Archangel Uriel ~ Seventh Chakra

archangel uriel, seventh chakra

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Energy Oracle Card deck by Sandra Anne Taylor: Archangel Uriel ~ Seventh Chakra

Archangel Uriel ~ Seventh Chakra: ” The beautiful angel Uriel – also called the Fire of God – wears a brilliant crystal crown vibrating with a passionate connection to the Divine. She brings great power to your seventh energy center, which is called the crown chakra and is located at the top of your head. This card upright indicates an open and free-flowing channel of information and inspiration from the wonderful beings in the spirit world. This could also be a time of great intuition for you and guidance from your higher awareness, so allow yourself to quiet your mind and listen.

Now is a great time to get connected . The assistance from Spirit is great, and whether it is the presence of an Ascended Master, a powerful angel like Uriel, or just a loving friend or family member in spirit, their love and willingness to assist is always there. They even open you to the Akashic Records(or Alaya Consciousness) the storehouse of all information! This connection is open now, and you will find that your own spirit and the spirit of those around you will be able to provide the answers you seek and the blessings you desire and deserve.


My seventh chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state.

Love and inspiration from Spirit – and my own intuition –

flow fully to me now.”*

Ok, I have to start by saying that I just kind of love the fact that this card portrays Archangel Uriel as a female energy instead of male. Sandra Anne Taylor sees the female attributes of Uriel and celebrates them through her interpretation. As we know, just as Archangels and Angels are non denominational, they are also without our typical idea of male and female gender; although many, like Archangel Michael, are attributed certain gender characteristics and names. This is a beautiful depiction of a powerful and benevolent Archangel, regardless of what we perceive the gender to be.

Accessing the powerful connection to our Seventh, or crown chakra, is the lifeline to accessing our higher selves, or soul, as the seventh chakra signifies illumination. This connection is vital to our higher consciousness and will provide a wealth of information on our life purpose, soul desires, and karmic lessons. To access this chakra, we must find time to connect using meditation or yoga; although many alternative healing modalities also help by balancing the chakra using crystals and various other energy healing methods. If your seventh chakra is out of balance, you may experience fear of change, lack of spiritual connection, or even lethargy or poor balance and coordination. The colours of the seventh is violet and bright white light, and access to the crown is connected through invoking the violet flame, many people use amethyst, aura quartz or clear quartz to heal and amplify the connection.

One of my favourite chakra clearing meditations is by Doreen Virtue, in her Chakra Clearing book and CD which gives both a morning and evening meditation to cleanse, balance and activate all of your chakras. Ask Archangel Uriel to help you to tune in to your crown chakra and strengthen your connection to the Divine.


* Energy Oracle Card deck by Sandra Anne Taylor


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