Ascended Master: St. Francis of Assisi

Ascended Masters St. Francis of Assisi

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: St. Francis of Assisi

Ascended Master St. Francis of Assisi: “Follow Your Heart.”

Meaning of this card: “The answer to your question is in your heart. This card signifies that you can trust your heart’s true desires, even if you can’t clearly see how the outcome will appear or manifest. This is a situation where you are called upon to walk in faith and be true to yourself. The universe will ensure that your needs are met and will help with your relationships as you make life changes.

Additional meanings for this card: You already know what to do; trust your intuition and take action accordingly. Your feelings are accurate and valid. You are guided to make important and happy life changes. You are receiving true Divine Guidance through your feelings and intuition.

St. Francis of Assisi was born to a wealthy Italian cloth merchant, but he later renounced his inheritance to follow an ascetic spiritual path. As he volunteered in hospitals and ministered to the sick, he gained followers who eventually became the Franciscans. Many legends speak of St. Francis’s ability to communicate with animals, and today he is the patron saint of the environment and animals. Call upon St. Francis for help in situations where your family or friends do not understand your choices or spiritual path, or any issue involving animals.”*

It’s a saying that is so familiar to us we take it for granted, “follow your heart.” What does that mean to you? Synchronicity again… we are delving into our hearts for more self acceptance and trust. Trusting in our intuition to inspire us through Divine guidance. So, what does it mean to follow your heart, and what has stopped you in the past from trusting enough in yourself to do what it is that makes you feel passionate? Why is it we so often end up instead following along with a plan of complacency (or worse) dictated by someone else?

I have been working with the Law Of Attraction, over the last several years, and yet, I didn’t understand it at all until about 3 days ago. Funny that! I highly recommend the works of Abraham, such as the Law Of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. First you must fully comprehend the fact that EVERY aspect in your life, every choice, every mistake, every time you felt like a victim, you, in some way, attracted it. Ya, I wasn’t too happy to hear that either!! But yet, if you are still reading, then you have had an inkling of this before. Once you can fully grasp this simple, yet oh-so-complex piece of information; you can take your life in any direction you want. Really.

In a nutshell, focus ONLY on what you want, and let all those worries and don’t wants fall by the wayside. You can’t control other people either, so you may as well get that one straight from the get go, as it will stand in your way. You must allow them to be them, as you would expect them to let you be you. Finally, expect miracles. Like REALLY expect them. Then allow yourself to see, feel and be with them. Set your sites, focusing only on the positive outcome. Don’t be swayed by anyone or anything. Believe in yourself and the abundance of the Universe we live in. Allow others to do as they will; as you do what you will. And voila! Expect what you want with genuine enthusiasm, as it’s on it’s way… stopped or slowed down only by your doubting, disbelieving, fearing, or going back to all that archaic worrying. (Of course, I am not diagnosing, treating or curing any dis-ease here, and you must do what you must do to keep yourself healthy and well.)

But seriously… why the heck not at least try it! Design the most kick ass life anyone every dreamed of… and then live it, enjoying every single detail. You deserve it, and more! Allow the Universe to knock your socks off! And don’t let anyone, anything, or any silly stuff from your past stand in your way!


* Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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  1. Rachel says:

    What a great message!! I have only recently discovered Abraham, Esther, Jerry and I am noticing very quickly what a powerful manifester I am. I really love this post! Thank you for writing it! It’s discovery was perfectly timed too! (Of course 😊)

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