Volcano ~ Volatility

volcano volatility

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer: Volcano ~ Volatility

Volcano: “Pele (Pay-lay) is the goddess who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, dwelling there in the craters of the active volcano Kilauea. She is considered passionate, volatile, and capricious, and is perhaps the best known of the panoply of Hawaiian deities. Since 1983, she has been sending ribbons of lava down the mountainside and into the sea, thereby creating new land.

In this image we see her subtle visage in the spewing fire of the volcano. In ancient Hawaiian chants, Pele is described as “She who shapes the sacred land,” and it is from this magnificent and powerful goddess being and her periodic eruptions that new Earth is formed as the resulting lava merges with her sister, the goddess of the sea Na-maka-o-kaha’i (na-MA-ka-HO-ka-HI).

The volatile and unpredictable nature of volcanic eruptions is widely known and in spite of science’s efforts at forecasting these blowups, they sometimes happen without warning. Whether the eruptions are slow and steady or violent and explosive, it is an unstoppable force and one very dramatic way Nature changes and shapes the land.

This is a particularly volatile time for you. Unexpected changes, sometimes quite sudden and dramatic, are occurring in ways that you have absolutely no control over. These occurrences may be so powerful as to shake up what you formerly thought of as the foundations of your security. they may even cause you to reassess the direction your life is taking, to question some of your relationships, or to reevaluate the work you have chosen.

Although these events may rock you world, know that Spirit is the guiding force behind them. It is a matter of finding your trust that Life knows what it is doing in the midst of these storms of change. Is also requires you to make adjustments quickly and to not cling to what was, but instead move forward and welcome with arms wide open what is yet to come, all from a place of being present in this moment. You truly have nothing to fear.”*

What is your initial reaction to the word “change”? Is it fear or excitement? Is it hope, joy and optisimsm, or is it dread? Remembering that we draw into our lives what it is that we “want” to create, having a positive and high vibrational view of change is definitely, in my opinion, a good thing. Change is good! Change gets you out of ruts, out of old thinking, out of complecency and the mundane. Change brings with it higher consciousness and higher vibration; if you let it.

So how can you prepare yourself for change in a positive and receptive way? You can use affirmations, prayer, and steady action steps towards your desires; even if they scare you! You can breathe, talk to the Angels, ask for support from the Divine, the Ascended Masters and Gaia, Mother Earth. You are always, without exception, fully and unconditionally loved and accepted by the Divine. Change is like a tsunami when you fight it, it takes you by storm whether you are ready or not! Opening up, living from your heart, accepting yourself and having faith in the Divine to guide you will soften the journey. Have fun with it. Look for signs, see the messages, feel the nudges before you need a shove in the right direction.

There are some amazing things coming our way in 2014! What to know more? Check out Archangel Oracle’s Divine Guidance 2014 17 page ebook reading!


*Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


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