Rainbow Angel ~ Ascension

Rainbow Angel ascension

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck, by Antonio DeLiberato, artwork by Lisa Iris: Rainbow Angel ~ Ascension

Rainbow Angel ~ Ascension: “You are the light.”

Meaning: “You are on the right path to self realization. You are already receiving the rays of colour and it would be beneficial for you to know which colour ray you vibrate with. This ray is with you from birth. This could also mean that you would benefit from colour therapy or an aura reading. What is your colour ray? You are about to expand and grow and reach your internal ascension!

Congratulations for drawing this card!

Interpretation: “The seven colour rays are spiritual forces emanating from the white light. They are perpetually vibrating – not only on the surface of the earth – but also above and trough it, encircling the globe in streams of endless energy. It is said that from the Universal pressure of the Spiritual Plane, there emanated Seven streams of Force, known as the Seven Rays. The Seven rays flowed from the white light at the center and through this diffusion of light, each Ray carried with it one colour from the glorious spectrum of the rainbow.

The power of colour works extensively in your everyday life, and yet it also affects your spiritual life, for it is part of all life, and each Ray sustains a clear passageway to the white light of the center, from where it first came. It is true, therefore, that no colour can remain in isolation., for it is part of the Greater Whole, and is only an aspect of the diffusion of the Once Light and the one Beginning.”*

First of all I was pretty excited to get this card, I love Lisa Iris, and this is one of my favorite angel depictions! Colour is so important, it breathes light and life into our everyday world, filling our souls with beauty. Children hold a reverence for colour that is often lost on adults, talking about colour, and asking everyone “what is your favourite colour?”. They have an awareness of colour that we often take for granted, and that we could learn from. Colour has always been really important to me, and studying the chakras really helped bring me back in touch with the balancing and healing properties of colour to our energy systems.

Each Angel has a representing colour, one that they resonate with. Crystals and stones also have healing properties that are linked with their brilliant colours or soft hues. There is so much out there to appreciate about colour! Wearing different colours can affect how you are feeling, and painting your room certain colours will affect your sleeping patterns. Colours can influence our emotions or moods, depending on how we perceive them.

Here are some examples:
Red: Stimulates and balances the Root Chakra, found at the base of the spine. Brings energy, stimulates the senses, passion, gives strength. Energizes heart, blood and circulatory system. Gives courage, helps with assertiveness. Can stimulate temper or warn of danger. Crystals: Garnet,Ruby

Orange: Stimulates and balances the Sacral Chakra, found just a couple of inches below the belly button. Aids in digestion, and respiration. Frees the mind, helps with creative expression. Lifts the spirits, warms the soul. Crystal: Carnelian

Yellow: Stimulates and balances the Solar Plexis chakra, found at the center of the base of the rib cage. Strengthens the nervous system. Antidepressant, lifts the spirit to higher planes. Improves vitality, joy and cheerfulness. Associations with prosperity and abundance. Crystals: Amber, Citrine

Green: Stimulates and balances the Heart Chakra. Incredibly healing colour. Harmonizes with Earth energy. Soothing and relaxing. Balances hormonal energies, stimulates self-healing and growth. Gently cleanses energy. Boosts the immune system, strengthens the body, soothes the mind. Peace, calm and harmony. Reconnecting to Earth energies. Crystals: Malachite, emerald, peridot, aventurine

Blue: Stimulates and balances the Throat Chakra. Cleansing, cooling, anti-inflammitory. Calming, tranquil, thoughtful communication. Aids with shyness. Helps one to connect to and speak their truth. Gives courage while grounding. Aids in dream recall. Light Blue aids in angelic communication. Crystals: Turquoise, sodalite, lapis lazuli, celestite, angelite

Indigo: Stimulates and balances the Third Eye Chakra. Purifying. High Vibrational. Higher consciousness. Aids in connecting with clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairaudience. Intuition. Protection. Ascension. Crystals: Fluorite, sugulite, charoite, amethyst

Violet: Stimulates Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Deep spiritual healing. Connection to the Violet Ray of higher consciousness. Psychic power, astral projection, angelic communication, divination. Protection, healing, help with addictions or addictive behaviours. Meditation aid. Protection from disturbing dreams. Crystals: amethyst, royal plume agate, Auralite 23, purple fluorite, sugulite, charoite.

White: Stimulates the Crown Chakra, Soul Star Chakra. Balances all chakras. Connection to the Divine. Protection. Connecting to the angelic realm. Healing, cleansing. Pure love and light. Raises your vibration. Repels negativity. Connecting to higher self. Peace. Truth. Meditation aid. Includes the vibration of every colour in the spectrum; amplifies other colours healing energies. Harmony. Crystals: clear or rainbow aura quartz, opal, moonstone, selenite.

Black: Mystery, elemental Earth. Often seen as a “negative” colour, black also contains every other colour in the spectrum, so can be used for grounding, protection, and breaking free from addictions. Crystals: black tourmaline, onyx, jet, obsidian, shungite. Black crystals are worn or used as tools to heal, repel negativity, provide protection, healing and to absorb EMF’s, which will protect our energy fields.

Colour is an anchor to the present, helping us to see the beauty and abundance surrounding us every day. The bright beauty of the flowers, the green of the trees, the blue of the sky, and the colour of your favorite crystals. Take a moment to look around you and fill yourself with gratitude and appreciation for this gorgeous planet and all it’s gifts to us.


* Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck, by Antonio DeLiberato, artwork by Lisa Iris


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