glory that is really you. Feel yourself reborn with each new breath as you connect with the timeless love and potential that you hold. Go forth and live your potential. All is possible for you now.”*

It is no small matter, this round and delicious globe

moving so exactly in its orbit forever and ever,

without one jolt or the untruth of a single second,

I do not think it was made in six days, nor in ten thousand years,

nor ten billions of years.

– Walt Whitman

This is such an intricate card with a beautiful message; you could meditate on it for hours and yet the very next time you lay eyes on it, you may see something you had previously overlooked. It is a metaphor for life, that we so easily overlook what is directly in front of us; our true beauty and potential. We are infinite beings of light and love; who unfortunately lose ourselves along the way and spend so much time trying to truly know ourselves. We are blocked by fear and doubt, and the fire of inspiration is dampened by our refusal to believe in ourselves.

“If you could see yourself how I see you, dear one, you would be astounded.” This is a common message from the Angels, full of unconditional love and compassion. They see our souls, not our faults; they see our inner light and love, not our flesh and failures. We have a connection that I often compare to the old “bunny ears” that we used to use for TV reception, you had to move them around and the channel would come in clear, and then disappear into fuzz. Our connection to the Divine and to our higher selves is similar, we are using bunny ears when we could be using HD! The connection gets blocked by confusion, fear and doubt; only to be crystal clear in moments of heartfelt faith and belief. The Angels do not come and go, it is our faith that wavers, in the Divine connection and ultimately, in ourselves.

So how do we change this? Be accountable for every single thought that passes through your brain! Every single thought. Get it? We have to filter every thought and abandon every negative, low vibrational, fearful, feeling sorry for myself though and kick it out of our heads. Starting now, right now! Treat your brain like your car, you wouldn’t throw Coca Cola in the gas tank if you were running out of gasoline! You would find the right stuff to keep that car going. Same goes with your thoughts! You must be stringent, this WILL change your whole life, I promise you. Not only will you be happier, but you will be more in control. You will make better decisions. You will see beauty every day. You will feel worthy, capable and inspired. Life is too short to walk away from miracles; you must learn to walk towards them.

Start with affirmations and work up to permanently raising your vibration by seeing possibility everywhere.


I AM an infinite being of love and light

I AM connected to the Divine

I AM receiving Divine Love

I AM happy

I AM perfect health

I AM raising my vibration

I AM following my life path and am fully supported by the Divine

I AM courageous, worthy and blessed


* Blue Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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