Rise Above Problems

rise above problems

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Rise Above Problems

Rise Above Problems: “When you are in the middle of a problem, the solution often evades you. See your situation from a higher perspective, and you may see a new way out.”

“Have you been feeling frightened by a seemingly insurmountable situation? Your fears and tension may have created a negative obsession, where you think about the problem continually. Although you search endlessly for solutions, none seem forthcoming, and hopelessness creeps into your consciousness. Whether your situation seems big or small, this card asks you to step back for an instant so that you can better see creative solutions.

Instead of continually working on the issue, mentally see yourself giving the problems to Heave’s waiting hands. Like completely letting go of an envelope that you are mailing, surrender the issue completely. Then, imagine how the fairies might see your problem. How would your problem look from their perspective? Feel the sense of faith and hopefulness that they lend to you, and know that these positive emotions fuel the complete resolution of the issue.


My heart, my mind, my life,

and everyone in it

are perfectly at peace right now.”*

We have had so many messages of abundance over the last few days, and this card is a reminder that you must let go of your worries, fears and doubts to put yourself in the necessary state of trust, allowance and receptivity. Sometimes we want something so badly, it’s all we can focus on, yet the way we are focusing on it is in a negative way rather than positive. For example, you want more than anything to lose weight, yet you keep focusing on feeling fat and not being able to lose weight as quickly as you would like. Then, to make matters worse, you start to focus on a friend, relative or celebrity that looks like you would like to look, and in comparing yourself with that person, you again feel fat and feel that the figure or health that you desire is beyond your reach.

Think of yourself as a magnet. When you ask the Angels for help, or when you put positive emotions into how it would feel to be your ideal health or weight and get excited about it, that is when you are in your most vibrationally positive state. In that moment, your magnetic pull is to the positive things that you desire, such as perfect weight or health. When you focus on the lack of what you want in your life, wondering why it’s not showing up and worrying that it may never come, you are a magnet attracting more of the same; that which you don’t want, more unwanted poor health or excess weight. Simply put, when you feel badly comparing yourself to someone that you feel that you will never catch up to, or makes you feel less worthy or deserving of the body or health that you desire, this is a magnet for more of the same. Finally, if you spend your time fretting and worrying that you are continuing to gain weight, and it feels out of your control, then again, you are attracting this reality to you.

Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want. Remember that! Keep your focus on what you WANT, starting right now. Let go of your fears and doubts, no matter what your reality is presently. Thank the Angels for their Divine guidance and help and trust, believe and know, with every fiber of your being that what you want is coming to you now, no matter what that may be, (as long as it is in harmony with you and all others involved, do not wish harm on anyone, as it will come to you, focus only and always on yourself and those around you in loving and positive ways). Sorry if I am repeating myself, but I am only a messenger, and this is my message to you until there is full comprehension of our powers of attraction.

Last step, get happy! Feel, with every cell of your body, how great and fabulous it would be to experience your desires come to fruition, then, expect them around every corner!


* Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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