Earth Song

Earth Song

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Earth Song

A forgotten memory lies buried within my heart… an ocean of scattered feelings, windblown pages and ancient days spread like autumn leaves on a grassy fields.

Mother Earth is in need of healing. She asks that you pay attention to her needs and spare her a loving thought. In this time for great change, we often forget that it is Mother Earth that feeds, houses and nourishes us. She provides the air we breathe, fuels our cars, supplies the electricity we use, and takes our refuse. The Earth Song card has shown up in hour reading today to remind you of your deep connection to the Earth. The Earth breathes and feels, just like you. At times she sings for joy and at times she cries. She is a reflection of humanity. She is one with you.

You are being asked to think about your relationship with the Earth and the little things you can do in your everyday life to help both yourself and the Earth through the current changes.

The Earth is a conscious entity. Your love will help her regain her balance. In turn, know that the Earth also loves you. Feel and accept her love, for it will nourish your soul. Invoke this great healing power and your life will take on new meaning. Spend some time in Nature. Meditate on Her beauty and fill yourself with Her gentle and loving vibrations. Keep an open heart and mind as you embark on this new and wondrous phase in our life.”*

We must remain mindful of the Earth at this time of year; while we are in the spirit of giving, we must not forget our three “R’s”. Reduce the amount of plastic, wrapping etc that we use. Reuse as much as possible (I’m sure many of you, like myself and my family reuse gift bags and bows!). And the most important one, Recycle; so many of our daily essentials are over packaged, but we have an inundation of plastic and paper at Christmas time like no other time of the year, we must take the time to recycle as much as possible so that landfills aren’t being filled with plastics and paper that could be recycled into other items.

Many of us take our beautiful and loving planet for granted. We expect so much, yet give back so little. Imagine a world where we cared for and nurtured the Earth like she cares for and nurtures us every day of our lives; a very different world it would be. We would stop using chemicals and fertilizers for our own gain (I say “we” as humans in general, I realize that you, if you are reading this, most likely do respect our amazing planet Earth). We would stop polluting the air and the rivers and oceans. We would care for the plants and animals with utmost respect. We would love her as she loves us, and we would prosper spiritually instead of mentally. A wonderful dream it is!

So what can we do, as one individual who wants to give back? Well, it’s simple of course, be the change you want to see in the world, as the famous adage goes. Be the recycler. Be the reuser. Be the one who reduces the need to consume vast amounts of material objects. Be the one who loves her back, who sees her beauty, who acknowledges her perfection in nature every single day. Send and receive love, starting right now.

When I connect with the Angels, I make sure to connect with the Earth as well. I imagine my heart with a bright white light radiating out, encompassing the Earth and out into the Universe. Click here to sign up for your FREE Harmonic Shield, by Mashur Anam, which is what I use when I am expanding and receiving my energy all the way out. This will ensure that you are only sending and receiving the highest, most positive energy in harmony with the Universe.

Mama Earth loves you, it’s time to show her how much you love her back.


*Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards, by Toni Carmine Salerno

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