Daily Angel Oracle card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer: Dawn

Dawn: “New Beginnings.”

“The start of the day brings with it reassurance that the night has passed, making way for new opportunities, no matter what has come before. It reminds us of the predictability of the daily cycles. That first light that forecasts the sun’s appearance awakens the winged ones, who sing and chirp happily at the advent of another morning. It is a time of fresh beginnings from which we can create whatever kind of experience we desire.

In this image, we see the rays of the sun stretching into the valley while the sun itself peeks around the corner, as if it had set its course to proceeded around the bend in the river, which appears relatively still from its rest during the night. This scene exemplifies renewal and new beginnings.

When you witness the initial stages of dawn without the benefit of a clock or other timepiece, for a while you may not be able to discern whether the sky is really lightening. The stars remain visible, and shadows of the night still shape the landscape. It is that way with any beginning; it is difficult to tell where the old ends and the new begins. Gradually, however, it becomes clear to your senses that the light is definitely increasing; and as you continue to observe, the world slowly wakes up, accompanied by all the sounds, smells and freshness associated with it. Soon, the first glimmer of the sun shows. A new day has begun.

This is a time to say farewell to the old and honour the new by releasing any self-imposed constraints or resistance to the truth that you know. This is your chance to develop that project you have been thinking about, embark on that adventure you have dreamed of going on, and take risks in initiating what you intuitive self has been telling you to do.

As this prospect becomes increasingly visible and real, doubts and uncertainties may arise. But rest assured – just as dawn inevitably turns into day, by heeding your inner guidance, you will succeed.”*

I have recently rediscovered the beauty of dawn;  I had forgotten what a magical and beautiful time of day it really is. This is coming from someone who values sleep beyond almost anything else it the world!! Yes, I am one of those people who would love to go to bed early and get up late! But when we added our little spaniel mix, Niko, to our family on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I hadn’t factored in the early mornings. He’s great mind you, he’s two years old and house trained, but any dog needs a little trip outside after about 10hours indoors and that just happens to be at dawn for little Niko. I leave my fuzziest of polar fleece jackets and lined boots by the door so I can sneak out without waking the whole household; also with the thought of returning to my warm bed for a while after I have let him out. Unfortunately he’s not the kind of pup to go out on his own, I have to go too; a Divine conspiracy to get me out of bed to see the sunrise I have figured out. The best part? It’s worth getting out of bed for!

The sunsets are so full of grace and beauty, you can’t help but be inspired. My brain jump starts and all of a sudden I am expecting an incredible day! Infinite possibilities are visible in those sunrises, if you look closely; there is no fear or doubt to be found! All gold and pink and orange, the clouds glowing and changing before my eyes; I am can almost hear the crescendo of classical music in the background. This is the time to ask for guidance; to seek support in following your dreams and creating the life of your desires. This is it!

What time are you getting up tomorrow? Will you get to see the sunrise? Maybe you should! Gaze, ask, receive and believe; Divine miracles are right here on Earth, and we are blessed to witness them.


* Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

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