Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer: Iceberg

Iceberg: “Submerged”

“Up to 90 percent of an iceberg’s body is below the surface, deeply submerged in the bosom of Grandmother Ocean. Yet Grandmother allows considerable freedom for her enormous children and grandchildren, permitting them to move about as dictated by the currents and their own momentum. Having broken off from a glacier or ice shelf, they float along the sea, much to the detriment of vessels that attempt to traverse their passageways.

Most of us have heard stories of ill fated ships that have had tragic encounters with these ice mountains. Although the topmost portion of an iceberg can easily be seen, there is still a massive amount of its body below the water that may be difficult to detect. And that which remains unseen can fool us and perhaps even be dangerous and damaging.

Whatever you suppress or deny and attempt to keep out of conscious awareness will show up somewhere and somehow. These are your shadow aspects. At one time, you put them out of your consciousness for good reason, yet they remain contained by shame and guilt. Sometimes these submerged aspects of yourself are projected onto others so that they mirror those denied or suppressed parts of you, and you may even harshly judge these characteristics when they are exhibited.

Now is the time to allow these elements to surface and embrace them. These may make up some sort of self-expression, a secret dream you wish to accomplish, or even uglier aspects that are difficult to acknowledge or accept. Whatever you have submerged deep inside of you, this is your opportunity to pay attention to those things and welcome them to the family called “you.”*

If there is someone in your life right now who is driving you crazy; who makes you feel jealous, envious, judgemental, angry or irritated, it’s most likely because this person is displaying to the world aspects of yourself which you strive to hide. I know that is a bold statement, and if you are feeling anger or irritation towards that last sentence, please, read on! We can’t control another person’s behaviour, and like everything else out there in the world, what drives us nuts about someone else may go completely unnoticed by the next person.

Do you have to deal with someone who is loud, arrogant, tactless or rude? Well obviously I am not saying that you are suppressing an obnoxious aspect of yourself, but maybe you are hiding an outspoken part. Maybe you have stopped standing up for yourself, given up standing your ground and feel that you have compromised to the point where you can’t remember where that part of you went? Maybe you have stopped yourself from “hurting someone else’s feelings” so many times that you have hurt your own?

Maybe there is someone you know who dresses inappropriately, showing too much skin, or is too high maintenance, thinking only of the way they look, and it drives you nuts? Have you lost touch with your sexual appeal? Have you either let yourself go a little, or have you decided that it’s frivolous to spend so much time, attention or money on the way you look? But yet it drives you crazy the way this person gets attention? It’s all about balance. They are on one end of the scale, you are on the other. There is no need for you to suddenly decide to copy them and be “inappropriate” yourself, but getting in touch with your own sexuality, self-worth and inner beauty will release you from the grip of envy. There is space in the world for both of you to shine your lights.

Whatever it is that you are experiencing in your life, ask the Angels to help you gently uncover the lesson. What aspects of yourself have you buried, either slowly over time, or suddenly due to a specific incident in your life. Ask the Divine how you can bring your shadow self out into the light, with love and acceptance. Ask for Divine Guidance in surrounding yourself with unconditional love, forgiveness and gratitude. Experience love for who you are, whole and complete, forgive your flaws, mistakes and lessons, and find a place of gratitude to appreciate the Divine support that you have.

Breathe deeply and consciously set the intention to release any shame and guilt as you exhale. Breathe deeply and make the conscious intention to take in love and light as you inhale. You are whole, you are complete, you have no reason to be jealous, angry, or irritated by aspects of another person. You are protected, you are harmony and peace. You are light and love.


* Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


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