I AM Balance

I am balance

Daily Angel Oracle card, from the Wisdom Of The Golden Path, By Toni Carmine Salerno: I AM Balance

“Negative thoughts and self-criticism are diminishing your sense of worth and as such you do not see the beautiful and unique qualities you possess. At the core of your being you hold endless love and creative possibility. Love and creativity are you r true nature. The thinks you do not like about yourself, believe to be bad, or are ashamed of, are as good and valuable as the thinks you do like about yourself. Everything in our world consists of complimentary opposites. Yin and Yang or positive and negative charges are a necessary part of life and exist in every one and in everything. Without this nothing in our world would exist. In rejecting aspects of yourself you are in a way rejecting the whole nature of existence. It is only through embracing and loving yourself totally that the balance can be restored. You do not need to improve in order to be successful and happy. You just need to improve perceptions you have of yourself. Love and accept yourself as you are and your life will automatically transform. You do not need to change who you are, you just need to love yourself.


I love and accept all of me.

I love and accept the world as it is.

There is nothing to change, there is only love.”*

You are perfect just the way you are, but you just haven’t seen it, or are refusing to see it as you have blocked your vision of yourself by feeling unworthy. When you can see the perfection of each and every aspect of yourself, you strengthen your connection to the divine. Self acceptance takes some work; letting go of past mistakes is one of the first steps.

In order to fully love who you are, and see your own unique gifts, you must forgive yourself and let go of your past. Holding on to judgement of yourself will block your energy and keep you from fully evolving. You can’t see the path ahead when you are facing back; you must bless your past and feel your presence in the now. Every choice you have made has gotten you to where you are now in your life; if this is not where you would like to be, then you have to make the conscious decision to change your life; starting now. When you start to see your life from the aspect of potential instead of feeling trapped in patterns from the past, you free yourself to full acceptance and receptivity. Then you can finally move on.

Strengthen yourself with love by accepting yourself, head to toe. Lie in a comfortable position, placing a clear quartz crystal in your left hand and a tourmaline or obsidian in your right. The crystals will help to balance your energy, bringing light in and grounding you. Ask Archangel Michael to come to you and clear your energy with his amazing violet vacuum of light, starting from your crown chakra, and moving right down to your toes. Also ask him to make sure that he clears your room, your house, your office and the building that you work in. Once you feel that your energy is clear, imagine a waterfall of bright white love and light pouring down from the heavens through you and connecting to the center of the planet. This will help to connect you from the Divine and your higher self, while grounded with the pure energy of the Earth. Expand the light out into a bubble of rainbow light, all the colours are present but so bright and clear they are prisms of pure white light. Expand your bubble around you and all the way out around the planet to the Sun. When your energy is expanded, call on the Angels, Ascended Masters and God to help you accept every aspect of yourself and let go of all your misconceptions, judgements or mistakes of the past.  Ask for help in forgiving yourself and finding gratitude in every moment of your life. Open your heart chakra, and imagine bright white light cleansing your green heart chakra. Imagine your heart chakra spinning perfectly, a beautiful bright emerald green light. Lastly, bless yourself, and say I love you; to you. Use your own name, either silently or out loud if you are undisturbed. I love you _____.

Every morning when you wake up, take a moment to connect to that beautiful energy, saying again to yourself, I love you. Look in the mirror when you have a chance throughout the day and look into your own eyes, bypass your ego and go straight to your soul and repeat again, (no matter how silly you feel, you will get over it!) “I love you”. When you can look yourself squarely in your own eyes and say I love you, and receive it, you know that you are on the path to higher consciousness. What a great way to end the year 2013, give it a try and let me know how you feel by New Years Eve… I’m betting you will be a different person going into 2014.

Love and light to you,


* Wisdom Of The Golden Path, By Toni Carmine Salerno

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