Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael: “Soar above the world into the wonder that you are. You are higher than the mountain tops and brighter than the Sun.

“You are getting too bogged down in everyday issues and this is keeping you from discovering your true path. To some degree you have lost sight of what is really important and lost touch with the childlike innocence that makes life exciting and fun.

Remember when the world seemed like a giant playground just waiting to be explored? When life was simple, yet happy? Archangel Raphael is here to remind you that you are much more than your career, work or study. Lighten up and stop taking life so seriously. Have some fun, play and jump for joy, just for the sake of it. When you leave this Earth you take nothing with you but your soul.
Achievements and worldly possessions pale into insignificance as your soul draws back into that overwhelming light from which all creation stems. so, all that matters in life is that you are happy, that you love and are loved. Love and kindness leave a lasting impression that can never be erased. Show some love and kindness towards yourself and allow yourself to have fun. As you start to lighten up, you will come to see your life more clearly.

Have fun; explore different interests and avenues for your life, for in doing so, you will discover the things that truly bring you joy. Whether in your work, study or play, life can be exciting and fun when you follow your heart. Anything is possible!

Raphael offers his assistance to help you break out of your current mold and explore all possibilities in a lateral way. Call on his guidance and you will find there are many prospects for your life, which you have not yet given yourself a chance to explore. A whole new world awaits your call!”*

This card is a wake up call. You have been taking yourself, and life in general, way too seriously. You aren’t much fun anymore! Worry, stress, fear and doubt are on the front burner; lightness, joy and fun have taken a back seat. So how is it that you were overtaken by the negative while striving for the positive? Usually it is a focus on the material that causes this to happen. You are overwhelmed by the mundane, you are consumed by the “single dimensional” world around you and are losing touch with  your spirituality; your lifeline.

It’s easy to get that connection back, and Archangel Raphael is at your side; waiting patiently to help you. Ask for guidance, for assistance in seeing the world as a place full of potential and limitless abundance and infinite possibility. Hand your worries over to the Angels and ask that they be transmuted into high vibrational joy, hope and faith.

You are loved beyond your comprehension; you must stand strong, rooted in your belief. Believe in yourself, in the Divine and in the guidance that you are receiving now. Open your heart and receive Archangel Raphael’s bright emerald-green light and love. Watch for signs and synchronicities as he guides you down your life’s path to your desires and wildest dreams.

Have faith, Dear One.


* Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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