Rain ~ Purification

rain purification

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck by Stephen D Farmer: Rain ~ Purification

“No matter whether is is a light shower or a deluge, rain cleanses and purifies. The moisture that has evaporated from the various bodies of water on the planet and was drawn into the atmosphere now returns to Earth as liquid precipitation in Natures’ vast and comprehensive water-recycling program. Depending on when and where the rain falls, it can come as a welcome relief or a nuisance.

Even the air smells fresh after a good rain. It also brings in clean water, which provides needed sustenance for the plants, animals, and humans. At its most intense, rainstorms arrive as an avalanche of water, often accompanied by great and powerful winds, with considerable flooding and destruction as an unfortunate consequence of Nature’s impersonal balancing act. What is purged makes way for new life to appear.

Purifying your mind, body, and spirit is the task that is put before you. Purify your mind by identifying a prominent belief you carry about yourself that inhibits  you from being fully engaged in life, from showing up 100 percent of the time. Purify your heart by allowing yourself to breathe in and out blessings and forgiveness so that you can love even more deeply.

Let yourself feel your grief – truly feel ig – so that the rivers of your tears become miniature baptisms that help heal the wounds in your soul. If necessary, detoxify your body  (the temple and seat of the soul) by changing your diet, doing a cleanse for a few days, or simply drinking more water. increasing the daily amount of water you drink with deep appreciation for its purpose will revitalize your spirit.

It is no wonder that in some indigenous languages, water is called “lifeblood,” as it is so essential to every form of Life on Earth. Take some time to purify yourself.”*

We are almost at the crescendo of the holiday season! In just over a week from now, it will all be said and done; another Christmas and New Years passed by with all the memories we cherish. However, sometimes we have overindulged to the point where we aren’t feeling at our optimum health; it’s easy to do when surrounded by family, friends and temptation! Even just the added stress drives us to have a little… or a lot… more of the good stuff, whether that be food, sweets, drinks or all of the above.

So, not so happy about facing another new year feeling like a stuffed sausage? Well, me neither! I’m also not ready to do my annual cleanse just yet, so what can we do to manage these last ten days or so of holiday season in the mean time? My two suggestions would be: number one, no matter what you have to do in a day, get some time outside exercising (unless it’s like minus fifty, in which case be sure to substitute that with some exercise INside!!) Secondly, drink lots and lots of water. The rest you can deal with after January 1st. Promise! I will talk about my cleanse then too! But for now, try the little bit of exercise and loads of water and get back to me! Oh, and while you are at it, don’t regret what you eat or drink, enjoy every mouthful, bless it and be grateful. Guilt leads to shame and shame leads to your body holding on to the things you want least!


*Earth Magic Oracle Card deck by Stephen D Farmer


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