Music For Manifesting


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Music for Manifesting

Music for Manifesting: “To manifest rapidly, think of your desire while you chant, hum, sing or play music.”

“Music is a powerful ally on your spiritual path, as it serves to boost your manifestation powers. Music is part of the invisible realm, and is of a higher frequency than that of the physical plane. It wraps us in a protective shield to guard us from negative energies. It also lifts our emotions and thoughts to joyful levels.

By drawing this card, you are urged to play any type of music that suits your mood, as often as possible. Move your body to the music, and breathe in deeply as you listen to it, drawing in the energy of each note.

Use music as a manifestation tool. First, sit quietly and think of your desire. Imagine that your dream has already come true, and feel that reality in your stomach as warmth, peace, excitement, or security. Feel gratitude in your heart. As you enjoy these feelings, begin to chant, hum, or sing. This self-made music sends your manifestation into the ethers, where it coagulates into tangible reality!”*

I often use music as a tool to calm myself down or lift myself up. I use it to soothe me to sleep at night, and I use it to get me going in the morning. I haven’t really experimented much with actually playing the music, unfortunately I haven’t yet learned to play a musical instrument (I want to say it’s too late but I know that’s a cop-out! It’s never too late, maybe I should put that on my list of things to incorporate into my life in the future!).

Whenever I listen to music to meditate, I always feel a deep connection to Archangel Saldalphon, who is the Archangel of music and musicians. Sandalphon helps to connect us here on Earth to the Divine, through the path of music. It is Sandalphon who receives our prayers and delivers them to God, so it only makes sense to use music as an enhancement to your prayers.

One of my favourite meditations to music is definitely the I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditations by Wayne Dyer and James Twyman It’s truly otherworldly and has an amazingly high vibration; you can literally feel yourself getting into the “zone” of manifestation. Combining this music, or any music that you are attracted to, with prayer and gratitude will provide amazing results. Gratitude is key when praying, giving thanks for everyone and everything in your life, the Earth, your divine connection, life itself; then giving thanks for the amazing life that you are currently manifesting. It has power, and music will intensify that connection.

Archangel Sandalphon has a beautiful turquoise energy; my very favourite colour as it reminds me of the ocean. You could use a piece of turquoise, or envision the colour washing over you like a tropical ocean; imagining yourself swimming effortlessly through the beautiful blue like a mermaid, eyes wide open, taking in all the incredible beauty of the ocean. Visualize yourself swimming right up to your dreams, fully immersed in the perfection of your desires. Breathing in all that azure blue energy and manifesting faster than you ever thought possible.

Expect miracles.


* Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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