New Moon ~ Promise

new moon promise

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer: New Moon ~ Promise

New Moon ~ Promise: “Gazing at the sliver of the new moon smiling down upon them, the couple embraces each other, welcoming the promise of their love. The fading sun drapes the clouds and waters with its tinge of luminescence, as the crescent opens its arms to the nearby planet Venus , named after the Roman goddess of love. This is a time for manifestation, beginnings, and renewal, with the promise that our desires will come to fruition.

Here Grandmother Moon initiates another lunar cycle, moving from darkness to fullness and back again over approximately one month. Her promise of what is to come is embedded in the first glimmer of her light as she emeges from behind the curtain of darkness that had recently encompassed her. It is a promise that has been kept for as long as she has existed.

This is the time to launch a project, a new relationship, or renew something that has been put aside for a later date. With your intention and willingness to allow a full cycle to complete itself, that which you desire will manifest. The seed of that idea is ready to emerge from the darkness of your subconscious into your full awareness. The next step is to put into action what is required to fully realize this idea.

A promise has two meanings: it can be a commitment and guarantee to yourself (or someone else) that a particular thing will happen, or it can imply that something specific is expected to happen. When your will is aligned with the will of Spirit and your intention is focused on what you wish to have happen, there will be fulfillment, and the promise is kept.”*

This card flows seamlessly with the messages over the last few days. You are on the right path, you have everything perfectly laid out in front of you, and you are ready to go! Get going on this project of yours, the timing is perfect for success. All you need now is to commit wholeheartedly to allowing your abundance to flow to you, by taking slow and steady action, in full faith, belief and trust in your promised success. Only doubt can hold you back, so keep your thoughts clear and focused on the most positive outcome for all involved. You are fully supported by the Divine, your angels, guides and the Ascended Masters. Trust that your intuition is guiding you and don’t look back. Use prior successes to motivate and inspire you, and leave past mistakes or injustices far behind you, you don’t need them any more.

At this important time, you must surround yourself with like-minded and supportive people. If you have people in your life who don’t support you fully, take a gentle step back from them for now, in your own best interest. You must not be swayed off course right now by people who would like to see you do what they want you to do, you must follow your heart and your dreams. If this is someone very close to you, a spouse or parent, just be mindful of speaking about your dreams; write them down instead. Sometimes we feel that we need to justify ourselves, or seek the approval of those closest to us; this is not one of those times. Trust yourself and trust the Divine, this is an important turning point in your life and you are about to break out of your cocoon and spread your wings. No one but you and your angels and God can help you with that! Use affirmations to fill in any gaps in your self confidence; you’ve got this, and you are going to be amazing!


* Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


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