Spiritual Law Of Attraction

Spiritual law of attraction melchizedek

Daily Angel Oracle card, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Melchizedek: Spiritual Law of Attraction

“The situation you are inquiring about has come to you via the spiritual Law of Attraction. You have attracted certain people or situations because they mirror your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. In the same way, people and situations that you once found desirable are now moving out of your life as you have shifted your energy through your spiritual path. “Like attracts like” means that everything and everyone that you draw into your life is similar to your thought patterns. If you want to change what or who you attract, hold more positive, loving, and joyful thoughts. The ascended masters and angels can help you with this shift.

Additional meanings for this card:
You can change or heal this situation by elevating your thoughts to a more positive level. Your prayers and affirmations have attracted a wonderful new person or situation into your life. This situation is not a reward or a punishment; you have attracted it, which means that you can also repel or magnify it as you choose. Visualize and affirm only what you desire.

Melchizedek was a Canaanite priest-king and teacher of the patriarch Abraham. He is associated with Archangel Michael and Jesus in many ancient spiritual texts, including some who interchange his name with Michael’s and Jesus’s. Melchizedek is reputed to be Noah’s descendant and a great spiritual master of alchemy and sacred geometry (the building blocks of matter). Call upon Melchizedek for help in mastering manifestation and to understand esoteric wisdom.”*

I have met some amazing people since I leaped once and for all out of the spiritual closet and started my daily angel blog! I have believed in angels, collected crystals and read new age, metaphysical and spirituality books for years; I just chose not to talk too much about it with people that  thought I was either a religious fanatic or a spacey new aged fruit cake!

Thank God and the Universe for December 12, 2012! NO, the world did not come to an end; but yet, something profound and extraordinary did indeed happen. We finally woke up! Our minds and hearts were opened; we became more receptive to the rest of the Universe instead of only being aware of our own little microcosmic lives. It reminds me of that famous line in the Grinch, by Dr Zeus:

“And what happened then…?

Well… in Who-ville they say That the Grinch’s small heart Grew three sizes that day!

And the minute his heart didn’t feel quite so tight, He whizzed with his load through the bright morning light.

And he brought back the toys!

And the food for the feast! And he… “.

Our hearts grew, whether we realized it or not. We were suddenly aware of the connection between us all, everything in the Universe. We are now aware that the “something’s missing” feeling is actually just that; our connection to everything in the Universe; acknowledged. The blinders are off and the Universe is shown for what it really is, and always has been: full of limitless love and infinite potential.

It’s a big leap of faith! And I realize that not everyone is ready to take it; but I also realize that if you are reading this, you have already jumped off, even if you feel like you are still just trying to figure this stuff out. When you decide that you are ready to see what else is out there? You will be a magnet to like minded people. Your fear of being judged will dissipate and you will be left with your connection to Soul and life purpose. You too will become a messenger, you too will have daily messages to share from the Angels, and you too will see the astounding abundance available to us all.

You can attract all that now; right NOW. There is no need to wait! “Visualize and affirm only what you desire.” Starting NOW, ya, now’s good!


PS. Please continue to say a prayer for the dolphins in Taiji, Japan. I am manifesting the unlimited resources I need to put a stop to what is happening there, and we need all the support we can get. While saying your prayer, visualize pods of happy and free dolphins in blue water.

* Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

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  1. Sharon Maguire says:

    I’ve been told my guardian angel is Melchecihek. I wish to know more of him. I’m now well I to my personal spiritual journey. Thankyou…godspeed

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