Full Moon ~ Completion


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card Deck, by Stephen D Farmer: Full Moon ~ Completion

“Every 29.5 days Grandmother Moon shines bright and full in the sky, illuminating the landscape with her muted brilliance, casting a delicate canopy over the sky and the physical features of Earth. Having gradually etched her way over the last two weeks to fullness, she now stands like a guiding beacon in the night. She has completed this round of her perpetual and periodic monthly journey and will now start her slow but steady retreat into shadow.

In this card, we see the grandeur of the moon at its peak, blazing and creating a silhouette of a tree. This beautiful orb reminds us that all cycles have their time of completion and fulfillment, one that will inevitably be followed by a decrease until yet another cycle is initiated.

You can now take pleasure in knowing that whatever you have been working toward has now reached its culmination. It may have been a relatively brief cycle or a much more extensive one, yet regardless of the length of time, you have arrived at the stage of completion.

Let yourself feel the contentment and satisfaction of this accomplishment. It is like when you take a deep breath and reach the point where your lungs are pleasantly full and your body is ready to release that breath.

It is important to not only enjoy this completion but also to let go and allow yourself to relax afterward, just like exhaling slowly and consciously. People are much too eager to rush to the next item on the agenda without giving proper time and space to appreciating and honouring the natural cycle of release that follows a point of resolution. Give yourself that time to relax and rest before tackling Spirit’s next assignment.”*

Full moon is so full of potential and possibility. It is a time of reflection and appreciation, of gratitude towards victories accomplished and hard work paying off. Full moon is a time to recharge, to get ready to take things to a whole new level. It is a time to pour gratitude and remove any fears or doubts that could block your future successes.

I place as many of my crystals and stones out in the full moon as I can; I am accumulating quite the extensive collection so it’s getting more challenging to get all of them out there, but I do my best! I start with the ones that I wear daily as I feel that they need the most positive energy and clearing as possible. I then work to the ones that I use for healing, meditation and clarity, plus any that are in my working spaces or that get carried around in my pockets sporadically! I finish with the ones that call me; when I find my eyes resting on them, or feel the pull, I know it’s time. A night outside, bathing in the full light of the moon removes any and all negative energy or low vibrations, filling the stones with pure white love and light. They practically sparkle when you see them in the morning. If I have a crystal that has been working particularly hard, I leave it out for all three days of the full moon. You will know what is right for you and for the stone.

I am LOVING my new Aqua Aura quartz pendant and Crystal Skulls by the way… received them on Monday and put them out for the full moon, and WOW the energy is truly amazing! This is going to be an incredible year!


* Earth Magic Oracle Card Deck, by Stephen D Farmer


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  1. Breezy Brit says:

    What if a card is upside down?

    1. Then it comes to you as challenger, representing the lesson that you must learn in order to move forward. Love and light, Dee

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